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Wag! App Review: Get Paid To Be An On-Demand Dog Walker

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Raise your hand if you love dogs.

Did you raise it?

If so, boy have I got a treat in store for you today… We’re going to be reviewing Wag! App, a money-making app for dog walkers that pays up to and over $18 per hour (plus tips!)

Let me start this Wag App! Review by saying right off the bat: this is probably the most fun and rewarding money-making app I’ve ever tried out. You’re going to love it.

What is Wag! App?

Wag! App is basically an on-demand dog walking service. It connects busy dog owners with willing walkers in their area for pleasant walks of between 20 minutes and 60 minutes long.

You can think of it kind of like the Uber or Grab for dog walkers. It works on a similar GPS-based pickup system.

The only difference is that instead of picking up a passenger, you’ll be picking up a dog; and instead of taking them to their destination, you’ll be taking them to stretch their legs and use the bathroom!

Wag! App isn’t the only app of this kind, there are a few more on the market, but it is one of the most popular, with tens of thousands of users. Canine Journal goes as far as to call it “the best dog walking app”, and I’d probably agree.

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, Wag! App works like this:

  1. A dog owner requests a dog walk (they can request it immediately or schedule it in advance)
  2. You pick up the job using the app on your smartphone and carry out the walking service as an independent contractor
  3. You finish the job and get paid!

That’s the basic process but, of course, there’s a little more to it than that, so let’s take a closer look at a more detailed breakdown of the whole process…

Using the Wag! App

First, you sign up for the service and open the app on your phone. You’ll see a static screen that says ‘find walks’. If there are walks available in your area, they’ll pop up here. If not, it will just say something like ‘no walks available’.

Walks aren’t available all the time so most walkers set up notifications on their phones to get notified when one pops up in their area.

When a request comes through, you’ll be able to see how far away the pickup point is, a photo of the dog, and the neighbourhood the client lives in. The first walker to click on and accept the request is awarded the job.

The owners will also provide you with directions on how to get into the house. For example, they might have left a key in the mailbox if they’re out, or ask you to ring the doorbell if not.

Technically, the owners are also supposed to list the breed of the dog and any behavioural issues you should know about so that you know what to expect, but they don’t always do this.

While you’re walking the dog, the owner can track your walk through the GPS on the app. You’re also supposed to use the app to take a few photos on the walk and send them to the owner. You can do other nifty things too, like set pins to show the owner where the dog has pooped or peed (hilarious, I know).

What Happens Next?

After you’ve dropped the dog back off, you’ll need to leave a short report card that tells the owner how the dog did. How you fill this in is up to you. Some walkers like to leave cute report cards written from the perspective of the dog. Others just write a few quick sentences and leave it at that.

The dog owner will be notified when the walk has finished and will be asked if they want to leave you a tip. They can also give you a rating between 1 and 5 stars. Your rating matters, so do your best to get 5 stars every time.

Is Wag! App a Scam or Legit?

Usually, when something sounds too good to be true, it is – but that’s not the case with Wag! App. It’s totally legit and really is every bit as good as it sounds.

How do I know? Well, I personally used the app for a few weeks and got paid on-time every week like clockwork. I didn’t see any red flags to indicate that it might be a scam.

However, it’s always worth looking into these kinds of apps thoroughly before you put your faith in them, so don’t just take my word for it. All you have to do is take a look at other app reviews to see that Wag! App is clearly a legitimate app.

For example, Trustpilot rates it ‘great’ and reviewers on there give it 4 stars based on thousands of independent reviews.

It also gets 4 out of 5 stars on Google Play and an incredibly high rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 on iTunes, based on over 30,000 independent reviews. That should be enough to put your mind at ease, but if you’re still concerned, try it out for yourself and see.

3 Ways to Earn Money with Wag! App

Ok, now we’ve covered exactly what Wag! App is and how it works, let’s dive into the most important topic: the money!

There are 3 ways you can earn money with the Wag! App. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

1. Get Paid to Walk Dogs

The most obvious way to earn money through the app is to complete dog walks and get paid for them. There are 3 different base payment amounts depending on the length of the walk, as follows:

  • 20-minute walks pay $9
  • 30-minute walks pay $12
  • 60-minute walks pay $18

You also get paid an extra $5 for any additional dogs you pick up from the same owner. So if you walk two dogs at once, add $5 to each of the above.

Not bad for a side hustle, right? But it doesn’t end there. You can actually earn even more on top of that, which brings me on to the second way to earn money with Wag! App…

2. Earn Tips

Most of the owners of the dogs you walk will leave you a tip, or at least that’s how it seemed to me. These tips can vary but expect most owners to add about 15% to the regular payment amount.

Some generous owners can pony up as much as 40% extra in tips, which can bring your earnings for a 60-minute walk right up to $25 or more.

3. Earn Referral Bonuses

Every time you refer a customer to the app, they’ll get $20 towards their first dog walk, and you’ll get a $25 bonus. This means that if you fancy yourself a savvy salesman, you could potentially earn big bucks through referral bonuses.

You can also just recommend the app to your friends and family for an easy $25 per person. It might not seem like a lot, but it can quickly stack up. A friend of mine once earned $250 in a week just through referral bonuses by telling his friends about the app!

How Much Money Can You Really Earn with Wag! App?

So once we’ve factored in all of the above ways to make money, how much should you expect to earn per week with the Wag! App?

Well, it really depends on a few factors, such as:

  • How many bookings you get
  • The area you live in (some areas have a higher demand for dog walkers)
  • Whether or not you have a car (if you do, you can pick up dogs across a wider area)
  • How much free time you have to spend on the app
  • How lucky you get with tips.

Probably a good estimate would be to expect to earn around $15 or more per hour at peak times, but bookings can be few and far between, so it’s going to be difficult to stack up your walks back-to-back.

With that in mind, you should probably expect to be able to earn anything up to around $200 per week if you have plenty of time to dedicate to dog walking. It’s probably not suitable as a full-time income unless you’re simultaneously running other dog walking apps to fill your schedule, but it’s a great side hustle.

It’s also worth noting that Wag! sometimes run ‘flash sales’, during which they offer lower prices to customers. This can bring your payment rate down a little, but it will likely be balanced out by tips as customers are more likely to tip generously when they know they’re getting a good deal.

Weekly payments are submitted on Tuesdays and usually credit by Friday.

Benefits of using Wag! App

There are plenty of benefits to using Wag! App to make money from your smartphone. Here are just a few of them…

1. It’s totally flexible

Wag! App is truly an app for the gig economy. It allows you to earn money with complete flexibility, on your own schedule, wherever and whenever you want. You’re not locked into a set contract or schedule like you are with regular employment, you can just pick up jobs whenever is convenient for you.

This makes it a great job for stay-at-home moms who need to fit in an extra income around their parenting duties, and anyone looking for a side-hustle to fit in around their regular 9-to-5.

2. It encourages you to exercise

Another added benefit of using Wag! App is that it encourages you to exercise. You’ll be spending a big chunk of your day walking around and burning calories. You’re basically getting paid to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, which is a great incentive!

3. It’s a great way to escape the office

While you’re walking dogs through the Wag! App, you’ll be out and about in lush green areas and beautiful parks. This is a nice change from the usual brick-and-mortar office that most people have to stay trapped in all day at work.

Having a job that allows you to be surrounded by nature can be great for your mental wellbeing and can help you to live a happier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

4. You get to meet lots of cute dogs

Obviously, you’ll get to meet a lot of great doggos too. For me, this is the number one benefit. Dogs are awesome.

5. It can be really lucrative

If you manage to keep your schedule booked and do your best to rack up those tips, you can technically earn up to $30 per hour. Compared to most side-incomes, that’s really lucrative and a really great way to monetize your spare time.

6. It can help you to build your own dog walking business

While Wag! App alone might not be able to provide you with a full-time income, it can provide you with valuable professional experience in working with dogs and help you to get your foot in the door with lots of clients. This could potentially help you, in the long-term, to establish your own private dog walking business.

Disadvantages of Wag! App

Of course, nothing in life is perfect. While Wag! App is great, there are a few ways I think it could be improved. Here are a few disadvantages of Wag! App to be aware of:

1. They take a pretty big cut

One small gripe I have with this app is that it takes a pretty big cut of your payments. While $18 for a 60-minute walk might seem like a good rate, they actually charge the client around $30.

They pay the walker 60% of the rate and take the rest as their cut. To me, this seems a little steep, but I guess you could argue that it’s worth it to get those bookings!

2. The GPS can be glitchy

Some reviewers report that the app can be glitchy at times, particularly the GPS. For example, some people had issues with the GPS showing a job as closer than it really was.

3. It can be difficult to fill your time without a car

If you want to fill your time, you really need a car so you can access jobs in a wider area. This is kind of annoying if you don’t drive, or just don’t want a dog in your car!

4. Some dogs can be difficult to manage

Most of the dogs you’ll walk are really sweet, but once in a while, you can get a badly-behaved one. It’s really rare to get an aggressive dog as owners are usually responsible enough to not use the app if their dog is aggressive, but it can happen.

5. Not every dog owner is easy to work with

Based on my own experience and what I’ve read in other Wag! App reviews and YouTube videos, this seems to be one of the biggest complaints. While most clients are great, you can get the odd dog owner that is difficult to work with.

They might be rude in their communications or just might not provide you with sufficient instructions. It’s worth pointing out that this is rare though. It doesn’t happen often, so I wouldn’t recommend being overly-concerned about it!

6. It’s not very stable

You can’t really rely on Wag! App to provide a regular income, as your account could technically be suspended with no notice for any reason. Your paycheck is also totally dependent on whether or not you get bookings.

That’s why you shouldn’t rely on it as a sole income, but it works great as a side-income for sure.

Wag! App Tips and Tricks

Ok, before we finish this article, I thought it would be worth listing a few Wag! App walker tips that will help you to maximize your income and enjoyment. Here we go…

Tip #1: Be Quick

Have your trigger finger ready and put those notifications on loud, as when jobs pop up, they usually disappear quick. You have to beat your competition to grab it if you want to fill your schedule!

Tip #2: Leave Awesome Reports

To get more tips from your clients, you should go the extra mile and leave really awesome reports. Spending a few extra minutes on it can bag you a few dollars in tip money. Put the same amount of effort into your photos too!

Tip #3: Get a Car

If you drive but don’t have a car and want to make serious money, you should probably invest in one. You can use it to get to more destinations and pick up more walks. Plus, you can earn money from your car in other ways too!

Tip #4: Keep the App Running and Refresh Often

It’s worth tapping refresh as often as you can to be the first to see open bookings in your area so that you can grab them before anyone else can.

Tip #5: Learn About Dogs

Different dog breeds can exhibit very different behaviours. Read up on these different breeds and on dogs more generally so you know how to read their behaviour. It will help you to better manage them on your dog walks. Here’s a great resource to get you started.

Tip #6: Bring Your Own Leash

Sometimes, owners forget to leave you a leash. As such, it’s usually worth thinking ahead and taking an extra spare leash with you, just in case!

How to Sign Up For Wag! App

Have you decided that you’d like to be a dog walker with Wag! App? If so, it’s time to sign up.

To do so, you’ll need to first submit an application here. The application process will involve a few quizzes and checks that you’ll need to pass. Here are the basic steps involved:

Step 1: Pass a dog care and safety quiz, and show prior dog experience

During this step, you’ll need to show that you have some experience with dogs. If you don’t have any professional experience, just talk about what you do know (for example, have you walked your own or a friends dog before).

You’ll also have to pass a quiz on dog care and safety. It’s fairly common sense but it always helps to read up first if you want to make sure you’ll nail it!

Step 2: Pass a collar and harness test

This is exactly what you’d expect – a quiz with questions about collars and harnesses. You’ll need to pass it to get accepted.

Step 3: pass a situational assessment test

In this quiz, you’ll be presented with different scenarios involving dogs and asked how you’d respond. Again, it’s pretty common sense kind of stuff.

You’ll also need to pass a background check and provide some references. If everything checks out, your in! You can finish the whole process and be approved within a week.

Alternatives to Wag! App

Don’t think Wag! App is the right choice for you? No problem. There are plenty more great ways to make money out there. Below, I’ll list some of the best alternatives to Wag! App.

First, here are some other dog walking (and dog sitting/minding) apps and websites similar to Wag! app:

There are also plenty of other ways to make money working with dogs that don’t require you to sign up to any websites to apps. For example, you could:

  • Work at a doggy daycare
  • Start a dog sitting business
  • Walk dogs for friends and family
  • Start your own dog grooming business

You could potentially make more money this way, but you’d have to find clients and handle all your marketing tasks yourself. You can do this by putting up flyers offering your services in your apartment, shop windows, and around your local area.

Finally, if you’re more of a cat person than a dog person and don’t fancy working with canines, we’ve got plenty more suggestions on other ways to make money online here. Check it out!

Final Thoughts on Wag! App

Whether you love dogs or you just love money, you’ll love Wag! App. I’m sure of it. I really recommend trying it out and seeing what you think – so get going!

Good luck and stay frugal!

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