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Top 10 Frugal Living Blogs That Will Help You Live A Frugal Lifestyle

Top 10 Frugal Living Blogs That Will Help You Live A Frugal Lifestyle
Tracy Stine Sep 13, 2019
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First, I want to say thank you for being a fan of Frugal for Less.

However, it never hurts to have several favorite blogs to follow in the topics you enjoy.

There are several reasons I believe you should have a list:

  • Offers more variety for reading in your subject.
  • Shows a different perspective that one blog may not show.
  • Clarifies points made in another blog.
  • Solidifies solutions shared across more than one bog.

Let me explain these clearer by using similar FFL posts.

Let’s say you lost your job and you’re searching for ways to save money.

A post called How To Remain Financially Stable After You Lose Your Job suggests:

  • Get unemployment benefits or severance packages
  • Change over your insurance and retirement packages
  • Start budgeting and saving
  • Find ways to cut back expenses

Another post called What to Do If You Lose Your Job? 7 Ways To Get Back On Your Feet suggests:

  • Apply for unemployment benefits
  • Work part-time
  • Enact a spending freeze
  • Downsize

Lastly, this article Newly Unemployed? 10 Ways to Cope With Unemployment says:

  • Spend your money sensibly
  • Make money from home
  • File unemployment
  • Think positively, review your career
  • Make job hunting a full-time job

As you can see, there’s a running theme through them – especially about getting unemployment and spending carefully, so you know these are important points to consider.

They offer different perspectives as well, the last one focuses more on your mental health and wellbeing as well.

So, having different blogs and viewpoints expands your knowledge and offers more solutions to what you’re seeking.

As a disabled consumer, I’m always on the lookout for finance articles written for people with disabilities, so I’ll be listing one article from each site (if available) and its relevance.

Let’s get to my top 10 Frugal Living blogs (in no particular order):

1. The Penny Hoarder

This website is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and is owned by Kyle Taylor who then created Taylor Media.

The Penny Hoarder was started in 2010 and its purpose is to “help people take control of their personal finances and make smart money decisions by sharing actionable articles and resources on how to earn, save and manage money”.

They typically publish more than 20 posts a week in these categories:

  • Make Money
  • Save Money
  • Budgeting
  • Debt
  • Retirement
  • Credit Scores
  • Bank Accounts
  • Investing
  • Home Buying
  • Taxes
  • Insurance

Here are a few posts from the week of July 28th, 2019:

This site is pretty similar to Frugal for Less in their topics and knowledge, so I know I can trust them.

They have about 6,845,065 Facebook fans and 38,100 Twitter followers.

As I mentioned, I’m a disabled consumer and I did a search on The Penny Hoarder and found this relevant article – What You Need to Know If You’re Working While on Disability Benefits which I enjoyed reading as this happens frequently among people with disabilities.

2. Money Saving Mom

Working out of Tennessee, Crystal Paine started this website after her first casual blog about bargain shopping and was inundated by reader questions.

Money Saving Mom was started in 2008 and is a Christian-based site about “saving more money, stop the feeling of being overwhelmed and finally getting your home & life organized”.

They post about 84 articles per week in these categories:

  • The Latest Deals
  • Store Deals
  • Find Coupons
  • Giveaways and Freebies
  • From my Kitchen
  • Managing your Money
  • Home & Family
  • Blogging & Business

Here are a few posts from the last week of July 2019:

This site’s main focus is on bargain sales, coupons, and is parenting focused, so if I’m looking for a new shopping deal I look here first.

They have about 906,491 Facebook fans and 134,810 Twitter followers.

I did a search for “disabled” and “disability” and only found two posts, but they were referring to kids or parents with a disability.

I was disappointed about that part, but it’s a great site to find great discounts.

3. The Simple Dollar

Based in Seattle, WA, this website founder Trent Hamm started this blog in 2006.

The Simple Dollar began as a community for people to learn and share real-life personal finance strategies.

They post roughly 10 posts a week in the following categories:

  • Credit Cards
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Investing
  • Blog

Their latest blog posts included:

I like this site for being different from many other major finance blogs, but I did not like that some posts lumped topics together like “Questions About MLMs, Safe Deposit Boxes, Package Theft, Clark Howard, and More!

That felt so random and unfocused to me.

They have 48,522 Facebook fans and 12,800 Twitter followers.

I tried my specific search on this site and was not provided any relevant articles for disabled consumers.

4. Wise Bread

This site was started in West Covina, CA by a group of high school friends in 2006.

Their company philosophy is “You can have fun saving money!”

They state that financial freedom is about making choices that are important to you, so you won’t get a constant lecture from us of “Don’t buy this” or “Keep your money at home.”

They post about 5 blogs a week on these topics:

  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Finance
  • Frugal Living
  • Career
  • Life Hacks
  • Best Deals

Their recent articles included:

They also do a weekly Tweetchat on various topics and there’s a chance to win prizes as well.

I like this tweetchat being offered, as my questions can be answered quickly as well as watch an ongoing discussion on interesting financial topics.

Wise Bread has 104,511 Facebook fans and 69,200 Twitter followers.

I was pleasantly surprised at the various articles that turned up in my search.

The two articles I enjoyed reading are “Could You Make Ends Meet If You Were Suddenly Disabled?”, and “5 Things to Know About the ADA”.

5. Living Well Spending Less

Ruth Soukup works out of Punta Gorda, FL and started her website in 2010.

Living Well Spending Less is about “helping you create a life you LOVE by providing practical tools & resources, along with the motivation to actually use them”.

They only update the site about 1 post a week about:

  • Home 101
  • Food Made Simple
  • Smart Money
  • Life etc.

Their July posts included:

These posts are geared more towards parents, especially the ones that stay at home, which I am one, so I appreciated the variety of relevant topics.

They have 706,555 Facebook fans and 11,939 Twitter followers.

Let’s see what my precise search turned up – “The Most Powerful Decision You’ll Ever Make”, which is good advice, but I already tell people to do these things as a disabled person.

Then there was “Small Ways To Make A Big Difference” that had a snippet about helping people with disabilities.

But there were no posts focused on the disabled consumer, which again, is disappointing.

6. The Thrifty Couple

Started by Alex and Cassie, the thrifty couple, after incurring over $108,000 of consumer debt.

The Thrifty Couple wants to “encourage you that no matter where you are in your financial journey that you truly can work towards and succeed in achieving your financial goals”.

They only post about 1 article per week covering these areas:

  • Money
  • DIY
  • Frugal Living
  • Recipes
  • Family

They also offer a podcast and printables of all their posts.

Their recent articles include:

They post every Thursday a themed post with links to other sites, like “Thrifty Thursday Link Party: Five Amazing Recipes”.

If you’re a struggling parent, especially with six kids like this couple has, this would be a good site to check out.

As I mentioned, I’m a stay at home mom as well and appreciated being able to quickly look up a low-cost recipe and activities to do with the kids.

Their Facebook fans number at 382,352 and their Twitter followers’ number at 8,906.

My search for “disabled” turned up a post about chickens having spraddle leg and how to fist it before having a disabled chicken, cue the eyeroll again, yeah not sorry.

7. Frugal Travel Guy

Rick Ingersoll started his website in 2007 and he and his team has since traveled the world extensively in first and business class for minimal out-of-pocket cost.

Frugal Travel Guy’s mission is to “help regular folks like you see the world at prices you can afford”.

This site has travel-focused topics in:

  • Wallet
  • Top Travel Deals
  • Reward Cards
  • Rookie Guide
  • Travel Challenge
  • Success Stories

They do about 3 updates a week, with stories like:

This site has about 87,966 Facebook fans and 74,672 Twitter followers.

We don’t have the need (or the funds) to travel, but I included this blog for the readers that do.

I was doubting they had any disability-focused posts, and I was delighted to find “Resources Available for Special Assistance Travel” and a few interviews with travelers with disabilities.

8. Budgets are Sexy

Doing a search online on frugal blogs and you’ll see that the majority are written by women, moms and families.

I wanted to include one by a guy for guys, and came across Budgets are Sexy.

Started by “J. Money” over ten years ago and he writes anonymously as he posts his net income online.

The goal for this blog was “to get people to stop and *pay attention* to their money.”

Budgets are Sexy posts about 5 articles a week in these categories:

  • Net Worth
  • Millionaire Club
  • Free Budget Templates
  • Side Hustle Series
  • Recommendations
  • Challenge Everything
  • Early Retirement
  • “Spavings”

He’s currently on sabbatical for the month of July, but here’s some June posts:

I wanted to include a blog written by a guy to add to the diversity, but these posts apply to anyone.

They have 19,913 Facebook fans and 42,900 followers.

My search on “disabled” turned up a post using a financial example of a couple with a disabled spouse, and a post about what he’d do if he became disabled (“horrible thought” he claims).

9. Fun Cheap or Free

Started in Utah in 2011 by Jordan Page

Fun, Cheap or Free’s – “Where frugal gets a facelift” and their mission is mission is to redefine frugal and teach you to live an ABUNDANT life…on any budget.

They post about 5 blog posts a week in:

  • Finances
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Looking Good
  • My Secret Sauce
  • Budgeting
  • Videos
  • Food & Recipes
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Travel

Their latest posts were on:

I like this blog because who doesn’t like fun, cheap or free stuff?

I realize this is still focused on family, but you can’t deny that there’s 39,650,353 families in the United States.

Fun Cheap or Free has about 83,661 Facebook fans and 4,505 Twitter followers.

Let’s check out my search again – no results turned up.

10. Na Na Pinches her Pennies

Lastly, I couldn’t leave out the senior population, so I chose this website.

Na Na is a senior citizen writing about her frugal tips, some she learned from her grandmother, some only learned “a few days ago”.

It’s a relatively simple and easy blog in these categories:

  • Energy Saving Tips
  • Frugal Diabetic
  • Diabetes and Food Banks
  • Na Na’s Quilting blog

It’s simplistic and no-nonsense, just like seniors are, her latest posts are:

Just because this blog is geared towards senior citizens doesn’t mean that any generation can’t enjoy the tips offered here as well.

They reminded me of my own late Nana on her front porch snapping string beans and giving out sage advice to us kids.

I could not find any social media links for this blog.

When I did my search, I was skeptical that I’d get any results but was surprised with “No Choice Anymore”, which is very applicable for people with disabilities.

She discussed not being able to make options, such as seniors cannot just buy a landline anymore but must “bundle” it with internet and such.

I find that true for myself and many Deaf consumers when we’re shopping for cell phones, we must buy talk minutes in order to be able to use text and data even though we cannot hear on the phone.

Final Word

I listed different types of blogs for the diverse focuses – food, travel, family and so on.

I suggest following the ones that matches your lifestyle as well as your personality, if you’re an introvert, you won’t get much out of social butterfly blogs, and vice versa.

Regarding the disability posts, many listed how to get disability insurance, how to finance and budget for a child with a disability, or helping elderly and disabled parents.

Very few actually addressed disabled consumers themselves, which is unfortunate as there are about 1 in 5 Americans that have some kind of disability, and 1 in 10 that have a severe disability.

That’s about 46 million people they’ve neglected to reach.

I know it may seem like a small minority, but we have jobs, family, lives, and of course, debts too.

Tracy Stine

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