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Top 20 Best Drugstore Foundations Under $20

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Foundation is a must-have makeup product for millions of women. It can cover up problem areas, give you an excellent confidence boost, and so much more. If you wear foundation, you may notice that it can be pretty expensive. On the websites for mid to high-range brands, these are the prices I found:

  • $40 for a bottle of Urban Decay foundation
  • $47 for a bottle of Lancome foundation
  • $64 for a bottle of Giorgio Armani foundation

Liquid foundation has a shelf life of six to 12 months. Why should you pay so much money for something you may end up tossing out? The truth is that you shouldn’t.

There are so many drugstore duplicates (“dupes”) that produce the exact same results. I’ve compiled a list of 20 options for five skin types, each bottle cost $20 or less. Most of these picks average $10 per bottle.

The Best Drugstore Foundation For Dry Skin

1. Revlon Colorstay Makeup For Normal/Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you may notice that blending foundation is difficult and that it looks a bit patchy. It may also feel heavy on your skin. Revlon Colorstay Makeup for normal/dry skin is very lightweight, so blending it is a breeze. You won’t feel like you’re wearing makeup, but you’ll get excellent coverage that lasts the entire day. This highly-rated formula is moisture balanced to work with dry skin, and it’s under $9 per bottle. That’s a true bargain in my book.

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2. L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup

When skin is dry, it often feels dull and lacks radiance. This can be frustrating, but L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous foundation solves the issue. The foundation is very buildable and designed to give your skin a fresh, bright look. It also contains vitamins and antioxidants to help soothe and repair dry skin over time. This makeup costs less than $10 and produces long-lasting, healthy results for your skin.

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3. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Liquid Foundation

Water-based foundations are often a good pick for dry skin because they offer adequate hydration. They’re popular in department stores, but many dry-skin oriented options cost about $25 to $40. However, Rimmel’s 25 Hour Liquid Foundation is a water-based foundation that also contains minerals. It’s the perfect solution when you need long-lasting makeup that truly hydrates your skin. This foundation is highly rated and priced at about $15. That’s an excellent deal.

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4. Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

Maybelline’s line of foundations are exceptional, and that’s reflected in the popularity of their Dream Liquid Mousse. This particular option is a full-coverage foundation, so it’s great if you’re looking to cover up unevenness, discoloration, and so on. It’s designed to last 16 hours, so it’ll give you smooth looking skin all day and night. Though it’s a popular pick for normal skin, it’s a huge hit in makeup forums among ladies with dry skin. For less than $7, this foundation is a genuinely good deal.

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The Best Drugstore Foundation For Oily Skin

5. Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Foundation Makeup

I could sing the praises of Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation all day long. That may sound dramatic, but I consider the holy grail of drugstore foundation for oily skin – I use it almost daily. This foundation instantly diminishes the look of my pores to where they’re almost invisible. It creates a perfectly matte finish without looking fake or caked on. Furthermore, it comes in 24 shades, so finding one that matches your skin tone is easy. Best of all, you can get it for about $6 per bottle.

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6. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation Makeup

If you have oily skin but you want buildable coverage, then L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro Matte Foundation is perfect for you. It’s ultra light and blends smoothly, so building from light to full coverage is no problem at all. It has that “barely there” feel that allows your skin to breathe, but it still creates a beautiful demi-matte finish. For less than $10 a bottle, you’re getting a valuable foundation that’s often compared to super expensive brands.

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7. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

Rimmel’s Stay Matte Foundation was the first mattifying foundation I’ve ever tried, and I was very impressed with it. The formula looks and feels like a unique mix between liquid and mousse. It’s light as a feather on your skin, and it’s incredibly easy to blend. It instantly leaves skin looking perfectly matte and flawless. A bottle of this highly-rated foundation is approximately $5, so it’s an amazing deal if you want quality foundation on a budget.

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8. Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse Foundation has been around for years, and it certainly hasn’t wavered in popularity. This unique whipped mousse foundation has a silky smooth feel to it, and it applies incredibly evenly. Whenever I wear it, it feels almost like I’m not wearing foundation at all. Despite the light feel, it provides stellar coverage and keeps skin looking matte and oil-free. You can experience this truly great foundation for less than $7.

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The Best Drugstore Foundation For Combination/Normal Skin

9. L’Oreal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup

This is another great foundation from L’Oreal, but it is significantly different from the others I’ve recommended. The ultra-unique “liquid to powder” style formula transforms once you apply it. It leaves a soft powdery finish on your skin without looking cakey. It also feels very lightweight and provides natural looking and feeling coverage. This foundation has amazing feedback, and you can snag the unique formula for about $14.

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10. L’Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Makeup

I mentioned this foundation in my last post about affordable makeup, and that’s because it has so much to offer It’s designed to suit all skin types and matches warm, cool, and neutral skin tones. The liquid formula is super easy to apply and blend, and you can build as much coverage as you want or need. It’s infused with vitamins but free of oils or fragrances, so it’s truly perfect for virtually any skin type. There are 50 different unique shades to choose from, and the price is about $7.50 per bottle. This is a deal that is hard to beat

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11. COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 All Day Foundation

The “three in one” aspect of this CoverGirl foundation isn’t just for show. This super unique foundation also contains concealer and primer, so it saves you lots of time when you’re applying makeup. It also has sunscreen in it to keep your skin protected and healthy all day long. If you want to simplify your makeup routine with a reputable foundation, this one is under $7.00 on Amazon.

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12. Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation Concealer

If you want a full coverage foundation that’s designed for normal skin, this Milani option may be right for you. It provides high coverage by combining concealer and foundation into one product. That means you can give the even and flawless look you want while also covering up small problem areas. This foundation receives excellent ratings from people with all skin types, and it’s right around $11 per bottle.

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The Best Drugstore Foundation For Sensitive Skin

13. CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Liquid Makeup

This is another great product from CoverGirl’s Clean line, but it’s is uniquely designed for ladies with sensitive skin. The foundation is completely fragrance-free and oil-free, so it won’t irritate skin or clog pores. It’s also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, so you can rest assured that CoverGirl was worked hard to create a formula that works. However, I always recommend double-checking the ingredient label if you have skin sensitivity or allergies. This foundation is less about $10 per bottle, which is a great price for a formula like this.

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14. Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream

Do you want light coverage for your sensitive skin? If so, this Physicians Formula BB cream may be absolutely perfect for you. It provides all of the benefits of every high-quality beauty balm cream: smoothes your skin, moisturizes, primes, evens skin tone, conceals blemishes, brightens skin, and much more. However, the formula is paraben-free, fragrance-free, gluten-free, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), and approved by dermatologists. It’s well-rated, covers all of your needs, and it costs less than $12 per bottle.

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15. Almay Clear Complexion Makeup

Oily skin and sensitive skin can be a difficult combination to tackle, but Almay Clear Complexion Makeup gets the job done. This foundation uses a blend of gentle minerals to help control oil and keep your face shine-free. However, the product also contains soothing natural ingredients like chamomile and aloe. It’s dermatologist tested, receives impressive reviews from buyers, and it’s under $12.

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16. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation

If you prefer powdered foundation and have sensitive skin, this Neutrogena pick is worth trying out. The foundation is made of minerals that give you even but sheer coverage. The formula is oil-free, noncomedogenic, and fragrance-free. It also contains antioxidants and SPF 20 to keep your skin looking truly healthy. This powder foundation costs about $12 depending on your chosen shade.

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The Best Drugstore Foundation For Mature Skin

17. COVERGIRL Advanced Radiance Age Defying Foundation Makeup

This is one of the most popular drugstore foundations for mature skins, and it’s not difficult to understand why. This foundation is blended with Olay Regenerist skincare ingredients; this is a well-known and reputable line of anti-aging products. This makeup works to flawlessly cover up fine lines and gives your skin a more youthful look. It’s less than $9.00 on Amazon and has incredible reviews from buyers – truly impressive.

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18. L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup

L’Oreal Visible Lift Serum contains multiple active ingredients that are used specifically in anti-aging makeups, face washes, creams, and more. The lightweight formula is designed to even out your skin tone instantly without settling into fine lines or wrinkles. Additionally, this unique foundation produces long-term results by visibly reducing the signs of aging on your skin. You’re left with skin that’s smoother, brighter, firmer, and more even. Lastly, it provides protection from UV rays and it’s suitable for all skin types, so virtually anyone with anti-aging needs can use it. For under $12.00, you get the benefits of a foundation and an anti-aging cream all in one product.

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19. Revlon Age Defying Firming & Lifting Makeup

Revlon’s Age Defying line is a mixture of skincare products and cosmetics that help fight the signs of aging. This foundation is designed with hyaluronic acid to make skin look super smooth and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It also boosts the hydration of skin to make it look and feel more youthful and refreshed. A study showed that 93% of women who used this makeup saw noticeable results. For about $10, that’s an excellent and noteworthy deal.

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20. Neutrogena Cosmetics Healthy Skin Enhancer SPF 20

Do you want an anti-aging foundation that’s light and subtle? If so, this Neutrogena pick is a great one for you. The formula is designed to give your skin a sheer tint versus heavy coverage. It contains retinol treatment, which is proven effective in treating various signs of aging. It’s also oil-free and contains sunscreen, so it protects your skin without weighing it down or clogging your pores. This innovative drugstore foundation is less than $10 per bottle and well-loved by buyers.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what your skin type is, there is no need to spend excess amounts of money on foundation. One report states that women spend a whopping $15,000 on makeup during their lifetime. Needless to say, saving money where you can is a must-do if you’re a dedicated cosmetics lover like me.

Fortunately, you can get healthy and beautiful looking skin that suits your needs for less than $20. Whether you have super sensitive skin or need a highly moisturizing product, I’ve got you covered.

This expansive list of the best drugstore foundation proves that there are highly-rated options that are incredibly affordable. See something that’s not on this list and should be? Let us know in the comments below!

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