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10 Virtual Customer Service Jobs That Pay Hourly

10 Virtual Customer Service Jobs That Pay Hourly
Amy Baum May 20, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

Customer service jobs from home offer many perks. These part-time and full-time positions usually offer competitive hourly pay.

Some virtual customer service jobs even have benefits packages. Needless to say, this makes them a top option if you want to work from home.

Sorting out the legitimate jobs from scams can be tedious and confusing. In this post, you’ll find 10 virtual customer service positions.

These listings are the real deal, and each one has unique features. Read on to find a beneficial hourly work from home job that’s right for you.

1. Amazon

About Amazon Customer Service Associate Jobs

At any given time, there are hundreds of Amazon work at home job openings. The Amazon Customer Service Associate position seems to be a popular choice with basic requirements.

However, there are opportunities for advancement to team leader positions and more. U.S. based and international jobs are both available.

  • An Amazon Customer Service Associate communicates with customers via phone and sometimes through e-mail.
  • The main position is a virtual call center position, so it’s often fast-paced and requires good focus.
  • Skills and requirements vary a bit depending on the job listing. You can find one example listing here.
  • There are part-time and seasonal job openings, and Amazon tends to hire more workers during winter holiday seasons.
  • Though the position is virtual, sometimes Amazon Customer Service Associate jobs are only available to people in specific states.

Amazon Customer Service Associate Pay shows that Amazon customer service positions pay between $11.04 and $17.31 per hour. reports show Amazon customer service jobs pay an average of $10 to $12 per hour, and some positions pay up to $17 per hour.

2. Apple At Home Advisor

About Apple At Home Advisor Jobs

Apple At Home Advisors provide customer service via phone and web chat. This position requires you to troubleshoot customer problems based on Apple guidelines.

There are full-time and part-time opportunities available. Job listings mention specific cities, but Apple notes that you don’t need to live there to qualify.

  • Apple At Home Advisors provide technical troubleshooting for all Apple products.
  • This position requires at least two years of technical troubleshooting experience or proven technical ability.
  • Flexible availability between 7 AM CST and 10:30 PM CST is required.
  • Benefits for this position include product discounts and paid time off. Worker reviews also mention health insurance, tuition reimbursement, Internet service cost reimbursement, and additional benefits.
  • Read my Frugal For Less Apple At Home Advisor review for more information.

Apple At Home Advisor Pay

Apple does not disclose the hourly pay for this job. shows that Apple At Home Advisors report an average pay of $15 per hour. has similar feedback where workers report averaging $15.39 per hour.

3. American Express

About American Express Virtual Customer Service Jobs

American Express hires Virtual Customer Care Professionals to provide phone-based customer service. Workers are trained to address American Express account issues using company guidelines.

This is a part-time position, and job openings fill very quickly.

  • Each American Express Virtual Customer Care Professional job listing notes that you’ll be working specific shifts. For example, this listing mentions a schedule from 12:30 PM to 9 PM PT.
  • This virtual call center position is fast paced and may include making sales.
  • Worker reviews say mention earning incentive-based bonuses in addition to a set hourly wage.
  • Reviews also mention job benefits such as paid training, tuition assistance, medical coverage, and more.
  • This position opens and closes frequently, so it may not always be listed on the American Express careers page. You can sign up for job alerts to apply when possible.

American Express Virtual Customer Service Pay

Worker reviews on say that pay ranges from $15 to $21 per hour. Some detailed reviews include bonus earnings and mention earning up to $28 per hour.

4. Convergys

About Convergys Virtual Customer Service Jobs

Convergys hires work from home customer service agents to fill several different positions.

The position you fill depends on your work experience, but all of the roles revolve around customer service. There are opportunities for advancement into higher-paying positions.

  • Convergys offers a full benefits package that includes medical coverage, paid vacation time, 401K benefits, and college tuition reimbursement.
  • Customer service agents receive paid training.
  • Though the position is virtual, job listings are sorted by state. They currently hire workers in 35 different states.
  • Minimum requirements include a high school diploma or GED and one year of customer service experience.
  • Technical requirements for your phone and computer can be found here.
  • This position offers flexible scheduling but requires availability seven days per week.

Convergys Virtual Customer Service Pay data reports that this customer service position’s average base pay is $10 per hour. reports a similar average of $10.68 per hour. Convergys mentions attendance based wage increases and performance bonuses in their job listings.

5. Sykes

About Sykes Work From Home Jobs

Sykes hires workers to provide customer service through inbound calls. Most of their positions are full-time, but some part-time openings are available. The company states that they offer flexibility, consistent scheduling, and opportunities for advancement.

  • Paid training is provided for this customer service position.
  • Vision, dental and health benefits are offered to part-time and full-time workers.
  • Virtual support for workers is provided by team leaders.
  • Sykes hires workers from all 50 states.
  • No professional qualifications are required, though Sykes prefers customer service, technical, and/or financial experience.
  • Technical requirements are listed on the main hiring page.
  • A comprehensive FAQ page covers the entire application and hiring process.

Sykes Work From Home Pay reports show that this job pays an average of $9 to $11 per hour. The highest reported pay is $16 per hour. lists similar average pay between $9.66 to $10.89 per hour. Sykes mentions performance-based incentives on their hiring page.

6. ACD Direct

About ACD Virtual Contact Center Jobs

ACD Direct hires work from home agents to perform call center tasks. This independent contractor position offers flexibility. As a customer service agent, you’ll take calls from non-profit organizations and traditional businesses.

The company has a very positive reputation among clients. Here’s what to expect if you apply for this job:

  • You’ll be fielding calls from some of the most well-known businesses around the country.
  • Previous work from home experience and/or call center experience is required.
  • Applicants with strong customer service and communication skills are preferred.
  • You’ll need to meet the technical requirements listed on the page linked above.
  • ACD Direct does not hire workers that reside in California, Delaware, Massachusetts, Louisiana, West Virginia, Wyoming, Vermont, Washington or South Dakota.

ACD Virtual Contact Center Pay reports that ACD Direct customer service representatives earn an average of $15.90 per hour. lists lower earnings at an average of $8 to $10 per hour.

7. Vivint

About Vivint Virtual Customer Service Jobs

Vivint Smart Home hires virtual customer service agents to fill their Customer Solutions Tech Support role. In this role, you take inbound phone calls to assist Vivint customers.

Using Vivint guidelines, you’ll help clients troubleshoot issues and find solutions for product problems. Here’s what else you need to know about this role:

  • In addition to tech support, you’ll help address customer questions about billing.
  • If you cannot troubleshoot the issue, you’ll put in work orders for customers to get their Vivint products repaired.
  • This virtual role is currently open in select cities and states only.
  • You’ll need to commit to six months of working in this position.
  • Customer service experience is preferred.
  • You’ll need to pass a criminal background check in order to be hired.
  • View this current job listing for full qualifications, requirements, and more.

Vivint Virtual Customer Service Jobs Pay shows that Vivint tech support representatives earn $11 to $12 per hour. Workers reported similar earnings at, ranging between $11.06 to $12.11 per hour.

8. Liveops

About Liveops Virtual Customer Service Jobs

Liveops hires customer service call center agents to work from home. The company has an excellent reputation, and they employ more than 20,000 virtual workers.

Some of their well-known clients include Uber, Turbotax, and AAA. Liveops hires customer service agents for general call center work as well as specialized fields.

  • Liveops pays workers based on 30-minute blocks of talk time. That means you’re paid for every minute that you’re on the phone with a customer.
  • Call center positions in specialized fields include insurance sales and claims, roadside support, and payroll support.
  • Each position hires workers to complete a six-month contract.
  • You’ll need to meet the technical requirements at the link above no matter what role you apply for.
  • Liveops pays their agents twice per month.
  • For more details, check out my Frugal For Less Liveops review.

Liveops  Virtual Customer Service Pay

According to the company, the average pay is $0.25 per minute of talk time. Specific job listings show earnings of up to $0.32 per minute of talk time. shows general customer service agents earn between $11.55 to $14.51 per hour. Virtual call center agents in the insurance sector report earning up to $22.86 per hour. shows that the majority of customer service agents earn $12.68 to 14.68 per hour.


About Virtual Customer Service Jobs offers virtual customer service jobs in the tech industry. They’re well known as a third party tech support service. As a customer service agent, you provide technical support for clients via phone.

For their current job listings, you’ll need tech experience to qualify for most of their openings. Job training is provided to give workers additional info needed to fulfill the role.

  • You’ll take phone calls while also viewing customer support tickets on the work platform.
  • provides tools and troubleshooting guidelines so you can assist customers with technical issues.
  • You’ll also handle financial responsibilities like processing credit card payments.
  • The company looks for workers with strong customer service skills, multitasking skills, and strong problem-solving skills. Specific requirements may vary depending on the job listing. Virtual Customer Service Pay shows that remote tech support agents earn an average of $11 per hour. lists similar pay ranging from $10.12 to $10.93 per hour.

10. WorldWide101

About WorldWide101 Work From Home Jobs

WorldWide101 hires virtual assistants to perform a variety of customer service tasks. The tasks you’re assigned to are based on your experience in different fields.

They aim to hire professional workers for long-term roles, and the positions are typically part-time.

  • You need at least seven years of professional corporate experience.
  • You also need to provide proof of your work history and work references.
  • This customer service job offers 20 to 25 hours of work per week.
  • If your application is accepted, you’ll also need to complete two interviews, testing, and pass a background check.
  • Training is not offered by the company, so your experience is crucial.

WorldWide101 Work From Home Pay

WorldWide101 pays an impressive $18 to $20 per hour. Your exact hourly wage is determined based on your unique skills and experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are plenty of great virtual customer service jobs. Finding full-time or part-time openings is simple using the list above. For more real work from home jobs, check out these Frugal For Less posts:

You’ll quickly see that dozens of unique gigs are available. Start earning money online by exploring the ones that suit you best.

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