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Top 10 Amazon Add-On Items

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If you haven’t heard of Amazon Add-On Items, they should always be at the back of your mind when shopping on Amazon. These products are heavily discounted from their normal price as long as you reach a minimum of $25 in your shopping cart. Unfortunately, they’re called “add-ons” because they can only be a part of another purchase, not individually.

This is a great way to stock up on your common household products or to find something that you really need for cheap. Here we’ve listed their current top 10 add-on products. See something that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Set of Paper Mate Inkjoy Ballpoint Pens

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You can get a set of 8 Paper Mate Ballpoint pens in all different colors for just $2.03. Normally a pack of this amount would cost you $5 or more. These pens come equipped with low-viscosity ink and are meant to not allow severe bleeding onto your page, making it a great addition to any office environment at a nice price.

2. Chocolate Chip Clif Crunch Granola Bar

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Clif Bars have been a well-known popular snack for many, and now you can get 5, two-bar pouches (or 10 bars) for just $3.69. A normal 12-count on Amazon will cost you around $12, so this is a great deal. Unfortunately, this offer is only available for the chocolate chip flavor. Nonetheless, if you need something added-on and often find yourself hungry during the day, this definitely does the trick.

3. Webkinz Black Panther

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You can only buy this cute black panther as an add-on on Amazon, but other online retail sites will display the same stuffed animal for around $10. As an add-on product, you can get it for just under $5.00. It has a five-star review and will make a great gift for anyone with a child or those who are seeking a nighttime companion.

4. Mongoose U-Lock

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This was the first product that I’ve ever purchased as an add-on and Amazon, and I was extremely satisfied with the price. Normally a U-lock can cost up to $40 or more, and ones on Craigslist that were used were only going as low as $10. However, this one is selling as an add-on product for just $3.96 – you won’t be able to get this great of a deal at any store near you.

5. Two Peas In A Pod Salt & Pepper Shaker

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This is a cute addition to any home, and will only cost you $3.30 as a table decoration. It can help add that cheerful touch to any occasion, and is one of the more popular add-on items displayed on Amazon.

6. Scotch Tape

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You can’t go wrong with this product, as tape is a common household product that everyone tends to use. Even if you’re not going to need it immediately, you can always store it for later use. This price isn’t the best compared to other add-on items, but we figured that since it’s such a common product we had to include it. It comes at $1.59 per roll.

7. 50-Piece Picture Assorted Hook Kit

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This assorted hook set comes at a cheap price of just $2.97 and is a great way to hang up any sort of artwork or picture that you’ve been meaning to put up in your home. The screw eyes are incredibly secure, but be warned that it may leave small pin holes left in your home. At such a cheap price for such a large quantity, this is definitely a great buy.

8. Indian Paste For Butter Chicken Curry – 6-Pack

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This one is a little bit more expensive for an add-on item, but it comes in a large quantity at a total of 6 packs. This paste is specifically made to eat Butter Chicken Curry, but even if you’re not going to you can still use it on a lot of other food items that you might find enjoyable. It’s vegetarian, all-natural, and comes with no preservatives. You can get the entire package for $8.95.

9. Matrix Pocket Knife With Black Blade

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If you need a spare pocket knife, you can get this black blade for $6.99 as an Amazon add-on. It’s made with light-weight aluminum and comes integrated with 2, black acrylic plates. The blade material is made of serrated stainless steel, so you know you’re getting a great product for your money’s worth.

10. Tartan Shipping Tape

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And last but not least, you won’t find a much better deal than this Tartan packaging tape for just $2.87, which is normally listed as over $5 as a regular Amazon product. Anywhere else and you most likely won’t find it cheaper than a few dollars.

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