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15 Walmart Shopping Secrets That Will Help You Save Money

15 Walmart Shopping Secrets That Will Help You Save Money
Tracy Stine Jul 31, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

We’re pretty familiar with Walmart and their low “unbeatable” prices. But if your budget is like mine with groceries, sometimes Walmart prices isn’t low enough.

I have two grown teenagers and they go through food like there’s no tomorrow. I need to find more ways to save at Walmart.

Here are 15 Walmart hacks you need to know about:

1. Shopping Apps

If you regularly read my posts on Frugal for Less, you saw this coming. But it’s true shopping apps can help you save at Walmart. Walmart is a top partner on many apps such as:

  • Ibotta – My first go-to shopping app while at Walmart, I get $1 back on Smithfield’s Marinated Pork, 75¢ back on each Yoplait Yogurt, and $5 back on Granola Bars, and an easy and free 25¢ back on my receipt
  • ShopKick – Earn “points” for walking into Walmart and scanning product bar codes (even if you’re not buying it) – redeem for a variety of gift cards.
  • Price Catcher – This is Walmart’s own Shopping app and you scan your receipt and they’ll compare prices with all the other local stores and refund the difference if it finds a lower price elsewhere.

Check out some more great grocery apps and use the same receipt on several apps for the most cash back opportunities.

2. Learn the Pricing System

Ever wonder if that “rollback” or clearance item is the actual lowest price they’ll go? Save more money by understanding the price system they use at Walmart.

Here’s what their prices mean:

  • Ending in $_._7 – Original Price
  • Ending in $_._5 – First Rollback Price
  • Ending in $_._1 – Final Rollback Price

This means that if you see an item you want and the price ends in a 5, you can wait a while because it will come down again later. If the price ends in a 1, that’s the final sales price and it’s time to grab it up.

3. Play Walmart at its own Game

Walmart is well known for it’s price matching and it reflects in it’s Savings Catcher app too. But did you know you can request a price match on its own products?

If you find a product in the store, especially a large purchase, go online to the site and search for that same product. Sometimes the online price is cheaper than the in-store price. Then you show the cashier the price difference and they’ll reduce it to match the online price.

For example, a 100 oz bottle of Tide Laundry soap in-store was $11.97 while the same bottle was $10.77 online. Show this to the cashier to get your $1.20 savings.

4. New & Expectant Parents

If you’re a new or expectant parent, go and create a baby registry at Walmart. Not only will family and friends know what you want or need, but Walmart will give you a free “Hello Baby” box. They actually have three options to choose – a prenatal box, newborn box, and a toddler box.

Here’s what comes in the Newborn Hello Baby box:

  • Avent Baby Bottle
  • Avent offer for up to $30 in products when you sign up for their newsletter
  • Hello Apple flavor training toothpaste for ages 3 months-2 years
  • $1 off any hello toothpaste coupon
  • 8 Huggies Natural Care wipes
  • $5 off any one Huggies Little Movers diapers and any one package of Huggies Natural Care Wipes
  • Earth’s Best Organic Whole Grain Oatmeal Cereal sample
  • $1 off 1 Earth’s Best Organic Infant Cereal coupon
  • $1 off 3 Earth’s Best Organic Infant Pouches coupon
  • Aquaphor Healing Baby Ointment sample
  • $1.50 off any one Aquaphor Baby product
  • All free & clear laundry detergent (one load)
  • $1 off free & clear laundry detergent
  • Olay Luminous tone perfecting cream
  • $3 off one Olay Luminous facial moisturizer
  • Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Liquid makeup 1025 Natural Beige
  • $3 off any Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Liquid Makeup

All these samples and coupons are well over $50. The hello toothpaste is $3.46 and the Philips Advent baby bottle is $5.83!

5. Walmart Credit Card

I’m not usually one to encourage getting credit cards as it’s easy to fall into their debt trap of racking up interest as well as the mental image of “free money”. But if you treat your new Walmart Credit card just like cash and pay it off quickly when it’s due – having this card has hidden bonuses.

Here’s what the card offers:

  • No annual fee
  • Save 3% on Walmart online purchases (including grocery pickup)
  • Save 1% in Walmart stores
  • Save 1% anywhere else

So, spend $100 doing your online grocery shopping and you’ve made $3. All your rewards are displayed on your monthly statement and can be redeemed on your member’s page.

There is one more bonus savings with this card that I’ll discuss next in #6.

6. Gas Savings

Yes, Walmart can help save money on gasoline. When you shop at any available Walmart gas station or Murphy USA gas station, you can save money on gas by paying with either a Walmart Gas gift card, a Walmart Credit Card, or a Walmart Mastercard.

The savings change throughout the year but right now it’s 3¢ off per gallon. With todays national average of gas at $2.84 that’s about a 45¢ savings off of 15 gallons of gasoline.

7. Use Walmart’s Pickup Service

I mentioned this in my last article on saving money on groceries and it’s worth rehashing again.

Use Walmart’s pickup service saves you in a lot of ways:

  • You actually spend less – you’re not tempted by in store displays, less impulse shopping, and you actually see your running total as you shop.
  • Stores will substitute products – If a requested item is not available they will substitute a better brand or a larger box for the same price.
  • Easier to apply coupons – load digital coupons to your list or bring all your mailed and printed coupons to the store to be deducted there.
  • You save time, a lot of time – grocery shopping with kids in tow can take an hour or more.
  • Use your Walmart Credit Card – you get 3% in savings.

8. Freeosk

Some Walmarts have a “freeosk” – a kiosk with free samples. If you’re lucky to find a store that has one, grab a freebie, and these aren’t tiny freebies either.

Things you can get at a Walmart Freeosk:

  • Full size Rice Krispie treat
  • Full size Clif bar
  • Lindt Chocolate bar
  • Colgate Toothpaste (and it’s not the travel size)
  • A variety of other offerings

Check out this Freeosk finder for the one nearest you.

9. Clearance Prices

Let me tell you a secret as a former Walmart employee. Ever see those bright yellow clearance stickers on shelves? If you feel tempted to stockpile up on that item just because it looks like a good deal – don’t!

Flip up that clearance sticker and check out the original price. Sometimes Walmart’s clearance price is actually higher than the regular listed price. Dirty marketing trick isn’t it?

10. Refurbished

For great savings with big discounts on electronics, phones, and other things, check out the refurbished list on

These items were usually returned for minor issues, fixed by the manufacturer and returned still under warranty. So you’re pretty much getting brand new at a huge fraction of the cost.

How much can you save on refurbished items? Let’s see:

  • Cell Phone:
    • Brand New iPhone X $1,249
    • Refurbished iPhone X $949
  • Television:
    • Brand New 32” Visio TV $148
    • Refurbished 32” Visio TV $99

You save $300 on the iPhone and $49 on the television.

11. Bread for $1

Don’t shop the bread aisle for “manufactured” bread with prices starting at $2 and up, instead head to the bakery department. You’ll find a rack of baked bread that’s only 1 day old for only $1 or even less.

Sometimes you’ll find great artisan bread and flavors that are not available in the regular bread aisle (or at least not for that price).

12. Clothing Deals

I usually shop at consignment shops for clothing items, but I discovered that Walmart offers some clothing basics for much, much less.

Walmart is a good place to grab basic T-shirts, shorts, shoes and undergarments. I work from home so I basically need T-shirts and shorts and I can get 1 T-shirt for $1.68 and a pair of shorts for $4.

One advantage of Walmart over consignment shops is that there are more chances to find your size and in a color or design you like.

13. Tax Exemptions

If you’re a business owner you pretty much can get qualified for tax exemptions from Walmart. Even if you buy products at Walmart to turn around and sell again on Amazon or eBay, you can apply.

You just fill out their tax exemption application form with your business information and depending on your state, your sales tax license number or other documents. Once approved, your tax exceptions are done automatically at check-out.

Note that some Walmart services such as Photos, Pharmacy, and Automotive services are done on a different point of purchase system so you’ll need to request your tax exemption differently there.

14. Care Clinics

We know that Walmart has a Pharmacy, but did you know they also have a Care clinic in many locations as well?

These clinics are staffed by certified nurse practitioners experienced to provide primary health care. They are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of basic medical conditions, perform and interpret certain diagnostic tests, manage certain chronic conditions, administer vaccinations, make appropriate referrals for specialty or more advanced care, and prescribe medication when appropriate.

This is a great time saver when your local hospital or walk-in clinics are packed. Appointments are available but walk-ins are welcomed. They’re also great for getting vaccines for work and school on short notice. It may also be cheaper at the Walmart clinic than a standard clinic if you do not have health insurance.

15. Trade-In Program

Yep, this one surprised me too – Walmart has a trade-in program!

Much like Amazon’s trade-in program, you can trade in your electronics, video games, tablets and cellphones at Walmart. You look up your product and answer a few questions about it’s condition, ship it to CExchange for free, then receive a Walmart eGift card.

I checked it out, and an iPad Mini 4 can be traded in for up to $110 and an Xbox One console can be traded in for $96.

Final Thoughts

Walmart is a great store to shop at and now you have 15 new Walmart hacks to take advantage of for even more savings. See a Walmart shopping secret that’s not on this list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

Tracy Stine

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