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Via – A $5 Ride Sharing App Cheaper Than Uber And Lyft

Via – A $5 Ride Sharing App Cheaper Than Uber And Lyft
Jason Wuerch Oct 11, 2016
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Getting around the city can be quite expensive, especially if you’re taking a taxi in a large city. Services like Lyft and Uber were created to help give riders a chance to reduce their fees. However, these services are not by any means cheap.

Via is a new ride sharing service that shares your ride with others in order to reduce costs and emissions. You won’t be spending more than $5 per ride. Not only that, but you also get $10 in free credit when you enter in a promo code

What Is Via?

Via is a ride share service that was created with the intention of cutting costs and emissions on transportation. Instead of taking a cab, Uber or Lyft to your destination, share your ride with others for only a fraction of the cost.


Right now, the service is only available in 3 cities in the United States – New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. – but they’re expanding rapidly. People are ecstatic about not having to pay such high prices for getting to their destination quickly and safely.

Pricing Structure

When you book a ride, their algorithm matches you with other riders going in the same direction as you. Here is the current pricing structure for rides by city:

New York City from 6 AM – 8 PM

Pay a flat fee of $5 plus tax with pre-purchased ride credit. If you don’t purchase pre-paid credit, you will incur a $2 surcharge for a total of $7 plus tax. Each additional passenger in your party will be charged an additional $3.

New York City Midnights and Weekends

Via operates on New York City on Saturdays from 10 AM to 12 PM and on Sundays from 10 AM to 9 PM. Rides with pre-purchased credit cost a flat fee of $5.95. Those who don’t purchase pre-ride credit pay a $2 surcharge for a total of $7.95. For every additional passenger you pay an extra $3. All charges are subject to tax.

New York City Airport Service

From LaGuardia Airport, there’s a flat fee of $24.95 plus tax and tolls. From JFK, it costs $39.95 plus tax and tolls. For every additional person in your party, you need to pay an additional $5 plus tax.


Pay a flat fee of $3.95 with pre-purchased credit plus any fees. If you don’t purchase pre-ride credit, there will be a $2 surcharge for a total of $5.95. For every additional passenger, you will be charged at half of the $3.95 charge.

Washington D.C.

Rides in Washington D.C. are the cheapest at just $2.95 without any tax. For every additional rider in your party, pay an extra $1. After your first 5 rides with Via, you will need to pay an additional fee of $1 when you don’t ride with pre-purchased ride credit. If you cancel or don’t show up, you may be incur a $2 fee.

Commuter Benefits

You can also use commuter benefits to pay for the Via ride share service. This includes commuter cards such as WageWorks, Beniversal, benefit Strategies, Ameriflex, Zenefits, TransitChek and others. Keep in mind that if you use commuter benefits debit cards, you will always ride in vehicles that seat six people or more.

Refer Friends For Free Credit

Via has an excellent referral system. Each time you refer a friend that uses your promo code, you get $10 in ride credit when they take their first ride. Your friend will also get $10 in credit toward their first ride.

A great way to spread the word is via Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like to support FFL and get $10 off of your first ride, use promo code jason6m6t. We’d greatly appreciate it!

How Do I Get Started With Via?

Getting started with Via is incredibly simple. In order to make sure that you don’t miss any details, we’re going to walk you through the process in just 5 easy steps.

1. Register.

You can register for Via by clicking this link here to download the app. Create an account by entering in your name, phone number and creating a password. Your phone number will be used to contact you if your driver has any trouble finding you.


2. Verify your payment information.

Registering with Via is completely free. However, Via needs to collect your credit card information first so you can pay for your next ride. You won’t be charged until this happens. Enter in promo code jason6m6t to start off with $10 in free credit.


3. Buy pre-paid ride credit.

While you don’t have to pay for pre-ride credit, it’s a great way to save money. Otherwise you’ll be charged a $2 surcharge each time you want to take a ride. You can also select the auto-refill option that automatically purchases more credit when you drop below $10.


4. Request a pickup.

Once registration is complete, you’ll be able to request rides on the front screen. Type in your location and how many passengers you’re riding with. Since there are flat fees, it doesn’t matter where you’re going within the city. Click on the “Set Pickup” button to request a ride.


5. Refer your friends.

Get free rides by referring your friends. You and your friend both get $10 in free credit when they use your referral code at sign-up. Support FFL and get your first ride for free by using code jason6m6t. Thank you!


Get Paid To Drive With Via

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash on the side, you can also become a Via driver. Just as with Uber and Lyft, you pick up passengers and take them to their desired location. The only requirement is that you’re of age 21+ and have a valid driver’s license.

Drivers who ride all day every day can earn $6,500 or more each month. Not only that, but you also get a sign-up bonus of up to $1,000. Even more is that you’ll receive special peak rates when you drive during certain hours.


Keep in mind that you’ll have steady and reliable work with limited gas usage and vehicle ware. The great thing about Via is that your schedule is completely flexible. This means that you choose when you work and how long you want to work. They also provide real-time phone support for drivers.

What If I Don’t Have A Car?

Don’t have a car? You can still drive with Via! They’ve partnered with leasing and rental agencies to help you get started on your first drive. Check out their vehicle partners here. As of now, this option is only currently available in New York City.

Earn More Partnering With Additional Services

If you want to earn even more cash and always have consistent work, you might as well partner with other companies as well. Sign-up with Lyft, Uber and Via and easily make $6,000 a month or more. For those of you interested, you can find out more information here.

Final Thoughts

In New York City, a taxi ride from the airport can easily cost you up to $60 and even $40 or more with a ride service like Uber or Lyft. With Via, a ride from the LaGuardia Airport is a flat fee of $25 and $40 from JFK. Not only that, but you can get rides for a flat fee of $5 plus tax.

The Via Shared Ride App is a great way to save money on transportation throughout the city. Although the app is currently only available in New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C. at the time of posting this article, they’re rapidly expanding to other larger cities. Be sure to check back here for updates.

If you have any questions or comments about the Via Ride Sharing Service, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Otherwise, thanks for reading and happy riding!

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