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Use Cardpool to Get Paid For Your Unwanted Gift Cards

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You Can Now Dig Through Your Pile of Unused Gift Cards

Don’t you just hate receiving those gift cards for Christmas or your birthday that you’ll never use? We all know that it’s the thought that counts, but receiving something that we could actually use would be nice for a change.

A gift card is one of the easiest gifts to give a friend or family member for when you don’t know what to buy and consists of a large portion of gifts in America. Fortunately, now there’s an easy way to sell those unwanted gift cards for cash through a company called Cardpool.

What is Cardpool?

Cardpool is a service that lets customers buy discounted gift cards for up to 35% off or sell their unwanted gift cards for cash. The Cardpool website works as the middleman for a safe exchange so that everybody is guaranteed a safe transaction.

You are always buying and selling to directly with the Cardpool company. They buy their gift cards from their customers, verify the balance of each gift card and then put them up for sale until a buyer is found.

Even though Cardpool may never find a guaranteed buyer for a specific gift card, they still will pay sellers within 1 business day after they receive your gift card.

How Much Can I Sell My Gift Card For?

The amount of money that you can get back from selling your gift card to Cardpool depends on the retailer.

A gift card to the Apple Store will sell for a lot more than a gift card to Zumies, especially since Apple is usually stingy about giving large discounts on their products.

The great thing about their website is that they will give you an immediate offer on the spot. Here’s what we can get for sending in a $50.00 gift card from Apple.

redeem apple gift card

For a $50.00 gift card to the Apple store, we can get $44.50 by sending the card via snail mail. That’s 89% of our cash back. That’s not a bad deal if you can’t find another buyer.

If you need cash right away, you can submit the PIN number on the back of your gift card on their website in return for a slightly lower amount of money. With our $50 Apple Gift Card, we’re able to redeem it for as much as $42.00 or 84 of our value card pin

Using Zumies as a comparison, we see that we can only get $32.50 reimbursed for our $50, a huge difference when looking at Apple.

zumies gift cardThe highest amount that can be redeemed for a gift card is up to 92% of the card value.

Keep in mind that there are no shipping fees on all transactions.

You Can Also Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

I have found some great discounts to restaurants I regularly frequent on their website. By clicking on their “Buy Gift Cards” tab at the top of the page, you can see a list of all of the gift cards they have for sale alone with their price.

buy gift cardHere we see that we can get 15% off our next meal at Applebee’s and 16% off the AMC theatres. That’s a really great deal instead of paying full price.

Is there a card that you want but it’s not on the Cardpool website? You can even manage your own personal wishlist. Once the card is in stock, an email will be sent to you informing you when they have the card available for purchase.

Is Cardpool Safe?

Cardpool receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been featured on popular television stations such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX News and many others.

Directly on their website is their Cardpool Purchase Guarantee, stating that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your gift card for a full refund provided that it’s unused.

There have been a few complaints regarding not receiving the full amount on a gift card, but Cardpool is usually quick to work through the situation and provide customers with an immediate refund.

I personally have yet to encounter a problem when receiving or purchasing a card on their website. Receive a discount on your first purchase by using my affiliate link found here. If you have any questions regarding Cardpool or would like to share your experience, please feel free to comment below. Thanks again for reading.

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