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48 Things To Sell From Home And Make A Profit

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If you’re looking in to pick up some extra cash but don’t have the time or energy to take a part time job, there may be a treasure trove of items around your house that could bring in a small fortune.

Here are 48 things around the house you can sell from home and make a profit:

1. Gift Cards

Have never used or partially used gift cards lying around in various desk drawers? Trade them in for real cash. Sites like Raise and Cardpool will give you back up to 92% of the card’s value in cash.

2. Clothing

Selling clothing in the right place can bring in some big cash and clear out plenty of space in your closet. Consignment shops are partial to brand-named, good condition clothing and clothing that still has tags.

You can also profit from the family’s stockpile of unused jeans through Facebook and yard sales or sites like Threadup.

Children’s clothes are also a big seller online and off. As kids tend to grow quickly, infant and toddler clothing are often in great condition, and parents looking to save money prefer to buy used.

3. Designer Accessories

Purses, bags, belts, and other brand-named accessories can sell well online and in your own community. Research pricing of similar items online and take quality pictures for ads on social media.

Consignment shops are also interested in designer items in excellent condition or try sites like RealReal.

4. Jewelry

All types of jewelry can be sold for cash, including costume jewelry. Hang on to the family heirloom pieces but anything else you’re willing to part with can be sold online, at auction, or at a local pawn shop. You can also sell your jewelry to companies that buy precious metals to recycle.

5. Brand-Named Shoes

Brand named shoes, including sneakers, are popular for resale, as long as they are new or in very good condition. Parents are always on the hunt for kids’ sneakers in good condition from Nike, Converse, and Adidas at reduced pricing.

6. Formal Gowns

If you’ve been part of a wedding party or sent your daughter to prom in the last two years, you may be able to consign or sell outright the gowns you’ve worn that will never leave the closet again.

There are a lot of niche gown stores opening up shop, specializing in consignable formal wear for homecoming, proms, and weddings.

7. Furniture

Those old end tables you’ve been storing in the basement can be gone with some cash back in your pocket. Furniture is a big seller at yard sales, online yard sales, and on Craigslist.

Bonus cash if the pieces you want to get rid of are vintage. Crafters actively seek out good quality furniture, even if it has dings and dents.

8. Appliance Parts

If you still have that broken blender or vacuum cleaning sitting in the closet, it’s time to sell them for parts. People in need of replacement parts often hit the Internet before going through the manufacturer.

Used parts for a number of home appliances are in high demand. Do some homework to see what others are selling and their price range.

9. TV Remotes

When the old television set goes to recycle heaven, hang on to the remotes. Other people who want to replace remotes for old televisions often struggle to find what they need.

Sell these items through eBay or other online sites to a large audience and be sure to note the make, model, and other vitals of the television or other gadget that matches the remote.

10. Novelty Appliances

If you have received your fair share of air popper gadgets, candy pop machines, and flat bread makers, it’s time to put them online. Shoppers actively seek out these types of novelty appliances in used condition. They too want to give them a try but don’t want to pay full retail price.

11. Décor Sets

If you’ve decorated your home inspired by a theme – the beach, vintage, country – consider selling the décor bundles you don’t need anymore. People may be more willing to buy a whole collection of décor like this, rather than as individual pieces.

12. Pet Supplies

If your pets have crossed the rainbow bridge or have just outgrown their accessories, sell them to others in need.

Dog crates, hamster cages, reptile habitats, fish tanks and their accessories can fetch big money at yard sales, Craigslist, and specialty consignment shops. Keep in mind that it can be expensive to ship large ticket items, like dog crates, so keep online sales as a pickup only item for locals.

13. Tools

Chances are good there are more screwdrivers than you need in your workshop toolboxes. Take an afternoon to sort and separate tools to find all the items you don’t need. Tools go fast at yard sales, auctions, and through Craigslist.

14. Outdoor Equipment

When you replace old or broken yard equipment, like mowers and weed machines, you can sell them for parts. You can also offload them to handy people who earn their own income fixing up old machines and reselling them.

15. Holiday Decorations

People like to buy bundles of holiday decorations at a steep discount. You can get rid of all the things that carry no sentimental value and bank some cash. Consider reorganizing all of your Christmas décor and old window decorations and selling the rest online or at your next yard sale.

16. Unopened Toiletries

Take a peek in your bathroom closet and pull out all unopened, unused makeup, hair products, and perfumes that you hated as soon as you left the store. You not only clear out some space, you can sell off these products at your next yard sale, through eBay, or on Craigslist.

17. Trial-Sized Products

Trial-sized products, like the kind you swipe from every hotel you visit are also highly marketable to online customers who frequently travel. Sell bundles of products together, rather than individually, to make a few bucks on what was initially free to you.

18. Medical Aids

If you had an aging parent or relative that has passed on, consider selling any of the medical aids they needed. Walkers, wheelchairs, shower supports, and other devices are expensive when purchased new.

People in need often turn to used goods to make buying these necessities more affordable. Consider selling your things on resale sites like Letgo.

19. Old Concert T-Shirts

As long as your mom never threw them out, vintage concert t-shirts are a popular online find, especially on sites like eBay and Amazon.

20. Electronics

There’s a big market out there for used electronics. From laptops to cell phones to printers, you can probably turn a couple thousand dollars-worth of merchandise just sitting in drawers for a couple hundred dollars of cash on sites like Gazelle or Decluttr.

21. Old Chargers

Even if you don’t have the phone or device that goes with them, you can still make money on chargers. People in need of replacement chargers for outdated devices will snap up your old cords on eBay and Amazon.

22. Books

If you’re an avid reader, you probably have tons of novels stocked up on the bookshelves you’ll never read again. Books are a hot commodity on Amazon, eBay, and even at yard sales.

If you’re lucky enough to have first edition books inherited in from your grandparents, you can sell them for big-time bucks to collectors.

23. Vintage Coins

If you know a thing or two about coins, you may be hesitant to sell your collection. But if you’ve randomly collected your change of the years, it may be worth a weekend exploring your stash for special coins that are selling for a lot of money through coin collectors and on eBay.

24. Instruments

If your kids give up on music lessons after you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on equipment, have no fear – someone else’s kids are likely in need of high quality musical equipment at a discounted price.

Don’t forget to offer up the music books, stands, and other accessories to get more bang for your buck.

25. Bicycles

Even old bicycles can bring in some needed cash if you can find someone interested in buying used bikes to fix up or recycle. If you’re handy at making over old bikes from your kids or your previous fitness craze, you can earn more cash by placing ads on Craigslist or the local want ads.

26. Sports Equipment

When you kids move on to college, there’s likely a basement full of used baseball gloves, cleats, protective equipment, and even your old golf clubs just taking up space.

Parents often look for used equipment, especially if they have multiple children participating in a variety of sports. Sell them at a yard sale, through an auction company, or on consignment at used sporting goods stores.

27. Fitness Equipment

Stop using that old treadmill as your clothes hanger. Take some quality pictures and start advertising it on Facebook or Craigslist. Any kind of fitness equipment in good condition can generate a good deal of cash.

28. Video Games

When you kids outgrow their favorite games or gaming systems, sell the old before you bring in the new. Some stores, like GameStop, will even give you an in-store credit for trading in old games.

You may not make money on this kind of deal, but you won’t be spending a lot of cash to keep your kids in new-to-them games.

29. Children’s Big-Ticket Items

Swing sets, pretend kitchens, and battery-operated ride-on machines can all get moved out of your yard and into somebody else’s for a decent amount of money. The more parts and accessories you have to offer, the higher the price you can charge.

30. Craft Supplies

If you don’t have time to make all those crafts you’ve seen on Pinterest over the years, it may be time to sell them to someone else.

Crafters drool over decently-priced bundles of yard, paints, scrapbook supplies, and other accoutrements and you can successfully sell these items locally or worldwide.

31. Empty Egg Cartons

Believe it or not, crafters and backyard chicken raisers go crazy for empty egg carton bundles. If you use a lot of eggs and have the space to hang on to the cartons, you can sell sets of 10 online for $10-20.

32. Wine Corks

Crafty folks also like buying bundles of your old wine corks. If you’re a wine aficionado, saving up a bagful of corks can earn you some extra dough regularly. Sell the corks on eBay or crafty sites like Etsy.

33. Empty Product Boxes

Interestingly, there are people out there who will pay for empty product boxes for brand-named items.

You can earn a couple of dollars for old iPhone boxes, American Girl doll boxes, and Tiffany’s jewelry boxes, as long as they are in good condition. Resellers snap these up to increase their own sales prices.

34. Trophies

Trophies are another delight of crafters who repurpose them into a wide range of things, like cake toppers. If you’re able to part with your awards, know that the biggest trophies earn the biggest cash.

35. Textbooks

If you or your children recently attended college courses, those textbooks you’ve been storing can be useful to someone else. As long as the books are still being used, you can get a decent amount of your money back and declutter your bookshelves.

Try sites like BookFinder to get those school books out of your house for good.

36. School Supplies

If you tend to go crazy during back to school shopping, there’s a good chance those notebooks and loose-leaf binders have been piling up around the house for years. Package up a few supplies to sell in sets for higher prices than you’d get selling individually.

37. CDs/DVDs/VHS

Even if you’ve fully embraced online streaming services, there are still some diehard fans who prefer the old-school CD, DVD, and even VHS formats.

For the right titles, these collectors will pay top dollar. You may snag a higher price online than you would through community-based yard sales.

38. Vintage Magazines

Check through your attic for old magazines. Sort through each one to find special editions or those with features on iconic people or dates in history.

These types of magazines in good condition can earn you a decent amount of cash from auction sites and personal collectors. Vintage magazine collections, like Playboy, can also net you some serious cash.

39. Old Cameras

Old cameras, even if they no longer work, can often be sold off to collectors, specialty camera stores, or online sites like KEH Camera for a fair price.

Do your homework online to find out specifics about the old cameras you own. Some you may wish to hang on to for the future as their value continues to increase.

40. Vinyl Records

Proud collectors of vinyl records are standing at the ready for your used-but-in-good-condition vinyl albums all over sites like eBay. Research which albums are going for more cash than the others and sell those directly to a collector.

41. Camping supplies

If your days of sleeping on the ground in a tent are long over, round up your old camping supplies and sell them as a bundle to another happy camper. You can make several hundred bucks selling a package complete with tent, camp stove, lanterns, and other accessories.

42. Board Game Parts

Don’t throw out the old family board games, even the ones with missing pieces, before doing a little legwork. Crafters often buy board game parts to make nostalgic art pieces. Other families may be searching for parts their games are missing.

43. Jigsaw Puzzles

As long as you’re confident all the pieces are there, you can sell your jigsaw puzzles to other enthusiasts. There may even be a few unopened vintage puzzles in your collection that can go for a pretty penny.

44. Collectibles

If you collected something special throughout your childhood – trading cards, Beanie babies, or Elvis Presley accessories, now may be a great time to offload your items to another fan.

Check online for the going rates on your type of collectibles before selling them online. Some collectibles have a value that continues to increase, and you need to exercise caution for the good of your own finances.

45. Scrap Metal

Depending on what kind of metal you have laying around your homestead, you may be able to sell it to a scrap yard for some cash. Brass and copper earn the biggest cash amounts, but you can also earn some pocket money recycling your aluminum cans.

46. Remodeling Leftovers

If you’ve replaced windows, doors, or fencing in and around your home, list the old ones on Facebook or Craigslist. Crafters and people who don’t want to pay full price for these items will grab them up.

47. Lawn Décor

If you’ve decked out your deck and yard in themed décor you’ve grown bored with consider selling the whole lot to someone else through Craigslist or at your next yard sale. Bigger-ticket items like cement birdbaths and waterfalls can earn you even more.

48. Gardening Supplies

If you no longer garden or if you have entirely too many gardening supplies, consider putting some of the more desirable items up for sale. Pots, gardening tools, even unused seed packets can be very useful to someone else who will appreciate the lower cost.

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to putting some extra bucks in the bank. In addition to earning money, you also benefit from the opportunity to declutter your home and your life.

The next time you’re browsing the world wide web, take some time to look up the current rate for some of the items you have just laying around. You may be surprised to find out you have some real treasures to sell.

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