Top 10 Passive Income Apps & Websites – Earn An Extra $1,173 Per Year


Not having to actively work and still receiving a positive cashflow is one of the greatest ways to earn money. As for apps and websites that give you a passive income, the only thing you have to do is setup an account and cash out.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 passive income apps & websites. Run them all simultaneously and earn an extra $1,173 per year. See one that isn’t on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Cross Media Panel

  • Potential Earnings: $144/year
  • Installation Bonus: $2 per device
  • Full Review

cross media panel what is

Cross Media Panel (previously known as Screenwise Trends) pays you to do something that you’re already doing on a daily basis – browse the web. After you install their plugin, they collect your data and resell it as market research. Instead of keeping all of this cash to themselves, they give a portion of it back to you.

You can have a maximum of 3 devices with the plugin installed. This may include desktop computers as well as tablets and mobile devices. Each device you install gives you a one-time installation bonus with a $1 weekly rewards just for leaving it installed.

If you calculate this out, this means we can earn a maximum passive income of $3 per week or $12 per month. This is pretty good since it takes under 10 minutes to setup. Once your account balance hits a minimum of $5, you can cash out for electronic gift cards to popular retailers such as Amazon. You start earning rewards as soon as you register and install their browser extension.

All of the data they collect is completely anonymous, and you’re helping to improve real-life products and services. In order to be eligible for Cross Media Panel, you must be residing in the US and either use Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. This takes our #1 spot due to their fast payout times and ease of use.

2. Digital Reflection Panel

  • Potential Earnings: $120/year
  • Installation Bonus: $50 your first month
  • Full Review


The Digital Reflection Panel is a rewards program that tracks characteristics about your internet usage. You can quickly earn $50 your first month and a minimum of $170 your first year. Since you receive the installation bonus only once, you will earn $120 each subsequent year. Not only that, but every 3 consecutive months you’re enrolled in the program you get a bonus.

The program works by asking you to install an internet meter on your wireless router. This takes roughly 5 minutes to install will complete instructions and full support have you any questions.

The type of data they collect is in regards to what websites you visit, what browsers you install, and search engines you use among other things. This information is then sold anonymously to businesses to help improve their products and services. Registration is completely free and only takes 5 minutes to determine if you’re eligible for the program.

3. Datacoup

  • Potential Earnings: $60/year
  • Installation Bonus: None
  • Full Review


Datacoup works by keeping track of how you use social media. All you have to do is link your accounts to the Datacoup network and receive a monthly bonus for allowing them to collect your data. All of this information is kept anonymous.

If you want to increase your earnings, you can do so by linking more than just social media accounts. This includes your credit cards and bank accounts as well. However, you don’t need to worry about stealing your financial information – the only data they gather is how you spend your money.

If you link all of your accounts to Datacoup, expect to earn about $5 per month. While it’s not much, I’ve found that I only have to check back once a year to make a $60 cash out to my PayPal account. It only takes a few minutes at most to setup an account.

4. Frequent Flyer App

  • Potential Earnings: $60/year
  • Installation Bonus: 100 points ($.10 cents)
  • Full Review


The recently-launched Frequent Flyer App is one of the easiest ways to start earning a passive income. The only step you need to take is install the app and leave it running in the background. Once this is complete, the app will collect data about your phone usage. This includes what apps you use and your cell phone service among other things.

Leaving the app consistently installed will net you $5 per month or $60 per year. Although it’s not much, that’s enough to buy a small meal each month or make a free deposit to your Stash investment plan.

The Frequent Flyer App rewards you in the form of points. The more points you earn the higher their value becomes. For example, you can cash at 12,000 points for $10, or wait until you earn 25,000 points and cash out for $25. The second deal is much better. Points can be exchanged for gift cards toward travel such as Southwest Airlines, AirBnB and various hotels.

5. GiftCrush App

  • Potential Earnings: $60/year
  • Installation Bonus: $1 after 24 hours
  • Full Review

giftcrush earn cash

The GiftCrush App is very similar to the Frequent Flyer Rewards App mentioned above. Leave the app installed on your phone and get paid for allowing them to collect your data. Again, all information that they collect is sold to businesses anonymously.

After leaving the app on your phone for your first 24 hours, you get a bonus of $1. From there on out, you can cash out once every 4 months for a $20 gift card to Amazon or a total of $60 per year.

You will need to ensure to enable permissions for the GiftCrush App to collect data about your phone. This should only take a few minutes, but if you get lost, you can always contact their support team. We suggest at least trying it out for the first 24 hours so you can get the $1 bonus.

6. Ebesucher

  • Potential Earnings: $65/year
  • Installation Bonus: None
  • Full Review


Ebesucher pays you just to leave your browser open. Open a new tab in your browser, and they automatically surf the web for you. All you need to do is type in their “surfbar” link and the program begins for you. You don’t need to be active or pay attention to any of the sites they’re browsing.

The great thing about this program is that you can run their browser on as many devices as you want. With just one device, you can earn $65 per year assuming you leave it running constantly. The only condition is that you must have each device running on a unique IP address. You can either get multiple IPs or request a family member or friend run the same link for you.

Another incredible positive about this program is that there’s a 8% referral bonus for each friend you refer or 5% of their referrals. Payments are made in the form of cash directly to PayPal accounts.

7. Adfun App

  • Potential Earnings: $500+/year
  • Installation Bonus: None
  • Full Review


The Adfun app pays you to leave video runnings on your phone. The best part? You can have as many phones as you want running the app. The only requirement is that each household can have a maximum of one account.

I currently have 5 phones running, and I earn about $15 per phone per month. At this rate, this calculates to $900 per year in passive income! This amount is huge, and you can increase this amount even further by increasing the number of devices.

The only downside is that if you have too many devices running, they may run out of ads. Furthermore, if you don’t have a reliable internet connection, you may find it difficult to run that many videos at once since they’re taking up a lot of bandwidth.

In order to stay on accurate side, we’ve cut this down to about $500 per year for five phones, which is still really good.

If you’re looking for a good phone recommendation that’s cheap and reliable, we recommend getting the LG Fuel. They only cost around $20 – $30 on Amazon, and you can quickly earn your money back within a couple of months. Start slow to see if your internet doesn’t slow down and gradually add on phones from there.

8. Media Insiders App

  • Potential Earnings: $72/year
  • Installation Bonus: None
  • Full Review


The Media Insiders App is similar to the apps that we mentioned above – get paid to leave it installed on your phone. For every device you have it on, you get $2 per month with a maximum of 3 devices. This results in a total of $6 per month or $72 per year.

Media Insiders collects data about your phone usage, from what type of browser you’re using, the apps installed and how long your phone calls are. None of your personal data such as message content or phone numbers will be given out. Furthermore, all data is kept anonymous.

You can increase your earnings by installing their VPN service, but we don’t suggest this. If you’re running other rewards apps on the same device, it is possible that VPNs are not allowed and you could get your account banned for it. Furthermore, the amount isn’t that much more for installing their VPN service.

The points you earn can be exchanged for gift cards or direct deposits to PayPal.

9. Mobile Performance Meter App

  • Potential Earnings: $72/year
  • Installation Bonus: None
  • Full Review


The Mobile Performance Meter App is one of the rewards programs on this list that requires the least amount of effort. Simply install the app and let it run in the background collecting your data. You never have to touch it except during the registration process and when you want to cash out.

You can earn on average $6 per month or a total of $72 per year. The type of data that’s collected is your battery life, amount of text messages sent and duration of phone calls. Like the other apps, all of this data is submitted anonymously.

As long as you have a decent mobile device, you shouldn’t notice the app slowing it down at all.

10. MobileXpression App

  • Potential Earnings: $20/year
  • Installation Bonus: $5 within the first few weeks
  • Full Review


The MobileXpression App is another app that sits in the background collecting data about your phone. Just be leaving it on your phone you get paid. Within your first few weeks, you get a $5 Amazon Gift Card as a bonus for just having the app installed.

Unfortunately, compared to other rewards apps on this list, the earnings aren’t as great. You only earn around $20 per year per device. Not only that, but the app is currently only available for Android devices.

Although the earnings aren’t as high, the setup process is completely simple. Not only that, but $20 is pretty nice considering you don’t have to do any extra work. The only time you ever have to interact with your phone is when you want to exchange your points for cash prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that we come across when dealing with these type of apps.

Are These Apps or Websites Really Passive?

We define a passive income app or website that requires minimal management aside from the registration process and when cashing out. The rewards program should be passive enough to where you don’t have to touch it for days on end.

If you have a slow device that’s running videos or a browser-related task, you may run into more errors, causing you to maintain the app/website in order to keep running rewards. Therefore, we highly suggest getting a decent device that will support these types of apps if you can afford it.

Do These Apps Permit The Use of VPNs?

In general, no. This is especially true for video rewards apps. If a VPN is detected, they are assuming that you are potentially using more devices for the sole purpose of trying to get more rewards. With the exception of Media Insiders Panel, we recommend not using a VPN to earn rewards.

How Will This Affect My Bandwidth Usage?

You shouldn’t have to worry about bandwidth issues unless you’re running video rewards apps such as the Adfun App. If you have a Comcast residential plan, they have an internet cap of 250 GB in data per month.

Expect a device running videos 24/7 for a month to take up about 50 GB per data. Although going past the 250 GB limit with Comcast has never raised any concern, you should at least be aware of it in case you encounter an issue. Be sure to check with your ISP if there are limits on bandwidth usage.

Are There Referral Programs With These Apps & Websites?

At the time of this writing, the only programs on this list that have referral programs are Frequent Flyer, eBesucher and MobileXpression. This can be a great way to earn some extra cash. We greatly appreciate it when you use our referral links in this article!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to make some extra cash or are in-between jobs, these apps can be a great way to increase your income. They take little effort to maintain, essentially granting you a passive income.

If you have all of these programs running simultaneously, you can earn an extra $1,173 per year in passive income. That’s great considering the minimal amount of time needed.

For those who have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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