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10 Ways To Make $50 Dollars Fast

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ways to make $50 dollars fastLife always has a way of making us feel like the figures reflecting on our paycheck are never enough.

You can have your finances all planned out with a current budget, but something always pops up when you least expect it.

Now more than ever, there’s need to make a little extra cash. Perhaps your car broke down, need a new pair of shoes, or just want to save.

Whatever the reason, the internet is awash with ways to make as little as fifty bucks in a few days or a couple of minutes.

Here are 10 of the most popular ways to make $50 fast:

1. Participate in Paid Online Surveys

Want to make $50 quicker than you can say Abracadabra? Just fill out online surveys. Online market research companies are more than happy to send you money in exchange for your honest opinions and thoughts concerning their services and products.

Today, Survey Junkie has over 3 million members. It’s one of the best paid online survey companies with the highest rating on Trustpilot.

Their surveys take five minutes or less to complete and pay anywhere between a dollar to three bucks for each.

The money you make on Survey Junkie doesn’t come close to meeting all your needs, but at least you’re assured of getting paid. Making money on Survey Junkie is easy.

When you sign up and start taking surveys on Survey Junkie, you earn points for each one you fill out. Considering a hundred points is equivalent to a dollar, it won’t be long before you start making money.

Once you accumulate a maximum of 1,000 points, you can choose to cash it out or continue accumulating points for your own benefit.

A thousand points are worth $10. Points are redeemable via PayPal, which provides a fast and secure mode of payment.

Aside from cash rewards, you can also get paid via gift cards to Target, Amazon, and other popular retailers.

Filling paid online surveys is a fun venture. You’ll never really know this until you try it out for yourself.

The following are other notable survey sites you can check out to make $50 or more during your spare time:

There is a lot of conveniences when it comes to working on surveys.

Provided you have a laptop, stable internet connection and the will to make money in your spare time, you can make money from anywhere and anytime.

2. Utilize Your Creativity

Creativity has earned determined individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past. If you’re skilled in more ways than one, there are lots of creative ways to make at least $50.

Most people are skilled in crafting. If you’re a master at developing digital art, sketching, painting or making jewelry, all you need is an idea to market your skills. First off, start by opening an Etsy shop.

You can start earning potentially from your talents once your global audience responds positively to your handiwork.

Now, since you want to make some fast cash, look for locally available arts and crafts fairs to set up a table and put your products up for sale.

If there’s no fair in your locale, head to social media to market your work. What if your area of expertise doesn’t revolve around crafting or designing? Whatever the case, you can rely on your hobbies to make some fast cash.

For example, if you’re passionate about golf, you can earn some decent cash by being a caddy. If you love music and you know all there is to know about it, become a music teacher. Music is currently one of the most sought-after subjects.

Take advantage of that and impart your knowledge of music to students at your home or online. Believe it or not, there are online sites where you can tutor both local and international students various subjects at a fee.

We’re good at something. Find out what you’re good at, discover how to make a quick fifty bucks from your skills, talents or hobbies.

3. Offer Random Services to Your Neighborhood

Working odd jobs for fast cash is fun as it is satisfying. It’s a great outdoor alternative to spending most of your time glued to your computer.

Do your best in whichever job you set out to do and someone might probably help you in finding leads to similar jobs.

Here are three of the most popular odd job ideas worth considering:

Car Washing

Check with your neighbor next door if they would want their cars washed. If they do, ensure you have everything you need to get that car sparkling. Washing cars on a hot summer day can be fun and the fact that you get paid for it makes it twice as fun.

Pet Sitting

Yes, pet sitting is a great way to earn something on the side. While the owners are away for extended periods of time, they need someone to take of their furry, feathery or scaly companions. Pet sitting isn’t for you if you have a lot of commitments.


Contrary to what pet sitting involves, babysitting is a more complicated job. If your neighborhood has lots of kids, then you’re assured of multiple babysitting opportunities. Busy parents or guardians pay good money to have their kids taken care of while they’re away.

If possible, make regular visits to your neighbors’ homes. If you have a business card, stopping by every day isn’t really necessary unless you’ve been called upon.

Putting yourself out there will make you realize how much help your neighbors need but they just weren’t sure who to ask.

4. Download Legitimate Money-Making Apps

If your neighborhood isn’t really a hotbed of money-making opportunities, don’t despair. There are tons of beneficial apps you can install on your phone and start making money right away.

The average person uses their phone approximately four hours a day. Ninety percent of that time is spent on social media apps. Instead of whiling time away on social media, you can use your time to make fifty bucks on these apps:


This app basically pays rewards you for doing basic stuff like shopping, scanning your barcodes/receipts, and filling out quick surveys of your previous shopping experience.

With this app, you can save money from online shopping trips and groceries through redeeming offers. You have the option of choosing whether to be paid via cashback offers or rebates.

It’s perfect for both videographers and photographers.

Not only that, but it’s a money-making app that simplifies the process of selling or marketing your camera work. It’s easy to use and has the best payout rates.

Google Opinion Rewards

Those looking to earn a dollar or two should definitely have this on their smartphones. It’s a survey app from Google that pays anywhere between ten cents to $1 per survey.


Every workout is tough if there’s no incentive for motivation. Having Sweatcoin on your phone is a sure way to make money for every step you take. Payments are in cryptocurrency.

These are just some of the numerous money-making apps on the inter-webs. It’s worth noting that these apps won’t make you rich overnight.

How fast you make money from them will be determined by how often you use them.

5. Rent Out a Spare Room on Airbnb

How possible is it to make money as a host when you rent out a room in your house on Airbnb? One hundred percent possible.

There are, however, a few pitfalls you need to put into consideration before opening your doors to strangers.

Renting out a room is a fast way to earn some money on the side – that’s been established. If you have a room you think can bring in a couple of dollars, think long and hard about the impact that this idea can have in your life.

If someone you know wants to rent out the room in your house, that’s not really a big deal but it may take some time to adjust.

On the other hand, if it’s someone you’ve never met before, it will be hard for you to kick them out for one reason or another.

The law protects tenants for at least a countable number of days. If things were to go south, it would be hard to regain ownership of your room. That’s the downside.

The good thing about renting out a place is that you have someone depositing money into your account every month or after a specified number of days.

This money can go a long way in taking care of your bills, amenities or basic household stuff. If you agree on $200 as rent, for instance, the renter may opt to deposit $50 at the end of every week.

When it comes to how to decide on who to rent out your room to, that can be quite the challenge. He/she must be the ideal candidate and match up to your expectations on every level (hygienically, financially, psychologically, etc.)

6. Get Paid to Run Errands and Deliver Food

So far, you’ve probably noticed how straightforward it is to make a fast (and smooth) fifty bucks.

A few years ago, delivering pizza was the only way to make money from delivering food. That’s no longer the case.

With the constant developments in the peer-to-peer culture, it’s now possible to use a delivery app to make money.

Delivering food and other stuff is perfect for you if you have a flexible schedule and a fully functional vehicle.

Some companies will hire you even when you don’t have a car. In such cases, you can walk, use a motorcycle or even a bicycle.

Uber Eats is one such app where you get paid to deliver meals. Before you accept an order, Uber Eats gives users exactly thirty seconds to either accept or decline any order.

As is the case with other delivery app gigs, you can easily draft your own schedule while delivering food with Uber Eats.

You get paid a flat amount for each delivery coupled with a few tips here and there from satisfied customers.

Other food delivery apps include DoorDash, Instacart, Postmates, GrubHub, Shipt, and Saucey.

Saucey is a unique food delivery app where you’ll be required to deliver alcohol exclusively. You need to be above twenty-one years to deliver spirits, wine, beers or cigars to customers. Aside from that, you need to have all the skills required of a delivery driver.

7. Sell Your Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular freelance marketplace where you and other sellers can sell your services to buyers in need of your services. It basically acts as the link between buyers and sellers from different parts of the world.

For instance, if someone wants to design a website and they have neither the time nor the expertise to do it, they can pay someone five bucks or more to do it for them. Services like these are known as gigs.

To earn money from Fiverr, you first need to understand your field of expertise. If you want to make money from creating logos or editing audio and videos, you must have hands-on experience in this field.

How much you can earn from Fiverr can’t be determined so easily since there’s lots of competition on the site. How good you are at your area of expertise is a strong suit that buyers are always on the lookout for.

You should also have exemplary communication skills, set strategic prices and draw a line between your freelance business and your day job priorities. If you’re serious enough, you can earn $50 every week from one or multiple clients.

It’s absolutely free to sign up on Fiverr. You can sell services including designing logos, transcription and a whole lot of other sought-after online ventures.

Earning $50 is easy once you get a one or two clients who are receptive of the services you have to offer. You can cash out your earnings via PayPal.

8. Sell Stuff Online

One man’s meat is another’s trash. If you look at it from a financial perspective, that proverb makes a ton of sense. When you don’t wear certain clothes or your electronics become obsolete, where do you take them?

If you dispose of them somewhere in a bid to declutter your home, that wouldn’t be the best way to go about it. That which you consider useless has a huge price tag for someone who needs it despite its condition.

Being the 20th century, approximately 3.2 billion people use the internet. That means that whatever photo of an item you upload online can be displayed on a far-away monitor.

When they make the purchase, you’ll get your money wired directly into your bank account or any other online payment platform like PayPal.

One of the good things about selling stuff online is that most selling sites and apps do all the marketing for you in return for a dollar or two once you make your first sale. All that is required from you is a couple of high-definition photos of whatever you want to sell.

There are countless selling apps out there that you can start using to either make fast cash or get rid of old stuff.

There’s no limit to what you can put up for sale online. You can sell anything from gift cards to old electronics, old toys to valuable collectibles, and so on.

Amazon, Craigslist and eBay are the dominant selling platforms you can sign up on to get your selling business up and running.

9. Sign Up for Online Website Testing Jobs

If you’ve heard about website testing before but you’ve never really given it much thought, it’s time you paid closer attention to this online job venture.

Website testing is a straightforward concept that requires the tester to analyze a new website. He/she will then review it by giving their opinion about what aspects of the site they didn’t like and what can be done to make it better.

Today’s marketplace considers website testing an invaluable strategy to develop their brands. There are multiple ways to determine a site’s user-friendliness but nothing comes close to user testing’s raw and unfiltered nature.

They pay rates of every website you test will vary from one company to another. Occasionally, you stand to make fifteen to twenty-five bucks but most companies typically pay $10 for each tested website. Website testing sessions last for 15 – 30 minutes.

Website testing jobs are sent to users via the online platform or email. It may easier to gain access to tests on more sites than others, depending on the number of users that regularly compete for opportunities.

Getting at least five testing offers per day can be worth your while. You can make a reasonable $200 every month and approximately $10 each day.

If you love giving reviews and testing sites for your own benefit, sign up on any of the following testing sites and get paid for your hard work:

  • UserTesting
  • Userlytics
  • WhatUsersDo
  • StartUpLift
  • TryMyUI
  • Enroll

Website testing is a common way to make money online. As such, you need to know how to get sites for testing in your mailbox. Generally, make the most out of your experience in the website testing arena.

10. Perform Online Micro Tasks

A micro (or short) task is any assignment or job that can be accomplished in the shortest amount of time.

These tasks vary widely in terms of payment and complexity. As a microtask worker, you can perform tasks including filling out online surveys, watching videos or editing documents.

Although this way to make fast cash online was established primarily for work-at-home moms and college students, it doesn’t mean anyone else can’t take a shot at it.

Sites like ClickWorker provide a platform where you get paid for collecting data, doing research, translating and writing.

To get you started, you first need to create an account, then fill out your profile and complete a brief qualification assessment.

From, there, you’ll be open to bidding on all open jobs. Once your account hits five euros or more, your earnings will be sent directly into your PayPal account. Honda, Tennis-Point, and Groupon are some of ClickWorker’s clients.

Another common microtask site is Amazon Mechanical Turk where you can make money from Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS). For a popular micro-tasking site, Amazon has some pretty fair payout rates.

Transcribing a three-hour voicemail from audio to text, for instance, earns you $76.19. When you accomplish the task and the client approves your transcription, your Amazon account will automatically be credited.

Micro tasks are available on the online platform as they are in the real world. They’re quite similar in complexity, but you have to complete tasks in person and not behind a computer monitor. Taskrabbit is among the best real-world sites out there if you prefer an outdoor work environment.

When working as a micro tasker, you can make anywhere between $.01 to $50. The pay is done in US dollars, though it can still be converted to your native currency once you withdraw it from your PayPal account.

Making $50 Has Never Been Easier

The ten tips mentioned above are the best, less complicated ways to make a quick fifty bucks. In fact, they’re the only ones you’ll ever need in case you urgently need to make money.

There are so many reasons why anyone would want to make fast money and once you learn the ropes, $50 is just a drop in the ocean. Though they’re termed as ‘fast’ ways to make money, don’t expect them to be just that.

How fast you get the money will depend on how active you are in whatever you decide you to undertake from the tips listed above.

The freebies, in particular, need plenty of time and persistence. Don’t use them once and be content with the few points you get from shopping or filling out surveys.

Finally, don’t rely on these fast cash gigs to pay your bills. As legit as they may be, they’re better placed to help you raise money on the side because earning something on your basic income is always the best way to ensure your financial security.

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