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15 Easy Ways to Make $20 A Day

15 Easy Ways to Make $20 A Day
Jennifer Leach Nov 3, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

What ways can you make $20 a day?

Who would want to make an extra $20 a day?

It may not seem like a lot of money but $20 daily equals $600 per month, or an extra $7,200 per year!

What could you do with that kind of money?

  • Pay off your debts faster
  • Boost your savings at a faster pace
  • Grow your retirement fund
  • Save for the down payment of a car or house
  • And, more!

Does that kind of money spark some interest?

If you’re interested in 16 easy ways to make $20 a day, keep reading while we share these income-boosting opportunities.

How to Make $20 A Day

Now, an extra $20 per day might sound attainable and it is, but not without hard work and effort.

Wondering what you need to grow your income by an extra $600 per month?

Here are the requirements:

  • Your time
  • Internet access
  • A great attitude

First, you will need the time to dedicate to this money-making project.

Next, access to internet is required since these opportunities are all online or work from home jobs.

Lastly, a great attitude will take you a long way and help you stay motivated as you grow your earnings day after day.

Check it out!

16 Ideas to Make $20 Per Day Working from Home

1. Share Your Opinion

This is one of my favorites.

You can actually get paid for your opinion.

This is great for folks who want a flexible opportunity where they can work from the comfort of home, when they want, earning money often.

And, this is what you’ll get with these websites that pay for your opinion:

  • Swagbucks will pay you for answering survey questions, discovering stuff online, shopping online, playing games, watching video and more.
  • Vindale Research gives you a $1 bonus for joining and they pay you to partake in online surveys and panels, paying up to $80 or more per offer.
  • Survey Junkie is one of the higher paying survey opportunities with a user-friendly, streamlined interface that you’ll love.
  • Survey Savvy offers surveys and panels, paying you for your 100% honest opinion.

Here are 25+ more opportunities to make $600+ per month for sharing your opinion.

2. Playing Video Games

Yes, you can make money playing video games from home.

Think about it.

Get paid to do something fun that you enjoy, playing video games.

And, these companies will pay you for it:

Plus, 11 more ways to get paid to play video games.

3. Cashback Sites and Apps

How would you like to get paid to shop?

Well, one way you can earn while shopping is through cash back websites and cash back apps.

How it works?

Do your shopping online or in-person like you normally would.

Earn cash back on purchases.

Get paid!

One of my favorite cash back apps you have to try is Dosh.

Dosh is a free app you can get on your cell phone.

Sign up for free, connect your debit or credit card and use that connected card to shop Dosh-partners in your area.

Every time you shop at a partner location, you earn cash back!

I used to do this with my family, often.

We loved eating at this Chinese food restaurant in our area called Mama Fu’s (they’ve since moved out of area but they’re located nationwide).

They were a partner of Dosh so every time I’d order and pay, I would earn cash back straight to my Dosh account.

Once you reach their minimum threshold you can cash out via PayPal, direct deposit, gift cards, or other ways.

Learn more about the ins and outs of using Dosh app.

Here are some other cash back opportunities to check out:

4. Sell Stuff Around the House

Yes, you can make $20 a day selling stuff around your house.

Go room by room and make a pile of things you can sell for cash.

Then, sell it!

For online selling, check out online consignment stores like ThredUp or Swap.

You can also sell on auction sites like Ebay.

Or, marketplace sites like Facebook Marketplace or Letgo.

For in-person selling, try local consignment stores, flea markets, thrift stores, or used goods stores.

5. Food Delivery

If you have a vehicle, this is the perfect gig job for you.

Get paid for delivering food to customers.

You get to work from the comfort of your car, wear casual work attire, and pick when you want to work.

How it works?

You start your shift then, assign orders to yourself.

When a customer places that order, you assign yourself to that order then, drive to pick up the order and deliver to the customer.


A friend of mine does this, working for UberEATS and she loves it.

Companies to check out for food delivery jobs:

6. Deliver Stuff

Delivering stuff means you can deliver food like restaurant takeout food, alcohol, small goods from Wal-Mart or your local pharmacy, and more.

Places to find work for delivering stuff:

This is similar to the food delivery gigs except you’ll be picking up more than food.


Recommended reading: Postmates Driver Review: Pay Structure, Requirements, & More

7. Grocery Delivery

This is grocery delivery.

You will pick up grocery orders for customers from local grocery stores and deliver to the customer’s doorstep.

Some jobs may allow you to enter into the customer’s home too, where you can place grocery bags on their kitchen table, countertop, etc.

With Instacart, there are two jobs that allow you to get paid to do grocery shopping.

The driver job is just as described above.

Then, there’s an in-store shopper, which is the perfect kind of job for those who don’t have access to a vehicle for grocery delivery or don’t want to use their car for their job.

The in-store shopper will shop shelves of grocery stores fulfilling customer orders.

Places to find grocery delivery/in-person shopper jobs:

Learn more about how to become an Instacart shopper.

8. Flea Market Flipping

Flea market flipping has grown in popularity over recent years.

It’s easy to get started and has a low barrier to entry.

You buy and sell flea market goods for profit.

For example, you visit a local flea market and buy a set of flatware for $10.

Then, you list and sell on Ebay for $40, profiting $30 (before any fees).

This is just one example of how you can make a profit with flea market flipping.

You can flip all kinds of goods, including:

  • Antiques
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Footwear
  • Home goods
  • Electronics
  • And, more!

Places you can sell your flipped goods:

9. Website Flipping

Website flipping involves buying (or building) and selling websites for profit.

This is a lucrative market and here are two examples of how you can make money doing it:

First, you can build a website.

This involves picking a website niche (like home decor, for example), then, picking a website name and domain name.

Next, you’ll buy the domain and hosting (we recommend this host), connect WordPress and then start adding content to your website.

For a home decor site, you might write articles about trending home and interior designs or share resources and advice for prepping homes for the next season, decorating for Fall, doing a Spring cleaning, and more.

When the time is right, you can flip that website and sell it for a profit.

The second option is to buy an existing site and flip it for a profit.

Going this route will save you time but cost you more money up front.

And then, you sell at some point in the future, making a profit.

How much can you make website flipping?

My first website flip earned me nearly $100,000 and my last flip made me around $500.

And, I’ve earned nearly every amount in between.

Think about it.

On the lower end of the scale, if you make $500 for website and flip 3 sites a month, that’s an extra $1500 per month, which is equivalent to more than $40 a day, instead of $20 per day!

Plus, the more websites you flip, the more you can make.

Read more about website flipping and how to get started.

10. Domain Flipping

Domain flipping is similar to website flipping but a lot easier.

That’s because unlike website flipping, you don’t need a website built on a domain in order to flip it for profit.

I had a friend foray into this a few months ago.

She had a 4-year old domain that she bought for under $100 and sold for $1,300+!

Domains are super valuable especially if you can get your hands on domains that are in demand, like one-word or two-word domain names.

I have seen successful domain flips where sellers made over $1,000 on their investment just a few days after buying it!

Read these 4 steps to flipping domains.

11. Retail Arbitrage

Arbitrage is when you take advantage of price differences in the market to make money.

Some examples:

  • Website flipping
  • Domain flipping
  • Flea market flipping

On the retail side, you can do something like buy a 12-pack of deodorant on sale from Walgreens for $12 and sell on Amazon for $25.

Your profit is $13 (before fees)!

Rinse and repeat and you’ve got yourself a retail arbitrage business.

I first got started in retail arbitrage when I was working my corporate job and it allowed me to actually quit my 9 to 5 and start my own e-commerce business.

I started by sourcing apparel from online wholesale sites and then I’d write a keyword-rich, catchy product description and resell on marketplaces.

I made my first $25 within a week from starting and a few months later I was making $1,000+ per month from this side hustle.

I sold women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear.

The business grew so rapidly, I eventually opened my own Shopify store which gave me the freedom to list hundreds of products, outfit the store with a gorgeous, professional-looking theme, add a sizing chart, a frequently asked questions page, and more.

It all started with retail arbitrage.

This is a great field to break into with low startup costs, especially if you decide to dropship instead of holding inventory.

Read more about retail arbitrage here.

12. AirBNB Rental Arbitrage

Did you know that you can do an AirBNB side hustle without owning the property?

It’s called AirBNB rental arbitrage.

This means you can rent out a spare room in your apartment or rent out your entire place without owning the home or apartment.

Tons of people are doing this and with the full support of AirBNB!

To be successful with this, there are a few things to consider:

  • Be open and up front with the landlord
  • Make sure your space is rental ready
  • Consider joining some forums and groups about AirBNB hosting to help you learn more about the hosting experience
  • Consider startup costs and fees

Being Open with a Strong Line of Communication

You want to communicate to your landlord in advance, that your intention is to rent out the space for AirBNB rental.

Without doing this, you could find yourself in a bad spot if the landlord finds out and is not in favor of the idea.

Some things to voice when chatting with your landlord about rental arbitrage:

  • Study the rules and regulations and be confident explaining them to your landlord
  • Make a great first impression
  • Let them know that AirBNB supports rental arbitrage
  • Create rules that work for everyone, both you and the landlord
  • Get the support of neighbors
  • Talk about the Friendly Buildings Program
  • Ask questions
  • Be confident

Make Sure The Rental Space is Ready

This goes beyond just making sure the space is clean.

Think about your experience when you stay at an AirBNB or hotel.

Towels, fresh linens, stocked toiletries, and other things should be present.

There should be entertainment options like television and cable or streaming TV options.

Make sure that guests have all the information they need for a quiet, enjoyable stay like gate code, parking instructions, and other rules that are important.

Join Forums and Groups

Forums and groups are plentiful on the web, about AirBNB hosting.

It’s beneficial that you join these so you can connect and learn from other hosts.

Read about possible challenges that can arise from hosting and how other hosts have dealt with them.

Here are some places to check out:

Consider Costs and Fees

While it’s free to get started and host your space on AirBNB, there are startup costs for getting your space ready.

This includes cleaning fees and supplies, the cost of furniture, linens, toiletries, and more.

Learn more about AirBNB arbitrage

13. Freelancing

Break into freelancing to make $20 a day or more!

If you work for a living or have skills, then you can freelance.

Start with evaluating your skills and expertise.

Look at what you do in your primary job.

Data administrator?

Do the same as a freelancer.

Are you a secretary or admin?

Be a virtual assistant.

Work for a design agency?

Be a freelance graphic designer.

In the next 10 years, nearly 40% of the workforce will be freelancers.

Jump on the bandwagon!

Freelance Gigs to Try

  • Graphic design (design business cards, websites, logos, social media graphics, etc.)
  • Web designer (design websites for businesses and brands)
  • Social media management (manage and grow social media for companies)
  • Copywriter (write copy for businesses, magazines, bloggers, etc.)
  • Illustrator (create graphics for books, websites, social media, etc.)
  • Virtual assistant (be an online personal assistant doing tasks like email writing, data entry, meeting scheduling, calendar management, etc.)

Where to find freelance jobs?

14. Affiliate Marketer

Become an affiliate marketer and be on your way to join the likes of popular bloggers like this one who make $50,000/month referring products and services.

Beginners can expect to earn up to a few hundred or few thousand dollars per month and increase their earnings over time.

How it works?

You join an affiliate program then, refer your network the products.

Once a sale happens, as a result of your efforts, you earn a commission.

For example, I recently referred my sister to the Rakuten website (formerly Ebates) where you can earn cash back on your purchases.

She joined and made $10 for signing up and I earned $25 for referring her!

By the way, learn more about Rakuten (formerly Ebates) here to find out how you can make cash back on your everyday purchases.

15. Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador, you’ll be paid to represent a brand.

For example, you can become a brand ambassador for a nutrition company and get paid to be a spokesperson for that brand.

This means you could do tasks like be the face of the brand at local events, write about the brand online on social media or blogs, record video demonstrations using the product, and more.

Places to Find Paid Brand Ambassador Gigs:

The above networks will connect you with brands that will pay you for brand sponsorship.

These are usually flat rate jobs where you can earn up to $150 to $900 per brand deal.

If you are a blogger or have a strong social following, these are ideal for you.

For a more job-like brand ambassador job where you work set hours every week, consider looking for positions in online job portals like Indeed or on social networks like LinkedIn.

16. Online Panels

An online panel is like a longer kind of survey.

You get paid for your honest opinion, answering questions about your lifestyle, home and/or work life, the products and services you use, etc.

Panels are usually 30 minutes long or longer with some spanning up to a few days or a few weeks.

The starting pay is around $40 and can range up to hundreds of dollars.

My Personal Experience with Panels:

I have taken several panels in my life.

The first panel I took involved an online chat and screen share where I talked about using a specific tax software.

It lasted 90 minutes and paid $400 via Visa gift card.

The second panel was a 35-minute phone conversation about my online banking needs and paid $100.

How it works?

Sign up with a panel company for free.

Then, apply to opportunities and/or monitor your email inbox as some companies will notify you when opportunities are available.

Some panel companies to join to learn more:

Panels are great because generally, they don’t take up too much of your time.

You get a lot more bang with your buck on these, compared to traditional surveys.

You can commit to one or two panels a month for a few hundred dollars instead of doing dozens of surveys for the same amount.

It’s not a perfect opportunity though and there are upsides to survey taking over panels.

For example, panels are not consistent income.

You won’t make a regular part-time or full-time income.

The opportunities are not abundant and you may not even get panel offers every month.

Whereas with surveys, the offers are plentiful.

You can take surveys every single day, including weekends, and for the same survey company.

If you belong to multiple survey companies, there is even more opportunity to increase your income.

So you see, there are pros and cons to this.

That said, it’s still a pretty cool opportunity you might consider looking into, especially if you feel rewarded (like I do) when you share your honest opinion with companies and play a part in the way they shape their brand and serve their customers.

Sound good?

Pro Tip: Follow these companies on Twitter and find related panel companies to join, from there.

Final Thoughts

You see, making $20 a day is not as out of reach as you may think.

Lets recap our roundup of 16 easy ways to make $20 daily:

  1. Share Your Opinion
  2. Play Video Games
  3. Join Cash back Sites/Apps
  4. Sell Things Around the House
  5. Food Delivery
  6. Deliver Stuff
  7. Grocery Delivery
  8. Flea Market Flipping
  9. Website Flipping
  10. Domain Flipping
  11. Retail Arbitrage
  12. AirBNB Rental Arbitrage
  13. Freelancing
  14. Affiliate Marketing
  15. Brand Ambassador

Did we miss any on the list?

Is there a side hustle that you know of to help you earn $20 per day?

Share your thoughts down below so we can continue the conversation.

Jennifer Leach

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