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Top 12 Most Affordable Sites For Buying Furniture Online

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Furniture is expensive.

According to a 2009 report, the average American household spends close to $5,000 outfitting the living room, bedroom and dining room with furniture, and the costs increase quickly if you buy furniture with expensive materials such as solid wood and leather.

How can you save money when you buy furniture online? It all begins with knowing where to look. These are our top 12 picks.

But before we begin, we’re going to first show you how to save an average of 5% or more at all online furniture stores.

How To Save An Average Of 5% On Furniture Online

Even though all of these stores listed have the potential of offering great deals, we can do a little bit better by using a cash back portal.

Cash back portals are online websites that pay you to use their affiliate links when shopping online. They receive a commission, and instead of keeping it to themselves, they give it back to you in the form of cash back. These portals cost absolutely nothing to register.

There are many different portals on the web, but each have a different rate for each store. Not only that, but these rates constantly change. Let’s take a look at an example with one of my favorite cash back portals.

  1. Register for the TopCashback cash back portal at no cost. All you need is your email and to create a password. You even get a $10 bonus as a new user
  2. Search for a store of your choosing. In this case, we’re going to search for as an example.
  3. We see (from the image below) that we get a 5% discount on all purchases. Click on the “Get Cashback” button to be redirected to
  4. Make your purchase like you normally would. TopCashback will automatically track your purchase and apply cash back to your account within 10 days.
  5. Once you reach a minimum balance of $10 in earned cash back you can cash out to PayPal or for gift cards of your choosing.

After checking all furniture stores listed here on TopCashback, we found that on average we can get about 5% back in cash back at each store. Never forget to do this before shopping, especially since 5% is a lot at furniture stores due to expensive purchases.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards For Even More Savings

In addition to using a cash back portal, we can even buy discounted gift cards to save money. There are multiple gift card vendors online that sell gift cards at a price lower than their actual retail value.

The reason they are able to do this is because consumers sell their unwanted gift cards at an extremely low price and then they resell them. Let’s take a look at an example.

  1. One of my favorite gift card vendor sites is Raise. They tend to have the best rates and give you a $5 bonus for registering as a new user. Register at no cost.
  2. Search for the gift card of your choosing. We found gift cards at 9.9% off their actual retail value. This means that you could buy a $100 gift card for roughly $90.
  3. Within 24 hours after purchase, Raise will send the gift card to your inbox.
  4. Enter the gift card number at checkout to have it applied to your purchase.

Just like with the online shopping portals, gift card rates may change at any time. If you see a deal you like, before you purchase it before the card goes out of stock. Now let’s take a look at the top 12 stores for buying furniture online.

1. Amazon

What Furniture Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon is the world’s largest online store. It sells everything from office furniture to living room furniture including chairs, desks, beds, tables and more.

Amazon also allows third-party sellers to use the website as a marketplace, greatly broadening your selection. Even if you don’t buy a product from Amazon, it is an excellent resource for price research since the product selection is so large.

Why Is Amazon an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

Amazon charges no shipping fees for orders over $49, and almost all furniture costs more than $49. When shopping for furniture on Amazon, look for items marked “sold by Amazon” or “fulfilled by Amazon” to confirm that your order will qualify for free shipping.

Keep in mind that Amazon also allows third-party sellers to market their products on Amazon, so some of those sellers may charge shipping fees.

Amazon product fulfillment also serves to keep prices down. Sellers can ship items to Amazon’s warehouse, and Amazon ships those items to consumers.

Sellers often capitalize on that by setting their prices lower than Amazon’s. With more competition between sellers, consumers win by getting lower prices.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can save even more when buying furniture from Amazon if you apply for an Amazon Store Card. The Amazon Store Card is a credit card that gives cardholders a cash reward of 5% on all Amazon purchases.

To receive the rewards associated with the car, you must be an Amazon Prime member. The membership includes free two-day shipping on all purchases, low-cost overnight shipping, free streaming video and music, free e-books and free same-day delivery in some areas.

However, the Prime membership comes at a cost of $99/year.

Buy Used Furniture At Amazon Warehouse

Not all of the furniture offered on Amazon is brand new. You can buy new furniture in excellent condition at Amazon Warehouse. All of the products are shipped in by consumers that no longer want their old pieces of furniture.

There’s no need to concern yourself with quality, as Amazon thoroughly checks each item that’s sent in.


What Furniture Does IKEA Sell?

IKEA manufactures and sells its own furniture and primarily makes particle board furniture with wood veneers. The furniture ships in flat boxes, and customers assemble the pieces themselves.

IKEA has recently begun to add items with solid pine components as well. They consumes approximately one percent of all of the world’s wood destined for use in consumer products.
Furthermore, IKEA sells its furniture online and in hundreds of stores throughout the world, offering hundreds of products for every room in the home.
Why Is IKEA an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

Frugality is IKEA’s primary value. The company has massive purchasing power and uses materials as economically as possible to keep costs down. To spend even less at IKEA, examine the materials in products closely before buying them.

Look for durable materials such as metal and solid wood whenever possible. A bookshelf with particle board shelves, for example, may sag over time. A bookshelf with solid wood shelves and a particle board back is likely to last much longer.

By purchasing more durable furniture, you’ll save money in the long run. IKEA also has a moving program that offers free automatic reminders and checklists. The program also offers help with finding local moving companies and providers of recycling services.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a discount of $25 on your next $250 order from IKEA. Sign up to save some money on your next purchase.

Would you like to save even more money buying furniture from IKEA? Many stores have “As-Is” sections with extremely low prices on pre-assembled furniture.

The prices are lower than IKEA’s standard prices because the items in the as-is section were once display models or have some blemishes. If you don’t mind buying furniture with a few scratches, check the as-is section at IKEA for some great deals.

Furthermore, IKEA offers a loyalty program called IKEA FAMILY. If you join the program, you’ll receive free coffee or tea when you shop at IKEA. You’ll also receive discounted prices on many items and advance notice of sales.

3. Walmart

What Furniture Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart has a wide selection of kitchen, living room, bedroom and office furniture. Walmart has a vast network of suppliers, so their selection constantly changes.

At the time of writing, some of the furniture brands that you can find at Walmart include Better Homes & Gardens, Woodhaven Hill, Furniture of America, Serta and Hometrends.

Why Is Walmart an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

By revenue, Walmart is the largest company in the world. As a result, the company has great purchasing power and can negotiate attractive prices from its suppliers.

Walmart prides itself on its reputation of offering consumer goods at attractive prices, so they pass a portion of their savings on to consumers. Walmart also ships items over $50 for free, so you can buy furniture online without worrying about excessive freight charges.

Alternatively, you can pick many items up at your local Walmart store for free. Walmart also offers its own credit card. If you apply for and receive the credit card, you’ll get a $10 gift card when you use the credit card for the first time.

If you buy furniture and other items from Walmart frequently, you’ll save significant money with the Walmart credit card. The card gives customers 3 percent cash back on all purchases made at Walmart’s website and 2 percent cash back on gas purchased at Walmart and Murphy USA.

As a cardholder, you’ll also receive 1 percent cash back on all purchases made with the card that don’t qualify for one of the larger bonuses.

If you don’t want to apply for credit, there are still other ways to save money when you buy furniture from Walmart. They also have a price-matching system in which they will match the price of their competitors.

Furthermore, remember that Walmart frequently advertises in local newspapers. Check your newspaper before shopping for furniture at Walmart — you may find a good deal.

4. Target

What Furniture Does Target Sell?

Target sells more than 17,000 furniture products for every room in the home. The selection in local stores may vary, but you can always access the full selection by shopping online.

Some of the furniture brands that Target carries include Signature Design by Ashley, Christopher Knight Home, Gilford, Porter and Millsboro.

Why Is Target an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

Target has a store credit card called the REDcard. With the REDcard, you’ll receive a 5 percent discount on most items purchased at and in stores.

As a REDcard holder, Target will waive your shipping cost for any online order placed in all 50 states — a particular benefit for people accustomed to paying high costs to ship products to Hawaii or Alaska.

Target also allows REDcard holders to return purchases up to 30 days later than the standard return period.

If you aren’t a REDcard holder, you can still avoid shipping charges when buying furniture by electing to have your purchases shipped to your local Target store for pickup. Alternatively, you can simply buy furniture during the holiday season.

Target has its own app called Cartwheel that provides deals to members only. The best part is that if you can find a Cartwheel discount, a Target coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item, Cartwheel will allow you to stack all three discounts.

Simply present your Cartwheel bar code to the cashier when buying furniture in a Target store, and the cashier will apply all of the discounts to your purchase.

During the holiday season, Target frequently sells its own gift cards for less than the normal rate. In 2016, for example, Target offered $20 gift cards for $10.

You can use Target gift cards when shopping in person or online, so taking advantage of a gift card sale is an easy way to save money on your next furniture purchase.

5. Home Shopping Network

What Furniture Does Home Shopping Network Sell?

Do you still think of HSN as only a TV shopping network? If you do, you haven’t looked at the HSN website recently. You can access HSN’s entire product selection online without ever switching on the TV.

HSN’s selection changes constantly as items sell out. At the time of writing, some of the furniture brands that you can find on the HSN website include Safavieh, Skyline Furniture, ELK Lighting, Hillsdale Furniture and Home Styles.

Why Is Home Shopping Network an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

HSN offers a store credit card with no annual fee. If you apply and receive the card, you’ll get a total of $30 in discounts from HSN. The HSN credit card also offers a bonus to customers who return items.

Each time you return a product to HSN, you’ll receive a $5 credit toward your next purchase. If you don’t want to apply for credit, visit the HSN website regularly.

Watch for a pop-up window advertising HSN’s mailing list. HSN regularly offers incentives to customers who sign up for the list.

At the time of writing, each customer who signs up receives a 15 percent discount on one HSN purchase. Maximize your discount by using it on one of HSN’s more expensive furniture items.

The HSN website has a coupon code section that you can check for discounts. You can also check the HSN clearance section for furniture discounts.

Lastly, HSN makes furniture purchases more affordable by offering free shipping for many products. To see which items qualify, check for “FREE SHIPPING” in red at the bottom of an item’s description.


What Furniture Does Sell? is one of the Internet’s largest product liquidators. The company launched in 1999 by liquidating the inventories of dot-com startups that had failed to catch on. still liquidates products, but they sell products specifically made for them as well.’s inventory changes regularly.

Some of the furniture brands that they carry include Baxton Studio, Abbyson Living, Slumber Solutions, Knightsbridge and Simple Living.

Why Is an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

If you sign up for’s mailing list, you’ll receive a single-use coupon code good for a 10 percent discount on one purchase. also has a reward program called Club O Gold.

Members of the program receive free shipping for all orders and reward money that they can spend on Joining Club O Gold costs $19.95 per year. also offers an in-house credit card. The MasterCard gives you Club O Gold membership for free. The card also gives you $40 cash back when you make your first purchase with the card.

Lastly, the MasterCard gives you 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases made with the card.

If you like checking your favorite shopping websites for daily deals, watch’s flash sale section for deals on furniture and other items. You can find new deals on the page every day at 12:00 PM Eastern.

7. Muji

What Furniture Does Muji Sell?

If you appreciate minimal furniture designs, you might enjoy shopping at Muji. While Muji’s furniture selection is small, a large portion of the designs use solid wood rather than particle board.

Because the designs are so minimal, Muji’s furniture is surprisingly affordable. You can find simple chairs, tables, cabinets, and other items made from materials such as ash, walnut and oak.

Why Is Muji an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

Many of Muji’s designs are very affordable because they use the minimum amount of wood necessary to achieve the desired function. A stacking oak shelf, for example, consists of just five pieces of wood.

Muji does charge a shipping fee, but the fee is a flat rate based on the order total. Save money when buying furniture from Muji by buying as many items as you can in one order. For orders above $200, ground shipping is just $25.95.

At the time of writing, Muji does not offer a store credit card and does not offer an incentive for mailing list signups. However, the Muji website does have a clearance section. Bookmark the page, and check it periodically to see if any furniture is on sale.

8. Sears Outlet

What Furniture Does Sears Outlet sell?

Sears Outlet has a constantly changing stock of items such as floor models, blemished products and even one-of-a-kind products. Although some of the items that the Sears Outlet sells may have cosmetic imperfections, the standard new product warranty applies to all products.

Some of the furniture brands that the Sears Outlet carries include Ivy League, Holland House, Serta, Kingsbury and Dorel Home Furnishings.

Why Is Sears Outlet an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

The Sears Outlet prices items as low as possible for quick sale. The best way to get the lowest price possible when shopping for furniture at the Sears Outlet is simply to watch the website closely.

Items with the best prices will sell out first, so it’s important to remain vigilant if you want to snap up the best deals before someone beats you to them.

You can also save $10 on any single Sears, Sears Outlet or Kmart purchase by signing up for the Sears Credit Card. Apart from the single $10 reward, the Sears Credit Card does not have a reward program. However, cardholders occasionally receive exclusive coupons.

9. Wayfair

What Furniture Does Wayfair Sell?

Wayfair is one of the world’s largest Internet-based sellers of home furnishings. Wayfair formed in 2011 when parent company CSN stores decided to unify its more than 200 smaller online stores under a single brand name.

Since many of the smaller stores were already somewhat successful, Wayfair rose to prominence quickly. Wayfair receives an estimated 49.5 million monthly visitors. They have one of the largest furniture selections available anywhere.

Some of the furniture brands that you can find at Wayfair include Mulhouse Furniture, OrthoTherapy, Andover Mills, Signature Design by Ashley and Moroni.

Why Is Wayfair an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

Wayfair offers free shipping for most orders over $49. Since almost all furniture costs more than $49, the deal works out well for furniture buyers.

Wayfair also has a store credit card that can give you a significant discount on one purchase. After receiving the card, you’ll receive a $40 discount on your first order over $250. You cannot combine the discount with other offers.

As a cardholder, you’ll also receive reward points that you can redeem at Wayfair, Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane and Dwell Studio.

Wayfair also has a mailing list that gives members exclusive access to coupon codes and sale announcements. If you don’t want to apply for credit, signing up for the mailing list may be a good alternative.

Wayfair gives its customers additional savings through its rewards program. You receive rewards automatically by applying for and receiving the Wayfair credit card. You can also accrue points by referring friends to Wayfair.

When a friend that you’ve referred makes his or her first purchase over $100, you’ll receive $10 in rewards points. In addition, your friend will receive a discount for registering as a Wayfair customer through your referral link.

When you buy from Wayfair, don’t forget to log in and write a review. Every customer who reviews a product on the Wayfair store has a chance to win a $500 gift card.

10. Big Lots

What Furniture Does Big Lots Sell?

With more than 1,400 stores throughout the United States, Big Lots is one of America’s largest retailers of closeout merchandise. When stores go out of business or need to liquidate excess inventory, Big Lots buys those products and sells them to the public at reduced prices.

Due to the nature of the closeout industry, the selection at Big Lots constantly changes and varies from store to store. In addition, Big Lots sells many products only in local stores.

You can still get some great deals at the Big Lots website on products such as TV stands, mattresses, ottomans and storage bins.

Why Is Big Lots an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

Big Lots has the purchasing power to obtain closeout merchandise at extremely low prices. They pass much of the savings on to consumers, which is the primary reason why Big Lots is so successful.

An additional benefit of shopping online at the Big Lots website is that, within the lower 48 states, all orders over $75 ship for free.

If you want to save even more money when shopping at Big Lots, sign up for the Buzz Club rewards program. As a member of the rewards program, you’ll receive exclusive coupons.

You’ll also receive rewards points that you can redeem for later discounts. Big Lots also periodically sends Buzz Club members invitations to exclusive events.

Big Lots has a store credit card that offers special financing for some purchases. However, the only feature of the credit card it that the card may make paying for large purchases easier. The credit card does not entitle holders to reward points or other discounts.

11. Bob’s Discount Furniture

What Furniture Does Bob’s Discount Furniture Sell?

Bob Kaufman founded Bob’s Discount Furniture in 1991 when the waterbed market began to dwindle. The company has since grown to become one of the largest discount furniture retailers in the northeastern United States on the strength of its low prices and quirky commercials.

In addition to its 76 retail stores, Bob’s Discount Furniture sells products online. At the website, you can find furniture for every room in the home.

Bob’s Discount Furniture carries furniture under its own name brand only. In Bob’s furniture selection, you can find everything from memory foam mattresses to complete kitchen and living room sets.

Why Is Bob’s Discount Furniture an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

Because Bob’s Discount Furniture buys its furniture directly from the original manufacturers, it can buy from its suppliers for the best possible prices and pass those savings on to consumers.

Although Bob’s prices are very low for the furniture industry, many of Bob’s products use real wood rather than particle board. Some products may use wood veneers for cosmetic purposes.

If you want to save money when buying furniture from Bob’s Discount Furniture, check the website’s outlet section to see the lowest prices.

In the outlet section, you’ll find discontinued items, overstock items and factory-direct deals that Bob’s calls “One-Shots.” Items that are close to selling out display counters to let you know how quickly you’ll need to act if you want to buy them.

Bob’s Discount Furniture offers a credit card for customers who would like to finance their purchases. However, the credit card does not accrue reward points or give customers access to special discounts.

12. Blu Dot

What Furniture Does Blu Dot Sell?

If you enjoy modern furniture designs, you may enjoy shopping at Minnesota-based Blu Dot. Blu Dot manufactures modern furniture ranging from beds to dining tables and office furniture. The prices at Blu Dot vary, and some items are fairly expensive.

Office desks, for example, range in price from $399 to nearly $2,000. If you look carefully, though, you can find some remarkably good deals. Blu Dot uses real wood rather than particle board in its products.

Why is Blu Dot an Affordable Online Furniture Store?

Although Blu Dot charges more for its products than some other furniture companies, you can almost always expect your furniture to last much longer if it uses real wood.

Over time, particle board tends to break down and sag. Particle board resists moisture poorly and is difficult to repair. If your furniture lasts longer, the average cost per year of ownership is lower.

The best way to save money when you buy furniture at Blu Dot is to check the outlet section. In the outlet, you’ll find discontinued items at far below their regular prices.

Blu Dot outlet includes items such as dinner chairs under $30, sofas under $1,200 and lounge chairs under $600.

You can find out about Blu Dot’s latest deals by following the company on social media. Blu Dot uses Facebook and Twitter to tell customers about new designs, closeouts and other special offers.

Final Thoughts

A lot of these stores have rewards programs and credit cards to help you increase your savings. Don’t forget to use portals and gift card vendors to increase your savings that much more.

See something that’s not on this list and should be? Let us know down below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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