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19 Ways To Increase Your Income In 2020

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As 2020 starts, most people, if not everyone is making a conscious decision to be wise about their finances. A considerable number is making resolutions regarding them.

However, a very tiny percentage is taking the step to make some changes to their finances.

Have a long, sincere conversation with yourself concerning your money, and you will realize that however much you make, it will never be enough. The need for cash will always be there.

Having a plan for your finances will not only bring peace of mind but freedom and empowerment as well.

You know you need more money when you’re drawing your plans for the new year, and your current income is nothing to write home about. You know that, but what will you do about it?

Where do you even start?

Fret not. This post covers some practical yet simple ways to increase your income in 2020. Let’s see how this can be achieved.

1. Go Easy On Your Resources

Think of it like this: you cannot try to fill a bucket with water if it has a huge hole in it, or fill a colander with water when you place it under the tap in your kitchen sink.

Similarly, trying to miraculously increase your income while there is still so much unnecessary spending will not yield any viable results.

While you’re still planning on how you could increase your earning this year, determine where exactly your hard-earned money is mostly spent on.

Isolate your needs and wants and finally the things that you can comfortably do without. This way, you can have the upper hand on how you spend your money.

2. Surround Yourself with Positive Energy

They say that great minds think alike. If you surround yourself with people who are always talking about moving ahead in life and making the most out it, you’re definitely on the right path.

People who are inclined towards saving and making the most out of their earnings are geared towards progress and have goals set for what they want to do next.

Surround yourself with people who give you benchmarks for financial success. They will always offer great ideas on how you can make some investments here and there.

They will challenge, encourage, mentor and offer you whatever assistance you may require in your new financial journey.

3. Pay Your Debts

If you want to start noticing an upward curve in your financial graph, take care of whatever debts you may have accrued in the past year(s).

Doing this will eliminate any hindrances that will curtail your efforts toward achieving your financial growth this year. Think of it as starting on a clean slate.

It doesn’t sound right starting the new year with a lot of baggage and unnecessary drama from the previous years. Focus on the plan and resolution to begin paying off debt the smart way.

From the least to the most significant amount. Set aside some money for that specific engagement, depending on your financial muscle.

If you have a bank loan, consider making arrangements with the finance department of your company to have an agreed amount deducted from your salary every month if you are on a payroll.

Paying off debts starts with you. It’s time to take control of your cash and plan for your financial future.

4. Consult A Financial Specialist

Tired of crunching numbers that don’t seem to add up? Wondering how you’re going to scale financial heights this year but haven’t the slightest clue on where to begin?

Invest in the services of a financial advisor.

They have the qualification and skill to offer some much-needed sound financial advice. It shows that you’re in charge of your finances if you’re considering paying for some expert advice on how to manage and grow your cash.

They can diagnose the exact problem and what monetary adjustments you should apply for a sure win in your finances. They have a vast knowledge regarding managing your income, however small or large.

They can also advise on the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities to immerse yourself in for maximum gains.

For that much-needed turnaround this year, consider hiring an expert and be sure to follow through with every piece of advice offered.

5. Invest Some Passive Income

Investing only works if you’re okay with taming your spending habits in the long-term. Visit sites like Ally invest that offer user-friendly platforms for newbies.

This website works by letting you take the position of a lender and earn a sizeable interest by letting people borrow from you.

You essentially act as the bank, which is pretty cool. It’s definitely worth your hard-earned cash. You don’t have to pay a cent to create an account. For each trade, you make $4.95.

If you’re probably new to the investing games, you can make use of the free resources at your disposal to understand how you can better your earnings.

6. Fill Out Paid Surveys

One of the easiest ways to increase your income from the comfort of your home is taking paid surveys. These are among the easiest means of increasing your income this new year.

There are many credible sites out there in which you can earn good money from filling out surveys online. Companies are willing to pay good money to know what consumers think of their product(s).

They can collect consumer data via the many survey sites available today. The survey sites will then distribute a significant portion of their funds from the affiliate companies to you.

By completing surveys every day, you can effortlessly boost your income by $200 every month.

Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and Vindale Research are some of the best websites you can join to get free surveys.

7. Walk Dogs for Cash

Ever thought about this? If you enjoy strolling out and about, you can make the most of your extra time by taking strangers’ dogs out for a walk.

You can very well set up your dog-walking venture and earn from it. If you don’t have a clue on where to begin, start with the basics.

Sign up for a dog-walking certification class, even though you’ve been walking your dog since you were a kid.

This will help you in handling dogs of all types and sizes while avoiding any accidents or emergencies.

If you’re interested in taking out canines for regular walks, Dogtec’s Dog Walking Academy would be a great place to learn everything you need to know.

Once you have what it takes, go ahead and sign up for dog-walking positions at Rover or DogVacay to earn something extra on the side.

8. Upgrade To A Better Bank Account

Getting a better bank account is by far the easiest way to boost your monthly income, even though it’s just by a few hundred dollars every year.

Currently, the national average interest rate stands at 0.06%. Rather than sulking over the low-interest rates, get your savings to a good bank account that genuinely pays you a reasonable interest rate on your savings.

CIT Bank, for instance, pays twenty-five times more than the national average (at a current rate of 2.45% APY at the time of this writing).

Of course, you may not become a millionaire overnight, but it’s a pretty good place to start.

Earning a couple of hundred dollars annually from a high-yield savings account is everyone’s wish – it’s up to you to make it a reality.

Every day, for one week, take ten minutes from your busy schedule and do this. In time, the residual income will make a noticeable difference.

9. Save Money on Online Shopping

Each time you log in to your online store account, ensure you have a few money-making apps installed on your smartphone.

Not only do you save some cash, but you also get rewarded for spending a few bucks on online goods.

Technically speaking, you may not be making money, but you’re not spending it either. If you’re not spending it, then that means you’re saving, right? The more you save, the more you increase your income.

If you already have a couple of coupon codes or discounts, this is a bonus for you. Just for signing up on Ebates, new users get a free $10.

Nothing is holding you back from creating your free account. As simple as it is, anyone can now boost their income without having to work extra shifts.

To sign up, the only thing you’ll need is a functional email address.

10. Get Extra Dollars When You Go Grocery Shopping

This is achievable once you download the Ibotta app. It’s probably one of the best money-saving apps in the android or apple app store.

If you frequent the grocery store on a daily basis, use Ibotta to earn discounts on practically any item you purchase.

To get your money back, all you need to do is scan the bar code of your purchased item, take a shot of the receipt, then the money gets credited to your account in less than two days.

When you sign up, you get an extra $10. For the referral program, you get paid $5 for each friend you refer. With Ibotta, there’s no telling how much you can make. Your earning potential is practically unlimited.

Considering you’re letting your friends in on the ultimate money-saving app and adding to your income, that’s a pretty good deal right there.

11. Ask Your Boss for A Raise

Here’s where you may need to gather up all the courage you have left and take the bull by the horns. Hard as it may be, this could change your life forever. =

Despite how long you’ve been putting off this conversation, it’s worth taking a shot at it. The moment you get an opportunity, take it with both arms.

Say for example; you work full-time; a raise of $1 per hour would mean that you earn – wait for it – $2,000 on an annual basis.

Based on this, you already know how stressful your conversation is going to be.

If the need arises, justify yourself as to why you deserve to get a higher income and why you need it.

If your boss is an understanding and a reasonable individual, he/she won’t mind putting your case into consideration. Once they approve of it, you can be sure that you just hit the jackpot big time!

12. Flip Items for A Profit

Did you know that you can make a living from selling thrift shop items at a relatively higher price?

The longer you survive in this industry, the higher chances you have of thriving and making something substantial from it.

As your knowledge of the prices of different items grows each day, you’ll be more than able to expand your margins and earn something more from each opportunity that comes your way.

Nowadays, the flea market novice can spot undervalued items and sell them at even higher prices. The trend is quickly catching on, and fast.

If you’re looking for a more engaging way to boost your income, this has got to be it. Once you play your cards right, you can find yourself making more than $100,000 annually.

13. Get Paid tO Watch Videos On Swagbucks

As it turns out, you can use Swagbucks for a lot more than paid surveys alone. One of the best ways you can increase your income with Swagbucks is watching videos from your smartphone.

The next time you’re free with nothing much to do, take out your phone, launch the Swagbucks app, tap on ‘Watch’, then pick one video.

The moment you do that, you can set down your phone (and probably turn the volume down a notch) and get paid to watch videos.

Just like that, you’re adding to your income using no effort at all — the more videos you watch while vegging out, the higher your earnings.

Once you open an account with Swagbucks, you get $5 as a bonus. If you’re looking for a reason not to join, don’t. At least give it a shot and see how it goes from there.

As you keep watching random videos, the more your points (which are referred to as Swagbucks) increase exponentially.

Once you’ve gathered sufficient Swagbucks, you can redeem them for a MasterCard gift card and other gift cards.

14. Get Paid to Lose Weight

Today, there are tons of avenues you can use to increase your income. Who knew you could get paid to surpass your weight loss goal? Most of us work out with the zeal to shed a few pounds.

That’s the major driving force. With HealthyWage, your new motivation will now be money – and yes, it’s real money.

You could enroll in a team competition and exercise your way to $10,000, or you could make a single weight loss bet, and cash in the $10,000 for yourself.

Checking out their bet calculator will reveal that you can earn anywhere between $200 – $529 once you place a $30 wager every month to lose 20 pounds in just six months.

It’s safe to assume that this is achievable to most people, considering that there’s more than enough motivation to achieve this.

If you feel that $30 bet isn’t enough for you, you can go as much as $10,000. The more money you place on a bet, the more psyched up you’ll be to lose weight.

Once you do, you’ll be jogging and smiling all the way to the bank fit and healthy.

15. Mystery – Shop More Often

Being a mystery shopper has its fair share of perks, just like any online venture. Mystery shopping is a great way to increase your income and play into your interests as well.

What does it involve in the first place? Mystery shopping is going to stores (both online as well as brick and mortar) as an ‘ordinary’ shopper and report to the hiring company based on your experience.

This will go a long way in helping the company to determine whether or not they’re delivering the kind of customer experience they strive so hard for.

Especially for foodies, stepping into a restaurant can feel more like a fun night out and less like an actual job.

16. Become A Personal Assistant

Lots of clients in all the major industries are hiring personal assistants now more than ever.

The best thing about being an assistant is that you have the option of choosing the exact amount of time you can put towards it. Twice a week or 1-3hrs a week can still make a huge difference.

Whether you prefer helping in person or via the internet, there’s always a job for you.

Before putting your signature on any contract, do some extensive research on what the job really involves and whether it fits into your resume.

If it does, have fun earning a side income that is all about being of assistance to someone in need.

17. Sell Your Old CDs, DVDs and Computer Games

The internet is awash with sites that let you trade in used games, laptops, consoles, phones, CDs and DVDs for cash. Most of these sites have a simple layout which makes them very easy to use.

You can easily give your buyers instant quotes, making the buying process very fast. To get an instant valuation, type the product name or the books’ ISBN.

Nowadays, most sites have their apps that give you the ability to scan barcodes with the help of your phone’s camera, thus speeding up the process.

Each site has its rates for specific items. That’s why you shouldn’t be quick to settle on one site before checking out what the rest have to offer.

Also, have a specific number of items you want to trade in. This will enable you to stock up on lower value items like CDs.

18. Drive Part-Time with Uber

Driving with Uber is beneficial on so many levels. Even if it means being on the road a few hours every week, you can make a few hundreds every month.

The best thing about being an Uber driver is the flexibility it offers. According to your work schedule – early in the morning or late in the evening – you can choose how long you work and when you can head home.

When there’s a surge in prices, you can make more money than usual. Each trip you make will be double the usual price.

Though it may be tough on the customer, you, the driver, will be wishing the surge never ends.

Aside from adding a few bucks to your income, you also get to meet new people every day; especially if you’re a people’s person. Hanging out with regular customers can connect you to more significant avenues of earning an income.

19. Start A Blog

No list of earning an extra source of income is complete without mentioning a blog. For any venture that pays well, there’s got to be a lot of work you have to put in.

Though it may take a lot of your time and a certain amount of cash, it can forever change how you view life as a whole.

In order to get started, you’ll need a hosting platform and a domain. We recommend going with Bluehost since you get a special deal when you use our link of just $3.95 per month and a free domain your first year.

Even with the success of blogging in the online market, most people have no idea of just how beneficial and well-paying blogging can be.

Most people have quit their job to become full-time bloggers. It starts off as a hobby until it becomes a full-blown, lucrative business.

Through blogging, one can grasp a skill or two from using common blogging platforms like WordPress such as search engine optimization, graphic design, social media marketing, and content marketing.

If you’re willing to commit your time and effort to it, a simple blog can grow to become a thriving business venture.

Bottom Line

In an age where millions are itching to add something to their unsatisfactory incomes, they’re eager to do what it takes to deal with the ever-worsening economic crisis.

A lot of attention is given to how one can save money, as compared to making more of it.

Even if it means adding an extra $20 give or take, that’s a huge leap especially if you’re in pursuit of a worthwhile financial plan.

For the most part, the internet is dominating the job market with its wide variety of ways to earn an extra income.

Be it full-time or part-time, you too can take advantage of the hundreds of apps and websites available irrespective of your age, gender, race or social status.

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