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10 Ways to Make $50 Fast

10 Ways to Make $50 Fast
James Hirtz Aug 17, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

In a fast paced-world, the unequivocal need for money can seem to define our everyday life. Whether struggling to pay bills or simply looking towards a more financially secure future, the affair and added stress can be taxing on anyone.

Rather than blindly hoping for a visit from President Grant, let’s investigate another set of ways to actively turn your finances around. The following methods will help you pad that wallet without the stress of thinking on the how and simply give you a way.

1. Review Your Costs, Trim the Excess

A year ago, I remember spending a few weeks reading articles on dental costs. I had come down with a surprise need for a root canal and crown after a surprisingly quiet number of years without any pain.

The excruciating hypersensitivity had led me to the dentist; I was given a care plan for my neglected teeth that led me rather promptly to freak out over how to afford all the suggested upkeep and repair.

What I found in the articles was a very standard suggestion for those worried, on edge, and with bills: Do you really need it?

In the context of the article, it was just talking about whether or not twice yearly cleanings were necessary with proper invested self-cleaning and upkeep, but the profound effect of it never left me. You can indulge in what you think you need in an effortless manner, or you can work harder to save.

While not everyone has excess spending in his or her life, it’s a good matter of practice to look over your monthly spending and think what an extra $50 can do for you.

Common places of overspending include:

  • Lawn Care
  • Transport
  • Eating Out and Delivery
  • Entertainment
Lawn Care

In talking about one of the quickest ways to make an extra $50, I figured it best to start with the topic of lawn care. According to Home Advisor, the national average on lawn care comes out to about $137 with a most common range of $50 to $227.

Speaking from personal experience with about an acre of land, I have never run into a lawn care service that drops below $60 for basic lawn mowing.

I know there are some individuals that are lucky enough to find some local people that will cut it on the lower end, but the money spent over a year gets very telling: In my case, it was easily in the $700 to $800 range.

Imagine those times where during a well-rained month where your grass keeps on growing. If you’re utilizing a lawn service, they can easily suggest coming two-to-three times a month at their standard rate to keep it uniform.

If we go by the low end of the common range, that’s $100 to $150 per month.

If you’re an individual with access to a push or rider lawnmower, I want you to make use of it. There are too many stories of these just collecting dust in a garage.

Consider your costs. Would you rather be paying yourself a minimum of $17 per hour for some exercise and time spent in the sun or a stranger that might not even be doing the best job?

I think the physical and mental pros outweigh the rest when you consider what that added funding might do for you. Give some of that lawn upkeep work to the one most invested in your success—you.


With schools coming back into session and the end of summer for most on the horizon, a pretty staple area to look at for budget saving comes in the form of transport costs.

If you traveled or did any vacationing, there were car costs, car upkeep, gas, and potentially transport costs to consider.

With any break there often comes the pressure to vacation or more actively do for many families. As such, extra money just disappears from people’s pockets. Back in April of 2018, it was already estimated to be the highest in gas prices that the United States had seen in years for summer.

With creeping costs at those typical holiday times of the year, it’s hard not to overspend.

Additionally, if you’re not looking at the cost of gas alone, one has to consider tires, car maintenance, and size when traveling anywhere. If you’re also going to a busy location or a limited parking access area, car transport services pop up.

For perspective, these concerns come from someone just returning from Los Angeles that made use of Uber and Lyft. Rides can end up as costly as $5.80 to $8.50 for an under two-mile trip depending on vehicle size.

These rates will vary per area, so if you really need this type of transport there are sites like Uber Estimate or Lyft’s own estimator.

If you can avoid these pitfalls, do things closer to home, or hold off until off-season times of the year then you can easily make or save an extra $50 quickly.

My best advice is always to browse and shop around before committing if you have to do it; you can save even more if you don’t have to indulge in added luxury.

Eating Out and Delivery

If you’re in a city, you’ve probably run across delivery. The appeal of having a fresh deal home delivered with a small tip is inviting; it can add up.

When touching on Uber and Lyft as potential money sinks, it goes without saying that the branched out food delivery apps also can play at people’s wallets over time.

The further ease of use and open-door access to more restaurants that have never had delivery make these way more appealing now that it’s not almost exclusively tied to fast food.

UberEats, for instance, has an attached $4.99 fee for any order placed. That’s ten orders of takeout that bring you to $50 if you never tip; it’s presumably less if you tip any of your deliverers (especially if making a family order). If you do sign-up for UberEats, be sure to use promo code 7yrog9 to get $10 off your first meal.

The advice here is pretty straightforward. If you’re already going out of your way for an easier meal, why not at least pick it up during a time you’re actually out? This option should be the most easily avoidable way to save some extra cash.


Although this area tends to be a bit of a hot albeit unpopular topic, it tends to be one of the easiest money sink areas to cut back on by need.

About a few years ago, I began to wonder about the necessity of satellite, cable, or any sort of televised source. Both of my parents were sick, but I’d see the big premiums they’d pay for visual entertainment simply because they felt stuck inside of the house with nothing to do.

Meanwhile, I had friends that dropped any sort of bundled subscription and adapted to the early days of Netflix and Crunchyroll. They were still paying (albeit this was before service price hikes as more users were added), but it wasn’t the large $90 or more package bills that have had people dropping to other services. Still, I wasn’t happy with the costs incurred and it left me thinking, so let’s examine some alternatives:


While there is pressure to stay a part of the relevant shows and exclusives, there are many and more frugal ways to approach this. A new competitor comes in the form of Sling which lets you start with a bare bones set package starting at $25 while adding on channels of choice.

This works well for anyone that has to have a few select channels that they can’t let go of.


If you can afford to be a bit less inclusive and make a bit more effort, there’s always access to new books, audio-books, and DVDs depending on what’s available at your local library.

During the total solar eclipse glasses rush of 2017, I entered my first library in a long time to acquire said glasses and was rather impressed by the selection of video content available for loan.

The bigger your town, the better your possibly library selection. But if nothing else, you’re going to be saving some cash and possibly cozying up with a new book.

Utilize Your Phone or Tablet

With the increased convenience of portable technology, there is a lot that can be done on your own without having to spend a dime.

In terms of the video sphere, YouTube tends to remain the content king in the sheer amount that can be watched online. For those wanting to watch on the go, many apps/browser add-ons have been developed that allow you to directly download from YouTube, so you can even take it with you on the go.

If you do not want to passively watch, there’s an ever-increasing amount of free games. Google Play and the Apple Store both have their own top charts and trending lists to give you a look at what others are playing now.

I highly recommend giving it a look as they update often with new games to try.

Still, if you’re looking for more enrichment, why not consider learning a language? DuoLingo has it’s own app for all devices. It makes learning any language a breeze while allowing you to set your own daily goals whilst writing, speaking, and learning vocabulary that matches it.

If you want to learn in your own language or sit down and relax with it, you can skip the library as well. More and more eBooks are becoming free online.

Amazon Kindle offers a growing selection of classics and other free books through its app. Google Play Books offers a similar set of options whereas WattPad lets you read what others have published or take your own turn at writing.

For those that haven’t caught on already, the most important option here is for you to explore. If you want to make money by cutting excess spending, you can easily pass the $50 mark simply by employing free options in your own home or within the local area.

Review Your Costs, Trim the Excess Review

This first section came out a bit longer, but there are four areas that you can reflect upon easily: lawn care, transport, delivery/eating out, and entertainment.

These are all common areas where you can be more self-sufficient and explore cheaper avenues. If you give up on some of your conveniences, you can easily make $50 or more without having to take on any more jobs or takes simply by reducing where you might be exceeding actual need.

2. Taking Surveys

When looking at ways to earn fast, survey taking always tops the list as paramount to the widest crowd. Surveys are accessible to anyone with an online connection, and there’s always some kind of topic that you’ll have an experience with or opinion on. While it might not be the most engaging option for everyone, you are going to get paid.

To clear things up, do not expect necessarily to make a high dollar amount on simply one survey site. I had a friend that would almost exclusively pay his monthly bills (rent, utilities, and phone) between turking and a wide net of surveys.

However, for the purposes of making an easy $50, it’s a great option. If you’re a first timer, you’ve even got the opportunity to make money for signing up on a few of the more popular survey sites:

Surveys aren’t always available, so it’s a great resource for a particularly difficult month or if you can foresee the need for some extra cash.

While it may seem like a bit of an annoyance to manage different accounts, it’s become a bit more standard practice across multiple avenues to do this for the maximum amount of earnings.

Just try the list a bit at a time and get a feel for it, if you’re afraid of turning your mind to sludge while doing an array.

Surveys aren’t only for ease of access but remember they’re good for ease of use and time too. Do it at your convenience for that extra cash but do please try it all for your wallet’s sake.

3. Freelance Your Skills

Usually, we are raised at any early age to believe we’re all special and talented in our own unique ways. Despite this, it seems that somehow people get into their minds that they are inferior to the silent better majority; there is no reason to put themselves out there and showcase their skills.

While the corporate jungle idea does exist, you can’t think solely in terms of the highest echelon of the ladder.

Instead, consider that you can set your own rates, amount of work, and value most of all. There’s a diverse set of humans that you can connect to via Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and more. If you’re looking to make a quick $50, why not take on some small jobs or outbid that overpriced competitor?

No matter what your talent is, there’s going to be some kind of community in need of utilizing it. If not, there’s nothing stopping you from making your own sales’ pitch first and deleting the competition. Take advantage of the fact that there’s a low cost of commitment—post your own self-advertisement on social media or send some direct messages out to interested parties.

Whether you have to stack odd $5 jobs, get an even $50, or go into jobs well-exceeding that $50+ range just remember there’s nothing gained without you venturing out first. Think about what you can do well and sell it.

4. Become the Driver

Earlier on, we discussed minimizing over-utilization of a car as a way to save money. There are a lot of people in love with their cars, however, so it’s no surprise that there’s a way to make that work for you.

I remember when I started driving, was on a tight budget, and I lived in the middle of nowhere that I hated driving far out for long periods just to get access to certain groceries or retail chains.

I’d often end up overspending to buy purchases in bulk simply because I didn’t want to waste the gas again. I just began to regret it over time and stopped the practice.

Nowadays, I drive out from my local area to cities and see the endless stream of Uber/Lyft drivers making their way about at times that work for them.

I think fondly back how after making that hour-to-two hour drive, I could have opted into making some extra cash back to make it seem like I could justify the ride because of an added purpose besides my own selfish needs.

Your work commute can drastically change in terms of purpose this way.

Like most of these other moneymaking methods, there’s a little legwork but there’s even sign-up bonuses here. While the amounts may change daily (and are dependent what city you’re in), according to Rideshare Central, your Uber or Lyft sign up bonuses can range from the fifty-dollar low tier to into the thousands.

It’s a simple rule of thumb to consider the busier areas your better ones, so you can keep that in mind before investing in any potential added headache.

Next time you’re worried about wasting gas to make a trip out, think about extending it to a more purposeful and moneymaking avenue.

There’s a minimum that you can work always, so if you’re just aiming to be as close to that even $50 tier range then there’s a way to accommodate that.

5. Utilize Those Rebate Apps

Long gone are the days of collecting cut-out UPCs, filling out a small form, and having to deal with the snail mail wait of weeks to a month for a little cash rebate on your everyday purchases.

With Ibotta dominating entry into the market, there’s an incredibly easy way to make that monthly $50 return simply by purchasing the everyday things you buy. Not only that, but you get a $10 bonus when you sign-up and scan your first receipt.

Let’s look at an example of the offerings for this month.

Ibotta stands out mostly for its bonuses compared to other apps. Complete a certain number of brand purchases, refer a certain number of friends via your own referral link that offers bonuses monthly ($30 is up for grabs this month), and get your sign-up bonus. Once you’ve done that, start making your way through deals.

When combining coupons with the instant rebates, there are often monthly moneymaking opportunities to further stack on. For instance, Zespri Sungold Kiwifruit at Wal-Mart has a $1.00 Ibotta offer with a $1.75 coupon available (after contest entry) on a $2.28 fruit item.

That’s a 0.47-cent profit per item on top of money saved that would have gone to the purchase of each.

When you combine Ibotta with other rebate apps like Fetch Rewards, Makeena,, and BerryCart then that $50 becomes very easily obtainable.

You’ll get a feel for the most useful ones for your individual household quickly as you check your weekly offers; the money will come rolling back in. Just remember to keep sharing with friends for the biggest gains.

6. Become a Reseller

While eBay was the original crown seller of auctioned off materials, the market has exploded with different places to try and maximize your sales. If you’re not in a garage sale friendly area, the avenues online are booming:

Depending on how much you’re wanting to sell, all four avenues are very easy to sell from with a small payment taken from each. Amazon also offers the option to do trade-ins for Amazon store credit, and they’ll mail you the required packing supplies.

Look through your house and old acquisitions, and you’re sure to find some items that aren’t seeing use. As these are fairly competitive, just make sure to take a look before you place your sale to ensure you’re in a good price range.

7. Creative Profits

While we already talked about pitching your talents to others, you can also directly sell the creations from those talents to people directly. If you’re on Etsy and wanting to utilize a small wholesale type of craft item, the world is your oyster as far as categories offered.

If you’re looking to sell prints of your artwork or sell commissions, deviantART has just celebrated its 18th birthday and years of success.

Both avenues are as simple as making an account and getting started with your virtual storefront. Small service fees do occur with each transaction, but it’s very easy to set-up your goals for each and simply let the sales be done. Tweak your prices to your profit margin, and you’re good to go.

8. Bestow Your Wisdom: Tutor

As with any by demand job, these positions can become a bit seasonal; you’ll find jobs potentially with your local school system and via private families seeking student aide in a variety of subjects.

Keep your eyes peeked out during extended break seasons such as between semesters and primarily during the summer.

The hours are usually shorter for school positions, but they pay pretty well depending on your county ($15-20 per hour) especially for math tutelage.

As a private family tutor, you’re allowed to set your own rate, so your $50 goal can easily be met in a two-to-three hour study session depending on your clientele’s funds and your experience.

9. Babysitting Your Start-Up

With ever-increasing amounts of families having both spouses working, the need for childcare continues to increase. While it may seem a stereotypical staple to find a neighborhood individual to take on the task, it’s become more of a big business practice.

The young aren’t necessarily considered the optimal caretakers during extended and continued absences, so websites like Care have emerged to help others out.

With wages between $10-20 per hour, if you’re a compassionate individual with childcare experience, you’re able to post your own pay scale and profile. You can easily turn $50 on one babysitting job and make it a reoccurring deal if you need a little extra cash. is free to join, so there’s nothing to be lost by signing up.

10. Plasma Bank

In high school, I remember happily donating blood without any thought but for the sake of helping others.

Nowadays, donating your plasma is one very common way for healthy Americans to help while otherwise padding your wallet with an extra $30 to $50 per trip according to ABC News.

While it’s no longer completely altruistic in nature, an individual can still feel good about sharing their life with others as well as making a small bit of extra cash.

As always, the process is done to ensure your health is in a proper state, so you can take it as a minor health screening as well. Keep in mind this can be done multiple times if necessary, and it can help pad anyone in need so long as there are near a collection site.

The first time will take longer, but it will become a much smoother process once you’re introduced into the system for repeat visits.

If you’re willing to invest a little patience and have the extra time, this method helps a lot of low-income Americans.

Final Thoughts

While President Grant may appear allusive along with his $50 value, it’s not as hard as the average American might think to add him to their palms on demand. A variety of jobs and routes provide the avenue to make that extra bit of cash.

Just remember, staying aware and connected will net you the most return.

James Hirtz

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