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10 Simple Ways To Make $500 Dollars Fast

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As much as we’d all like to have money coming in while we sleep, it’s not always easy to garner the income that you need to make all of the ends meet.

Sometimes you find yourself in a bit of a pickle and you need to make some money fast.

Not knowing how to do it can be scary, especially if the bills are piling up.

Having to deal with the frustration of a long hiring process when you need to gain some income quickly can leave you wondering how you can make money fast.

There have been many ideas out there that seem great but turn out to be scams.

Being careful when looking into fast money making ideas is always smart.

Trying to make large sums of money in one day isn’t easy, and frankly it’s not always entirely realistic.

You have to be sure to look out for any pitfalls along the way.

Because of that, it’s best if you use reliable ideas that have proven to work for other individuals like yourself.

If you need to make money quickly and have some free time and the ambition to get the job done, then you’ll be in luck.

There are plenty of ways to make money quickly but you have to remember that everything takes time.

Focusing on one or two avenues to make money quickly and running with it until the job is completed is the best way to keep your eye on the prize and complete your goal.

If you set unrealistic expectations for yourself, you’re likely to fail.

Luckily there are ways to make a quick $500 in just a few days time.

The only way you’ll make $500 in a day is if you have expensive items to sell or you do something extreme.

Although money situations can be stressful, you should always be careful with how you go about making quick cash.

Some scenarios can leave you in debt or in trouble, so it’s best to make an honest dollar in a smart way.

There are tons of ways that you can jump into the side-hustle game and make up the difference on your bills.

These methods can be used for a short period if you only need to go about this process one time or you can find new ways to continuously hustle so that you have a bit of extra cash flow going at all times.

Having a money-making back up plan can also help you in the event that your work stability falters.

You’re guaranteed to bring in some money quickly with these different ideas if you put them to good use.

If you take the chance to do more than one of these methods on the list at one time, you’re bound to bring in the bacon a lot faster.

How To Make a Quick $500

Finding yourself in a bind that requires you to make quick decisions to incur some income can be very stressful.

You might feel like you’ve got limited time and few options, and this might lead you to want to do something drastic.

It’s safe to say that that feeling is one of the worst, but fortunately for you, there are ways that you can make a quick $500 to hold you over in a time of crisis.

Trying any one of these ideas can make you money fast.

Although you’ll have to be a consistent participant in some of these ideas, they are well worth it.

Remember, making fast money isn’t easy, and there are inherent risks when you go down an avenue that isn’t accredited or seems dangerous.

Always take your financial matters seriously and try to make money moves that will affect your finances positively.

Check out some of these options for ideas on how to make a fast $500.

1. Swagbucks

There are tons of ways to make money on your phone these days, and you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it can be.

Although you won’t make $500 in one day, you’ll definitely be able to make $500 in a short period of time.

This platform requires you to participate in simple surveys, play video games, watch videos, and more!

It’s simple to make money taking the surveys because they have multiple offers available every day.

Watching the videos or signing up for causes that you believe in can help you earn points too.

The points that you earn are called “swagbucks” and once you accumulate enough points to redeem you can exchange them.

There are different options for what you can redeem your swagbucks for.

You can choose to redeem your swagbucks for gift cards.

If you’d like to use the money that you can gain directly from swagbucks then you can redeem your points for PayPal cash directly deposited into your PayPal account.

That means that you can earn legit cash from swagbucks and not be stuck with only gift cards as redemption options.

That makes this a great way to do things you already do, like spend time on your phone or shop with certain online retailers, and make some money in the process.

Swagbucks can be a great way to drum up some extra cash.

You get a free $5 bonus when you start, and it’s a great way to begin your Swagbucks journey.

You won’t be able to make $500 in one day, but you’ll definitely be able to make substantial contributions to your goal in just a few days.

2. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items for Money with Amazon Trade-In Program

Everyone knows that Amazon is a powerhouse company that seems to never stop growing.

This high-profile company has been selling items to households across the world for so long that their name is synonymous with online shopping.

The incredible thing you might not know is that Amazon has a trade-in program that gives you Amazon gift cards in return.

You may be in need of some quick cash now to make a major online purchase on Amazon’s platform.

If that is the case, this is a perfect way to make money from old stuff you don’t need and turn it into credit for Amazon.

You can trade-in all sorts of electronics, games, and devices to make more money quickly.

Small items like Kindles, tablets, and other e-readers are taken by Amazon.

Streaming media players such as Amazon Fire TV, Google ChromeCast, Roku and Apple TV are all salable items through this trade-in program.

Gaming consoles, games, and items such as controllers are available for trade-in with this Amazon program, and if you trade in major consoles like XBOX or PS4 you can make your money back instantly.

They also take trade-ins for cellphones, books, and more.

Depends on what you have to trade-in, Amazon will send you an offer for the entirety of your lot.

If you accept their offer after they review your items and approve them for their program, they’ll send you your Amazon gift card within two days.

Amazon will send you a free label for shipping.

You have to remember to accurately describe the condition of your item and whether or not it’s useable.

If you send your device to Amazon and it is defective or not as described, you will not get paid for what you sent in.

Make sure to be as accurate as possible, and you should see the Amazon credits come back quickly.

If you’d rather make straight-up cash over Amazon credits, there are other options for you too!

3. Sell Unwanted Items on eBay

eBay has been an online marketplace for a few decades now.

Established in 1995, this website has been a sell-it-all platform that anyone can list an item on for sale.

This platform has had millions of transactions by people from all walks of life.

eBay is the perfect place to sell unwanted or unneeded items quickly and make back cash fast.

There are some fees involved with using eBay to list items online, but often those fees are extremely minimal and your returns are substantial depending on the item you’re selling.

Electronics and game consoles are big sellers on eBay, as well as antique or collectible items and memorabilia.

This is a great way to get rid of everything you don’t need in your home or has significant value but you’re no longer interested in keeping.

Depending on what you sell, you can meet your goal in just a few days.

4. Use Craigslist for Selling Items, Quick Gigs & More

Craigslist has always been an interesting online marketplace since it began in 1995.

This platform is great for all sorts of things including job hunting, gig finding, and item selling.

You can easily visit the website and peruse job listings in various fields.

For the sake of making a fast buck, the gigs section of Craigslist is particularly useful.

You can pick up side gigs that will help you accrue the income you need in no time.

You’ll have to sort through the ads to discover something that sounds good to you but you can easily find a few different options that you can piece the income from together to meet your goal.

The best part about these gigs is that almost all of them pay cash!

Lend a hand on a film shoot or try doing some contracting work for a day, you may find a new hobby or passion and make money at the same time.

Another great way to use Craigslist is to sell items that you don’t want.

You can select a category from the main page for your city and list the items based on what they are.

You’ll name your price and you can choose to negotiate or not with potential buyers.

This is a great way to get rid of electronics, devices, clothes, books, craft supplies, collectibles, and more.

Craigslist is an excellent resource if you want to make extra money by working for it or selling items.

5. Join the TaskRabbit Force

TaskRabbit is a great way to make extra money fast. (Bonus: read our review here)

The entire platform is built specifically for small tasks in your area that you can complete quickly.

All of the tasks are from real individuals who need just a little bit of help.

You can lend a helping set of hands in various fields including being a handyman, helping someone build furniture, clean apartments or offices, do regular yard work like mowing lawns or gardening, grocery shopping or errand running.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, verify your identity and respond to ads.

You’ll be able to name your price for what you’re willing to do and if the client accepts you, you can get set to working right away.

All the details will be agreed upon with your new client.

If you’re lucky, you might get tipped by your client if you do a great job.

This is a great way to make some fast extra cash while building a reputation as a tasker.

If you start to build your profile, over time you’ll be able to get better tasks and make more money.

It’s a handy tool to have in your back pocket for the moments in life where you need a little extra push to make the ends meet.

TaskRabbit is very popular in urban and suburban areas, and you can find all sorts of tasks that you can do.

If you’re trying to make a fast $500, you’ll have to hustle, but if you find tasks that you’re willing to do at decent rates, you’ll be able to meet your goal quickly.

6. Walk Dogs or Pet Sit with Rover

If you’re an animal lover and like the idea of working with animals to make some extra cash, you’re in luck.

Rover is the perfect place to get started with dog walking or pet sitting, and you can read our review here.

This platform connects potential dog walkers and pet sitters with clients that are in need of a helping hand.

If you live in an urban or suburban area that is densely populated, you can pick up a few clients and have daily walking routes.

This means that you can make money really fast doing something you like with animals that you’ll love.

You won’t get paid an hourly rate with Rover.

Instead, you’ll get paid a flat fee for every service you provide, which will be specific to what you’re interested in doing.

You get to set your rate which means you have the ability to build a reputation for yourself and make more money per gig.

This is excellent for individuals who already have pet sitting or dog walking experience.

The best part is, there is a way to keep your clients accountable and you can be sure you’ll get paid for every task you take on.

This platform is so popular, you may even have to compete with other pet sitters and walkers in your area!

That means that this is a lucrative platform and you should look into it if this sounds interesting to you.

7. Sell Clothes on Poshmark

Everyone has their personal fashion style that suits their tastes, but sometimes this taste changes over time.

Poshmark is the perfect place to sell the clothes you’ve outgrown, whether it be physically or simply in the sense of your personal style. (read our review)

This platform is excellent if you’ve collected a lot of vintage or designer clothing and accessories over the years and now want to get rid of them for what they’re worth.

This site operates differently than a site like Craigslist because it guarantees that you’ll ship everything out and won’t have to deal with face-to-face transactions.

If you’ve got the time to list valuable clothing items or items that just look cool and would make someone else happy, this is the perfect place to do just that.

Depending on what you have to sell, you can quickly make an extra $500 within a short period of time.

The process is as streamlined as you could wish for, and it’s simpler to put an ad up compared to other sites like eBay.

All you have to do is sign up for an account and download the mobile app!

To list an item, you’ll capture a photo of the jewelry, shoes, clothes, or accessory, and write a quick description to match it.

After that is said and done, you’ll name your price and then list the item.

It’s super fast and simple!

If you’ve got an excellent clothing or accessories collection and are willing to part ways with some of it to make your financial goal a reality, check out Poshmark.

8. Join Gigwalk

Gigwalker is another valuable task platform that pays for your participation.

Similar to how TaskRabbit works, but for businesses instead of individuals, you can pick up a Gigwalk and get paid.

Businesses use Gigwalk to get people to complete simple tasks like taking short surveys or taking product photos in a store amongst other tasks.

You can be selective and do gigs that work for you on your time.

This is perfect for anyone who lives in densely populated areas with tons of businesses.

A lot of these tasks will require you to travel, so if you like to explore and do new things then this can be an exciting hustle.

Every task has different requirements and you’ll have to keep an eye on how long it’ll take you to complete the entire gig.

Some gigs take anywhere from five minutes to a few hours.

This means you’ll have to stay committed for longer tasks.

If you can handle the potentially long hours, you’ll make money faster.

Each task pays anywhere from $3 to $100.

With the right tasks distributed over a few days, you can easily meet your financial goal with a little bit of extra effort.

9. Freelance on Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer.

If you’ve never considered freelancing before, maybe it’s time to start.

There are plenty of freelancing platforms that will pay you to do jobs that you’d like to do.

There are platforms like Fiverr, which is a marketplace for freelance gigs available on your phone. (read our review)

This is perfect for a person who is traveling and needs to make some money quickly, and all you need is an internet connection.

There are some gigs on Fiverr that require special skills like graphic design or digital marketing, but there are also simpler jobs that require common skills like writing or proofreading.

There is a high demand for video services and brand development work also.

You’ll create a profile that’ll showcase what you’re willing to do and people in need of your services will reach out to you.

This platform is available in mobile formats and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

The great thing about Fiverr as a platform is that it can be lucrative if used properly.

Other platforms like Upwork (read our Upwork guide) or Freelancer provide a marketplace for freelancers looking to find ongoing freelance gigs.

The amount of freelance jobs on Upwork and Freelancer are in the tens of thousands.

That means that you’ll be able to find work quickly if you market yourself properly.

Your profile is essentially your brand page, and if you show examples of any previous work you’ve done and focus on your best skills, you’ll find plenty of work available to you.

Freelancing platforms are incredibly important options for people looking to make an extra $500.

The best part about these platforms is that once you have a good reputation, you can easily come back to freelancing whenever you need to make a little extra cash.

Take a look into freelancing as a means to meet your goals and you’re bound to meet your goal of an extra $500 in no time.

10. A Good, Old Fashioned Garage Sale.

You might think it dated and ineffective, but a classic garage sale may actually do the trick for you.

If you think about it, using websites like eBay, Poshmark, or Amazon to resell your items is simple and effective, but you could end up doing the same in terms of revenue or more without the additional fees and shipping costs.

If you have a garage sale, you’ll be able to sell your items at the prices you want to people in your own community.

You might be wondering how you could possibly do this if you don’t have an actual garage or live in an urban area.

The solution is simple.

You’ll have to get a little creative and start advertising in your neighborhood and online.

Use community boards at places like your local YMCA, post ads on local online community forums, and advertise around your neighborhood.

Make flyers and hand them out to local businesses like coffee shops, restaurants, bars, clothing stores, or other places that will allow you to leave some advertisements behind for their customers.

Post on social media that you’ll be hosting a garage sale and let the word spread.

If you want to make it extra entertaining, sell fresh lemonade or have snacks out for potential shoppers to keep them looking around for any good finds.

Make sure to reasonably price your items so they sell.

You may not be able to get a lot of money for your old GameBoy or 90’s comic books online, but the chance that someone might be excited to find your old stuff at your garage sale could help you meet your goal.

Putting Your Mind To It

There are tons of ways to make extra cash, and sometimes all it takes is trying a few things to figure out what works best.

Trying out different options at the same time can help you make some extra income fast.

Take the time to develop a foundation with some of these platforms.

Their money making options will get you used to having a backup plan for those times when you’ve got to make some extra cash.

If you’re set on making an extra $500 quickly, all you have to do is find the right ways to do it for yourself and put your mind to it.

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