Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Saving Money at the Grocery Store


These apps below are the top 10 when it comes to getting your money’s worth at the grocery store. Rating them is no easy task, and there’s no real scale to measure how great they are, but I’ve just about done it.

Ratings are based on ease of use, creativity, amount of grocery stores in their database and the amount of potential savings. If you think we’ve missed an app you love, let us know in the comments below.

1. Food on the Table

This has to be one of the most unique apps for grocery stores that we have come across yet. Aside from creating your personal shopping list, this app supplies you with a list of recipes, tells you the specific ingredients that you need, and  give you the cheapest place to find these ingredients. You can also insert your own personal recipes, and this app will automatically search for the cheapest place to buy the ingredients. Additional features include emailing your recipe and sorting the categories by which you shop (meat and fish, spices, etc.). This means it not only saves you money, but time as well. With its ease of use and amount of savings, this was a no-brainer for our #1 spot.

Platform: iOS and Android


2. Favado

The Favado Grocery Savings App does a great job at comparing prices. Use Favado’s search mechanism to find the store in your area with the best price on a specific item rather than a specific brand. Favado also has a favorite brand feature that sends you push notifications you when your favorite grocery store products go on sale. With over 65,000 grocery stores in its database and an estimated 30% saved when searching for sales, it’s no wonder Favado ranks so high on our Top 10 list.

Platform: iOS and Android

favado 1

3. Ibotta

Ibotta emphasizes its no coupon campaign with a method for getting cash back for your purchases. . Each time you go to the grocery store, check the Ibotta app for cash back opportunities in your area. After making a purchase, scan your receipt and Ibotta will send you cash back on that item within 1 week. Redeeming your first offer gets you an automatic $5. Ibotta is currently connected with many of the major grocery store chains. Many people report getting over $20 in cash back a month using this app alone. Offers redeemed from Ibotta can be used with other discounts as well.

Platform: iOS and Anroid

ibotta 1

4. Checkout 51

Similar to Ibotta, Checkout 51 allows you to upload your receipt after a purchase in order to get cash back. Use their database to search for deals and opportunities for cash back in your current grocery store or grocery stores in your area. Once you make the purchase, scan your receipt and you receive your first check after hitting $20. New deals are uploaded to the Checkout51 database once a week. Their offers can be used simultaneously with other coupons.

Platform: iOS and Android

checkout 51 1

5. SavingStar is known to be a veteran for replacing clipping coupons. After registering, type in your rewards cards from your favorite retailers. Look for deals on their website or app, and the deals are automatically redeemed at the register and shown on your receipt. No scanning, clipping or entering information. The easy and flexibility of this app is what makes it such a great choice. Savingstar is connected with all of the major grocery store chains.

Platform: iOS and Android

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6. Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ has one of the larger grocery store databases and is very similar to Food on the Table. This app allows you to search for specific items that you need rather than specific brands. If you need a gallon of milk, Grocery IQ will locate you to the nearest store with the best price. You can also enter your rewards card number and search for coupons that will be automatically taken off at the register, or you can find additional coupons that can be printed. What’s even more is that you can ask Grocery IQ to remember the aisles in the store, saving you lots of time.

Platform: iOS and Android

grocery iq 1

7. is primarily known for printing coupons. However, their app has recently been updated with a section that allows you to automatically scan deals to your rewards card so that you automatically get the coupons discounted at the register and is shown on your receipt. This means there’s no need for clipping. Additionally, the app gives has a section that shows you more coupons that can only be printed for more options to save money. has a relationship with many of the major retailers and can also be used for shopping centers.

Platform: iOS and Android

coupons 1

8. GrocerEaze

Similar to Grocery IQ and Food on the Table, GrocerEaze lets you shop by recipe and create your own shopping list, but what the app is mainly known for is its ability to add prices in its item database. If you see a cheaper price at one store, simply record it it in the Grocer Eaze app and it will remember for you. GrocerEaze also has the feature of easily sharing meal plans, along with a wide variety of recipes to shop from.

Platform: iOS and Android

grocer eaze 1

9. Grocery Smarts

Made for people who love to bargain-shop, Grocery Smarts has CONSTANT updates on the latest prices from stores such as Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart. More grocers are slowly being added to this app, and it even comes with the feature of editing and saving your own shopping plan. The one reason that this doesn’t rank higher is because you have to print the coupons instead of simply automatically having them scanned. However, it’s still a great app for saving money at the grocery store.

Platform: iOS and Android

grocery smarts 1

10. Shopkick

Last but not least, Shopkick gives you free money simply for shopping. Walk into a store and get discounts at stores such as Target, Macy’s and much more. What’s even more is that you can get money just for scanning an item without the need to purchase it. Once you get enough points, use them to redeem for gift cards to Starbucks or other retailers. While the savings can be high, it’s sometimes not the best app to use at grocery stores, as the major retailers linked with Shopkick are mostly department stores. Yet it still makes the list for a creative and easy way to earn cash.

Platform: iOS and Android

Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Your Receipt: The Ibotta app is a mobile app that pays you to scan your receipts. Earn cash back at restaurants, grocery stores and even online purchases. Not only that, but you even get a $10 bonus when you scan your first receipt within your first week and use promo code qFTVA. The best part? It's 100% FREE.


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