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Watch And Earn App Review: Earn Free Cash Watching Videos From Your Phone

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Update: This app no longer works. We recommend using Swagbucks as an alternative.

Our favorite kind of money is the kind you can earn from things you already spend time doing. Do you enjoy watching videos? Now you can make money for doing so. We reviewed the Watch and Earn app.

How Many Hours?!

The average American watches just over five hours of television a day. That’s nearly the same amount of hours that a full-time job requires.

While we can think of many better ways to spend that much time if you’re going to sit looking at a screen, why not make some money while you do it? Watch and Earn lets you do just that.

What is Watch and Earn?

Watch and Earn is an app that rewards you with coins in exchange for watching advertising videos from your phone for things like games, consumer products, movie trailers, and other apps.

Watch & Earn is available internationally but is currently only available for Android.

Getting Started

Watch & Earn can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. You can create your account by signing in through your Gmail or Facebook account.

Ways to Earn

There are several ways to earn coins, and 1,000 coins are equivalent to $1.

Watch Videos: For every video you watch you earn one coin. The videos are short, usually less than 30 seconds long.

Daily Bonus: Clicking on the Daily Bonus earns ten coins.

Jack Pots: You can pay coins for a chance to win a jackpot of coins. The values range from a 5,000 coin jackpot which costs ten coins to enter into a 100,000 coin jackpot that costs 200 coins to enter.

Invite & Earn: This is the referral program. You’ll receive a referral code, and each time someone uses your code, you both will receive 150 coins.

Try & Earn: This allows you to earn coins for completing surveys. I tried three different surveys, and none of them were available.

Your coins show up on your dashboard as soon as you complete a task.

Redeeming Coins

There are four ways to redeem coins.

  • $5 for 5,250 coins
  • $10 for 10,500 coins
Amazon Vouchers
  • $1 for 1,050 coins
  • $2 for 2,100 coins
  • $5 for 5,250 coins
  • $10 for 10,500
Steam Vouchers
  • $5 for 5,460 coins
  • $10 for 10,920 coins
Google Play Vouchers
  • $10 for 10,920 coins

Is Watch and Earn Worth It?

Watch & Earn is not our favorite passive income app. For one thing, it’s only available on Android which leaves a lot of you out in the cold. The English on this app is very poor.

It hurts the app’s credibility, and because scam emails are often written similarly, that may be enough to put a lot of potential users off.

Beyond that, I went poking around on Watch & Earn’s Facebook page and found a video demonstrating how easy it is to earn coins by taking surveys through the site. There were the typical survey questions like your age, your highest level of education, your household income.

And then, alarmingly, the next question asked for your PIN! Very strange, there is no reason any survey site should have your PIN.

Reviews on Google Play show a lot of people complaining that they are not being paid when they redeem coins and that this had not been a problem in the past. The app was recently sold so perhaps the new owners are making some changes and having some growing pains.

While none of these kinds of apps are going to allow you to retire early, some of them like MyPoints, Ibotta, and Toluna Opinions will enable you to earn considerably more than Watch & Earn does, and none of them have given us the “scam vibe” that we got with Watch & Earn.

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