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VIP Voice Review: Earn Money Taking Surveys Online

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Survey sites can be great for a side hustle, for stay at home moms or simply for those just looking to make some extra cash. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s difficult to tell which ones are scam or legit.

In this full VIP Voice review, we’re going to cover how it works, ways to earn, how much you can make, if it’s a scam or legit and if it’s worth your time or not.

With that said, let’s get started.

What is VIP Voice

As I said, VIP Voice is a survey site. But it’s unique in the fact that they offer their own surveys, as opposed to surveys from partner sites. Members will have a simple and reliable experience that isn’t on other survey sites, which redirect you to third-party surveys.

They offer a large variety of surveys that match your interests – from food and fashion to information technology and video games. This gives you plenty of survey available for you to answer and earn on.

The major difference between VIP Voice and other surveys is that they don’t pay out in cash or gift cards. Instead, you earn points which can be entered into sweepstakes or use to bid on their online auctions.

Ways to Earn

The foremost way to earn points on VIP Points is with their surveys. You can also earn by advancing the different levels of the program.


There are two ways you can take surveys on VIP Voice – on their website and through their email invites. How many surveys you’ll be able to complete depends on client demands as well as your profile questionnaires. So, be sure to fill out all the various demographic questions for more survey opportunities.

If a survey is available, you’ll be offered a range of points that are determined by the number of surveys you’ve already taken and whether you complete or get disqualified from a new one. Once you click into a survey, you may also receive a message informing you of the average amount of time it takes to complete.

An advantage of VIP Voice’s surveys over other sites is that they will tell you if you’re disqualified within the first few minutes of a survey as opposed to after completion. This saves you time and energy and can earn faster by moving on to the next survey. You also receive “participation points” if you disqualify from a survey.


VIP Voice also has a rewards system in place for frequent survey takers. The more surveys you take, the higher in levels you move up and thus the more participation points that you earn.

There are five user levels — you start at zero and level up as you complete the surveys. Your level determines how many points you can earn per survey as well as the kinds of rewards you’re eligible for.

This photo shows you how much you can earn in surveys for each level:

vip voice review points

Refer a Friend

Lastly, you can earn points by referring your friends to VIP Voice. Each friend must sign up and create an account for you to get the credit and the corresponding points. (The site is very vague on this).

What’s the Payout?

As I mentioned earlier, you earn points that can be entered into sweepstakes or use to bid on their online auctions. Each point is worth a single sweepstakes entry or auction bid.

Your reward level also affects the type of prizes you can enter or bid on.


Here you bid your points on items, like music downloads, gym equipment, and Amazon gift cards, through the auction-style site BidLand.

Their auctions each have a set amount of time for each item, and the highest bid (that is, whoever offers the most points for that item) wins. If you lose a bid, your points are not taken out of your account.


The other option is using your points to enter sweepstakes through SweepLand. Unlike auction bids, sweepstakes entries are taken out of your account when it closes — regardless of whether you win or not. The prizes you can enter for include trips, TVs, and cash.

Your chances of winning sweepstakes or bids depend on the number of entries submitted by other VIP Voice members.


Members also have the opportunity to enter special contests offered by VIP Voice in which they can earn cash prizes. Such as the Pigskin Pick-em contest which runs during football season.

Final Thoughts

Now, I’ll offer my quick opinion of VIP Voice.


The major advantage of VIP Voice is that they create their own exclusive surveys and work closely with brands and companies. This gives you direct access to some of your favorite items and services.

You can use your voice to help shape the services and products you use frequently. The surveys are also short and only take about 5 to 15 minutes to complete.


The major flaw with VIP Voice is that you are not guaranteed a reward.  With other survey sites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, you can earn cash or e-gift cards after you cash in your points.

VIP Voice doesn’t work that way and instead allows you to use your points by entering a sweepstake or bidding on prizes. Many users complain that they have been members for years and regularly take surveys but have yet to win. So, all those hard-earned points are lost whenever you lose a sweepstakes.

Whether VIP Voice is a good survey site or not depends solely on your personality type. If you’re a conservative and careful type, this may not be a good place for you and may be better off on a survey site with proper cash and gift card payouts.

If you’re a gambling type and the thrill of bidding and entering contests excites you then VIP Voice is a great place for that. If you can get a chance to win a 70” LED TV, a Stand Mixer, or even a trip to Puerto Vallarta, then it’s worth joining.

If you think sweepstakes and bidding on prizes isn’t for you then you can join these other survey sites instead:

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