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26 Best Trusted Online Money Making Sites

26 Best Trusted Online Money Making Sites
Diana Star Dec 12, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

trusted online money making sitesLooking to make some extra money online? Sometimes it can difficult to find a legit, money making website that can give you real cash or gift cards.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this list of the 26 best trusted online money making sites. Expect to make at least a few extra hundred bucks per month with these sites.

Want to skip the reviews and get right to it? Here’s a short list of some of our favorites:

1. Survey Junkie

Like all legitimate money making sites, Survey Junkie is free. When you join, you will be asked for profile information like your age, gender, household income, and shopping habits.

This information is collected so the site can match you with targeted surveys that will provide the best information to their retail partners.

You will be presented with different survey options each day. Every time you complete a survey, points are added to your account.

The longer the survey takes to complete, the more points you earn. After accumulating at least 1,000 points (the equivalent of $10), you can cash out. Payments are made with gift cards and through PayPal.

Survey Junkie does not charge you to redeem your points, and even gives you points for signing up, completing your profile, and for attempting to complete surveys for which you do not qualify.

2. Vindale Research

Vindale Research offers several ways to make money online. First, you can sign up and complete surveys, as with Survey Junkie. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can take, and you will be notified by email when new ones are added.  

Some surveys require you to purchase products, but they will be clearly marked, so you can skip them if you are not interested.

Vindale also offers a reward codes program. Once you sign up, you may find reward codes scattered around their site, in blog posts, on their social media sites, and elsewhere. Find a reward code, click to redeem it, and earn points.  

Another way to earn points at Vindale Research is by referring friends to the site. You earn $5 for every friend you refer!  

When you sign up with Vindale and provide your email address, they will send you paid emails from sponsors. You earn points by opening the email.

You are not required to take advantage of the opportunity offered in the email in order to earn points, but you will earn extra money if you do. If you are bored with surveys, Vindale Research will pay you to watch videos.

Finally, you can share your success with other Vindale members. If you take a photo of yourself with your Vindale payment and post it to their site, you will earn $5.

One potential downside to Vindale is that you have to earn $50 before you can cash out, so it may take a while to see your first paycheck.

3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone is a bit different from other online survey sites. First, you have to be invited to join. You may be referred by a current member, or you may respond to one of their  ads on other sites. Because they keep their membership limited, their surveys pay more than average.

Once you sign up, they will send you emails when new surveys are available. Unlike the other survey sites, you are expected to complete the survey sent to you, and you do not have to sift through numerous surveys to find one that matches your profile.

Pinecone will also send you products to test. You are not required to buy the products, but after using them you must complete a rather extensive questionnaire about the product. You get to keep the product, and you will be paid for completing the evaluation.

Your first 300 points will be automatically redeemed with a check sent to your preferred address. After that, you can choose  a variety of payment options, including check, PayPal, prepaid cards, and automatic deposit. You may also redeem your points by shopping for merchandise directly on the Pinecone site.

4. Ipsos i-say

Ipsos i-say is another survey site that send surveys directly to you when they are available. It is free to join, and you can collect your rewards in the form of gift cards, prepaid visa cards, or PayPal funds.

If you are feeling generous, you can also use your rewards points to make donations to a charity you choose from their list, like Habitat For Humanity, The American Red Cross, The Ronald McDonald House, and more.

You may not have as many opportunities to answer surveys as you might on other sites, but you do not have to spend any time scrolling through dozens of surveys or start taking a survey and find out you don’t qualify.

The i-say site also gives its members opportunities to earn more rewards by entering drawings and contests. Prizes of $1,000  are given out every four months, and a current contest allows members to swap rewards points for a chance to win $5,000.

5. Shoptracker

Shoptracker is operated by Harris Poll, Inc. After taking a short survey to see if you qualify for the program, you install the Shop Tracker app on your device.

In order to use the app, you must have an account with at least one month of purchase history. You can use the app with up to three accounts per household. The app keeps track of your Amazon purchases and automatically pays you $3.00 per month.

While you won’t make a lot of money using ShopTracker, you don’t have to do anything to earn. If you regularly make purchases on Amazon, this is an easy source of passive income.

6. Swagbucks

If you are an active web surfer and like to shop online, there are several ways to earn money with Swagbucks. Swagbucks pays reward points for watching videos and answering surveys, like many other sites, but also offers additional opportunities to earn.

If you use the Swagbucks site to make online purchases you will earn 1 SB for every dollar you spend (the equivalent of 1% cash back).  With thousands of online stores to choose from like Walmart, QVC, Amazon, and JC Penney, you can earn cash back on the purchases you already make.

Retail partners also offer special deals through the Swagbucks site, allowing users to earn extra points for signing up for trials or making purchases.

Members earn Swagbucks just for purchasing gift cards from popular retailers like Lowe’s, Petco, Olive Garden, Staples, Panera Bread, and more. You can then use the gift cards to make purchases, earning more Swagbucks, or give the cards to friends and family.

Your Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards, or can be cashed out through PayPal.

7. YouGov

This site allows you to share your opinions on a wide variety of topics with an international community. YouGov polls and surveys cover consumer trends, politics, religion, philosophy, and sports, among others.

After completing a poll, you will be able to see the results  on the YouGov site. Your answers are combined with thousands of others from around the world and used by news media outlets, retailers, political campaigns, marketing companies, and others to influence policy, product placement, and  marketing decisions.

You will receive rewards points for every survey or poll you complete. Your points can then be redeemed for prepaid gift cards.

You can also earn passive income on YouGov by installing the YouGov Pulse app on a computer or mobile device. The YouGov Pulse app tracks your internet usage and sends the information, anonymously, to internet research partners.

You receive YouGov points when you sign up for YouGov pulse, and earn points each month for every device you register.

8. Springboard America

Springboard America collects information from you and matches you with surveys based on your profile.

You will be invited to take part in periodic surveys, but you are not required to complete every survey. You do need to complete at least one survey every three months in order for your account to remain active, and, of course, the more surveys you complete, the more you can earn!

Each survey will pay between 50 and 500 points, and you will be notified the point value of the survey before you agree to complete it. Once you have accumulated 500 points you can redeem them for prepaid Visa cards, gift cards, or gifts to charities.

9. MyPoints

My Points  is an online shopping site which pays rewards when you use their site to make online purchases with their retail partners. Sign up for MyPoints, and log in to their site when you are ready to make an online purchase.

MyPoints has been around since 1996, and has earned a reputation for being a legitimate way to earn cash back for online shopping. MyPoints has also added other ways to earn money, including surveys, paid emails, and watching videos.

MyPoints rewards points can be redeemed for prepaid Visa cards, gift cards, PayPal cash, and even travel miles!

MyPoints can be accessed through their website, and also offers mobile apps for Apple and Android devices.

10. Point Club

If you love taking surveys, try Point Club. Point Club tries to match its members with surveys that are narrowly focused, to increase members’ earnings and the customers’ satisfaction.

The more narrowly focused the survey, and the more involved, the more points you can earn. Surveys pay between 200 and 2000 points, earning between $.20 and $2.00 each.

Once your survey is completed, it will be reviewed by the client, approved, and your points added to your bank. Point Club will award points for confirming your email address, and providing Facebook and Google+ account information.

Members are also eligible to enter daily point giveaway sweepstakes. Best of all, Point Club rewards you for being an active user. If you log in for 5 days in a row, you earn a bonus of 20% on your earnings, and you earn an additional 20% for every five days you log in, up to a maximum of 100%.

11. Toluna Opinions

Toluna offers a slightly different way to make money doing market research. You can sign up for online surveys and earn points answering questions, as with many other survey sites. With Toluna, though, you can also earn points by creating your own content.

First, you can create a poll – ask a question on any topic you choose, and provide two or more answer choices. If your poll is engaging and popular, you earn points. You can open a topic for debate by stating a question, giving your opinion, and inviting others to share their opinions.

A Battle is an invitation to choose between two options, like Facebook or Instagram. Finally, a Thumb It is an invitation for the community to express its opinion on one topic, like, “The Keto Diet: Pro or Con?” The more interest your content generates, the more you can earn.

You may cash in your points for gift cards or PayPal dollars. Toluna allows you to directly interact with members through Polls, Topics, Thumb Its and Battles, which can be more fun than simply answering survey questions.

12. Panda Research

Panda Research offers a combination of invitation and pick-from-a -list surveys. Every day, new surveys are added to the site, from which members can choose. If you qualify for the survey, money will be added to your account.

Panda will also send an email to members whose profile information indicates that they may be qualified for certain surveys. An email invitation is not a guarantee that you will qualify for a particular survey, but it means there is a good chance that you will be a match.

As with all survey sites, longer and more involved surveys pay more. One downside to Panda Research is the relatively high payout threshold. Your account must reach $50 before you can cash out using PayPal.

13. InboxDollars

With Inbox dollars you can choose between a variety of money-making activities, including surveys, watching videos, and receiving paid emails. Each email pays $.02, and videos pay $.01.

Videos are short – often under a minute, and are actually interesting! Surveys pay varying amounts, depending on the length of time they take to complete. If you are not a match for a survey, an alternate will be suggested, or you will be given an opportunity to spin a wheel and earn points.

If you do nothing but confirm paid emails, it will take a while to earn the $30 needed to cash out, but if you are willing to put in the time to watch some videos and complete some surveys, you can get to the  $30 threshold much faster.

Learn more about how to maximize your earnings with Inbox Dollars here:

14. SurveyClub

If you are interested in participating in market research that goes beyond simply answering surveys online, Survey Club offers some interesting opportunities.

In addition to the standard online surveys, you may be matched with companies that are looking for specific types of individuals for custom panels, with more detailed information than the usual surveys. You may be eligible to sign up for product trials, in which you must try out certain products and then answer questions about your experience.

Survey Club can even match its members with clinical drug trials in their areas. These are rare, but pay very well.

Finally, Survey Club will notify you when companies are looking for focus group members in your area. Focus groups may pay $40-$60 for an afternoon.

15. Opinion Outpost

Instead of posting surveys for its members to choose, Opinion Outpost sends emails when surveys are available. Most surveys take between 5-10 minutes to complete. You will always know how long the survey should take, and how much it pays, before you agree to take it.

By sticking to the higher-paid surveys, you can make between $8-$10 per hour on Opinion Outpost, and you can cash out with PayPal after accumulating 100 points ($10.)

16. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel offers online surveys and videos, as well as other small tasks. For example, you can earn points for liking their Facebook page, clicking on a sponsored ad, or completing offers.

Completing offers is a good way to earn points, but can clog your inbox with emails, and your desktop with apps. Once you have downloaded an app and received your reward, though, you are free to delete the app if you decide not to use it.

Prize Rebel has a good referral program, allowing members who refer friends to earn 20% of the friend’s points for life. That’s a pretty easy way to earn money for very little effort.

17. Online Verdict

For a completely different way to make money online, check out Online Verdict. You must be eligible for jury duty in your city and state, so the site is available only to registered voters over the age of 18.

If a case is posted in your area, you will be send documents to review and will be asked to answer questions about the case, as if you were on the jury. The pay is pretty good – $20-$60 for each case you review.

The only downside is that there may be very little work on your area, limiting your ability to earn money on a regular basis. Nevertheless, it is a fun and easy way to earn extra money. All payments are sent by check.

18. e Jury

You can increase your potential earnings as an online juror by signing up for e Jury.. The pay is slightly less than that for Online Verdict, but the estimated time to complete a questionnaire is estimated at an average of 35 minutes.

As with Online Verdict, you must be a registered voter, over the age of 18, have no felony convictions, and not be working as an attorney or for an attorney or law firm.

19. Slice The Pie

With Slice the Pie, you can get paid to write online reviews. After you sign up, you can choose categories of items to review.

If you choose music, you will be directed to audio clips – listen to the clip and write a rating a review of what you heard.

You can also choose to review fashion, mobile phone accessories, and other products. The amount you are paid depends on the quality of reviews you write and you star rating.

You increase your star rating by writing better reviews. They look for detailed, well-written reviews, so good grammar and spelling count! If you are just starting out with a one- star rating, you can earn $.05 for a review. With a 5 star rating you will earn $.20 to review one song.

All payouts are done through PayPal.

20. ShutterStock

Amateur and professional photographers can make money selling their photos on

ShutterStock is a large and well-known source for stock photos, and accepts contributions. It costs nothing to join; anyone can create an online portfolio, and you will be paid every time one of your photos is downloaded.

Photos must be approved before added to your portfolio, but photos are not judged for artistic quality. In order to be accepted, photos must be owned by the contributor, must not contain material owned or copyrighted by others, and must not contain certain objectionable images, which are specified in the submission guidelines.

21. Foap

Foap allows you to sell your photos online, sharing the profit with you 50/50. For each photo you sell, you will get $5 and Foap will get $5.

You can increase your earnings by joining photo missions. Agencies and brands will publish requests for photos of certain subjects, locations, or themes. The winning photo will win a reward, usually $100, but sometimes more. Even if your photo does not win, sponsoring brands may purchase photos submitted in the mission.

Foap is a fun way to sell your photos online, and provides a lot of guidance on how to maximize your chances to sell, and how to increase your earnings.

22. Weegy

If you fancy yourself an expert in any field, you can earn money by answering questions on Weegy.

Weegy is an AI based question and answer forum. Most of the users’ questions are answered by the AI, but when the AI cannot completely answer a question, humans take over.

Once you sign on to be a Weegy expert, you will be notified when questions in your area of expertise come in. You will have a short amount of time to accept or reject the question.

You are paid for correct answers, and can cash out through PayPal when your earnings reach $10.Your answers are monitored, and your account will be flagged if you give wrong answers, use the wrong format for providing answers, or use inappropriate language.

The more correct answers you provide, the more money you can make.

If you are willing to learn the rules and know a lot about one or more subjects, Weegy is a fun way to earn some extra money.

23. Just Answer

Just Answer will actually pay pretty well, but experts must prove their credentials before being accepted.

Just Answer contributors are licensed attorneys, health care providers, mechanics, plumbers, other service providers. If you are a trained expert in any of the specialties on the Just Answer site, you will be paid to provide professional opinions on live chats with clients.

24. Qmee

Qmee is a browser companion that you install on your computer or mobile device. It is not a search engine, so you use the same search engine you usually use, but with the Qmee browser extension.

Qmee partners with many brands who pay to be included in their search results, so when one of the partnered brands appears in your regular search, you will see an icon on your screen. You earn money for the search itself, and the opportunity to earn cash back if you make a purchase from one of the partnered brands.

The earnings are not huge, but the effort is minimal, and there are opportunities for real cashback savings. Qmee also offers surveys, if you want to make a little extra money.

You can cash out with no minimum balance, and can choose PayPal, gift cards, or even donations to charity.

25. Amazon Mturk

One of the largest and best known sites for making quick money is Amazon Mturk. The tasks on Mturk are Human Intelligence Tasks, or HITs.  These are small jobs that cannot be done efficiently by a bot or AI program.

An an Mturk worker, you can choose from hundreds of small tasks, paying as little as $.01 or as much as several dollars. You may be asked to find phone numbers, answer survey questions, transcribe an audio file, or write down information from a scanned image.

It’s fascinating just to scan the available jobs and wonder why anyone needs to pay a person to do some of the tasks.

There is no limit to the number of tasks you can do, and payouts are done with your Amazon account.

26. Clickworker

Similar to Mturk, Clickworker offers money for completing small tasks online.

Payments are made through PayPal, which may be preferable to some people.

The bottom line is, none of these sites (with the possible exception of Just Answer) will provide a full time income, but many will allow you to earn some extra money with little or no effort.

Final Thoughts

Some are actually fun, and others pay you to do things you would already be doing, like shopping online or web surfing. Sign-up for as many as you can, try them out, and settle on the ones that suit you and your schedule.

Diana Star

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