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21 Ways To Make Extra Money Now

21 Ways To Make Extra Money Now
Tyler Rodriquez Jul 30, 2018
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

We are in a time where everyone not only wants to make more money, but usually needs the extra income to help alleviate rising costs of living.

Not everyone has the salary they would like or the ability to even work a full time job, so finding ways to make money is the only way to make ends meet.

Whether you are a single parent, college student, or just someone who wants to earn some extra vacation money, this guide will help you earn some extra money and possibly turn that side hustle into a business!

1. Sell Your Old Clothes

One of the age old ways of making money is selling your old clothes for a few extra bucks. 10 years ago, this was mainly done through garage sales or having to take your clothes to a consignment store.

While these were effective, they were very time consuming and usually required a larger amount of clothes.

Thanks to advances in technology and the invention of smartphone apps, you can sell single items of clothing in minutes.

Apps like Letgo, OfferUp, and even Facebook’s Marketplace has made buying and selling clothes easier than ever. Simply take a photo of your article of clothing, describe it, and list a price, and wait for the perfect buyer.

If you are wanting to sell a larger quantity of clothing, there are many resale shops popping up all over the country that will buy gently used clothing to resell them in their shop.

It’s a quick and easy way to unload a lot of clothes at once and get cash on the spot. The only downfall is that most usually only accept in season, brand name clothing.

2. Sell Electronics Online

If you have been anywhere near the internet in the last 15 years, you have at least heard of eBay. For those who haven’t, it is an online auction marketplace where you can list your items for sale for people to bid on.

eBay took off in the 1990s with the increase in household electronics as people were either getting rid of their unused electronics or flipping them(buying for a low price and immediately selling for a profit).

If you have old phones, ipods, tablets, or other electronics laying around, you can easily snap a photo and list it on ebay with a brief description and watch the bids roll in.

The best part is, it’s free to start, eBay just takes a percentage after it’s sold. The key is to research your competition and have the ability to ship the item once it sells.

As always, there are many other options besides eBay such as Gazelle, but it is the most popular and most trustworthy site on the list.

3. Drive For A Rideshare App

Perhaps one of the more popular ways to make some really good money over the last few years is driving for a ride share app. Apps like Lyft and Uber have shaken up the taxi industry by offering an app where you can easily book a driver to take you where you want to go.

To get started, all you need is a driver’s license, a qualified car, and a smartphone. Simply download the app, fill out the application, and wait to be approved. Once approved, you can mark your self available when you want to start driving and let the customers roll in.

This is one of our favorites due to the fact that it helps prevent drunk driving while allowing everyday people to make some extra money with things they already have!

4. Deliver Food For A Delivery App

Similar to the ride-share app, there are now apps that allow you to use your own car to deliver food from a restaurant to a customer. New apps are popping up everyday, but the two most popular ones we use are Waitr & Favor.

The concept is easy, you sign up as a driver, wait for an order to come in, pick it up from the restaurant, and deliver it to the customer.

You get paid a delivery fee plus the customer can leave you a tip, netting you some additional cash. The app take a percentage of the delivery fee to make their money to stay in business.

Life-hack – If you are doing a food delivery app and work is slow, log into your ride-share app and fill in the gaps with delivering people when you aren’t delivering food.

5. Find Gigs On Craigslist

If you don’t mind working odd end jobs, there is a section on Craigslist called “gigs”.

This is where businesses or people can post an ad looking for someone to help them with an odd ended job that does not require employment.

These can range from helping someone move, representing a business at an event, home repairs, or any other small (and even large) tasks someone needs help with.

Take this one with caution and be sure to research who you are going to work for. Also, make sure the payment is clearly agreed upon between both parties to prevent a misunderstanding on what you are being paid for.

6. Mystery Shop

Chances are, you have heard of mystery shopping before, but are not quite sure on how it works or how to get started. Mystery shopping entails being paid by a company to dine in at a restaurant, take a photo of something in a store, or simply report on the customer service experience

The best part is, they usually reimburse you for your meal or purchase! I have personally gotten many free meals from mystery shopping and gotten paid on top of that. Talk about a win-win!

You can do these from a smartphone app as well with apps such as Field Agent, Mobee, and Gigwalk. These apps allow you to self-assign jobs to yourself and complete them within a certain timeframe for a quick payout of $1-$10.

7. Take An Online Survey

I know what you are thinking, not another survey scam, but there are legitimate ways to earn money doing surveys. Websites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie will credit you to complete surveys which can be used to redeem for gift cards to popular stores.

The key is to find trustworthy sites that pay a decent amount for the survey you complete.

While this may not be the best use of your time on this list, it’s one that you can chip away at when you never noticed you had free time.

While you are in the restroom, scrolling through your social networks, or on your work break, you could be using this time to knock one or two out and build up credits to redeems at the end of the week or month.

8. Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

If you have ever gotten gift cards for your birthday for a place you never go to, you know how annoying it is to see it in your wallet/purse knowing you aren’t going to use it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just turn it in for cash instead of having to use it somewhere you don’t like? You actually can and we will show you our favorite ways of doing so.

The most simple way is finding a family or friend who is willing to pay you for the gift card. This can be achieved by offering it at a smaller price so they save money when using it.

You can sell it on eBay or another online/app where you can sell items. This will require you to ship or meet someone local, so this may not be the quickest way to get your cash.

Lastly, you can find a gift card to cash kiosk. These machines allow you to insert your gift cards and get cash instantly. Gift Card Exchange pays up to 85% of the total balance on the gift card, which isn’t too bad when you were not planning on using it in the first place.

Cardpool and Raise are also other great sites.

9. Use A Rebate App To Get Cash Back On Things You Already Buy

If you are shopping online or grocery shopping and not earning cash back on those purchases, you are losing out on free money! These apps allow you to scan your receipts and get cash back on qualifying purchases. You are already making the purchase, so why not get paid to do so?

One of our favorites is Ibotta, which is a smartphone app available for IOS and Android markets. They are partnered up with some of the biggest names including Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, and many other major retailers.

You can browse what rebates you get on each product in the app so you can adjust your shopping preferences to get the most money back.

Life-Hack- Pair this up with an app like Receipt-Hog, an app that pays you for photos of your receipts, to get money back on both apps!

10. Earn Money By Searching On The Internet

Another great tip for getting money back for things you already do is getting paid for searching on the internet. Sites like Bing, Qmee, and Inbox Dollars actually pay you for doing what you do everyday, searching for things on search engines.

Using a search engine helps companies find out what consumers are searching for and how they are searching.

These reward programs credit you for your searches which you can redeem for gift cards from major retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, and many others. Often, they have bonus ways to make a few extra credits to get you to your gift card goal quicker.

11. Get Paid To Watch Videos

Now we had mentioned Swagbucks before in this article and we wanted to bring it up one more time as they also offer to pay you for watching videos.

Like the surveys, this is an easy one to knock out when you have some free time that you would normally spend doing something not as productive. You will not be able to retire watching movies as we all wish we could, but hey, you’re still getting paid to watch videos right?

These videos range from trailers, advertisements, to TV show snippets and are usually only a couple of minutes long. So if you are ever bored and feel like making some money while being entertained, watch a few videos and get paid!

12. Rent Out Your Car

If ride sharing isn’t your thing and you would rather not have to drive people around town, you can rent your car out. The popular app Turo allows users with qualified cars to put their car up for rental on an app where people can rent it for the day, week, etc.

Just like Uber and Lyft disrupted the taxi market with no taxis, Turo is doing the same to the rental car business with no cars in their fleet. They rely on people to rent out their own cars and collect a percentage from the transaction.

This is a great way to make extra money without having to physically do much. The best part is, once your car is being rented out and making you money, you are still able to stay home and make even more money!

13. Sell Your Photos

Did you know you could sell photos you have already taken to companies looking for stock photos? Businesses like Alamy, Shutterstock, and iStock allow you to upload photos to their site and when they are sold, you share a percentage of the sale with the company.

Businesses are always looking for photos and having a large directory where they can pick, choose, and buy them is key. This is where these businesses step in and showcase your photos on their site, allowing them to choose from photos you have submitted.

One important thing to remember is that most businesses/people will be looking for high quality photos. Keep this in mind when submitting or taking new photos to submit.

14. Sell Your Talent

Everyone has a talent, and even if you don’t you can learn one quickly through YouTube or another internet site. Did you know you can make money off of your talent? Sites like Fiverr & Upwork allow you to market yourself to people in need of your talent.

Let’s take social media for example. Say you are really good at Facebook & Instagram and you think you could easily manage someone’s business page. You can offer your services on these sites and let the customers come to you.

Checking out Fiverr’s top earners can give you a quick overview of the many crazy talents people will pay for. Our favorites that we have seen are people singing Happy Birthday in cartoon character voices, photoshopping funny photos, and an avid user who will “ramble for 1-3 minutes for 5 dollars”.

15. Get Paid To Walk

For those of us who dread walking let alone running, the expression “you couldn’t even pay me to run” may take an interesting new twist. With the introduction of a smartphone app Sweatcoin, you literally get paid to walk. Sounds too good to be true right? So let’s break it down for you.

Like many other rewards apps, Sweatcoins runs off of their own digital currency called, you guessed it, Sweatcoins (SWCs).

You earn 1 SWC for every 1000 steps you take which can be redeemed for a variety of items they offer in their rewards program. You simply download the app and let it run in the background all day and watch your rewards roll in.

This is not an app that you will be cashing out everyday, but rather one you can set and forget and check it weekly to see what you have accumulated.

It costs nothing and you get paid for doing something you have to do anyways. You could use it as a motivation by walking more to earn more!

16. Get Paid To Walk Dogs

Yes, you heard that right, you can actually get paid to walk someone’s dog. With busy lifestyles, some pet owners may not be able to spend the time they need to walk their dog everyday.

With regular exercise being just as important to dogs as humans, our canine companions need a walk if they are cooped up inside all day.

This is where the smartphone app Rover steps in. Simply sign up, fill out your application, wait to be approved, and let the customer requests roll in. Rover manually reviews each application to ensure you are a good fit for their program to keep their customer’s pets in good hands.

Rover pays you automatically 2 days after your walk with the pet and with walking dogs everyday, you could easily have residual income coming in daily.

17. Start A Dropship Business

You have heard the sales pitches before and have probably seen the videos where a couple is living on a beautiful island telling you about their dropshipping business.

While those are most likely on a large scale, you can do the same on a smaller scale and make easy money.

Dropshipping is the process of offering a product online, and once someone orders it, you order it from somewhere cheaper and have it shipped to them, profitting the difference.

While there are many ways to do this and a variety of programs to automate the process, we are going to break down a simple way for beginners to drop ship.

You can do this by having an eBay account, amazon account, and PayPal account (all free, although Amazon prime helps). You find an item on amazon that is selling for more on eBay.

For example a lamp on Amazon that’s $12 is selling for $15 on eBay. You can list it on eBay using the information on Amazon and when it sells, you order it from Amazon and have it shipped to their address.

While there are eBay fees and PayPal fees, you still made a profit and doing this on a large scale can net some serious cash!

18. Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is all about how skilled you are and how you market yourself. With the increase in freelancing and working from home becoming more mainstream, the need for virtual assistants has grown.

A virtual assistant is someone who is contracted out from a company to do a job from home (of wherever you choose). This can range from bookkeeping, marketing, sales, or any other job that does not require you to be at the office.

There are many sites that you can find opportunities from and is much more time efficient than applying all over town. The only downfall is that it is contract based and is not always a long term job with each company.

19. Flipping Free Stuff From Craigslist

One of our personal favorites on this list is scouring Craigslist’s free section for things we can resell. This is known as “flipping” and has been quite popular over the past 5 years with the airing of shows similar to flipping.

This one is absolutely free unless you count the gas going to go get the items. You simply find something that someone is giving away on Craigslist, pick it up, and re-list it for profit.

It’s that simple! This can also be done by visiting garage sales and informing the people in charge that you will pick up anything that is left over that they would normally throw out.

20. Start A Lawn Business

This one may seem like a burden due to having to have your own equipment or having to work outdoors, but it could quickly grow into a booming business.

If you have the equipment, you can easily start today and get to marketing yourself. If you do not have the equipment, you can ask to borrow a family or friend’s equipment until you can save enough to start investing in your own.

Mowing lawns can range from $25-$100 depending on the size and the more you mow and learn techniques, the faster you will get and the more lawns you can knock out a day. Making business cards is a small investment that can pay off in one lawn that is sure to bring you more business.

If you really want to take it to the next level and are running out of time to do it all yourself, you can start hiring someone and pay them by the hour to still make money while not having to do the work!

21. Paint Addresses On Curbs

A task not many would think of, but one that could make you some serious money on the weekends, is painting addresses on curbs. Before we get to far into it, you will need to check with city ordinances and HOAs to ensure that you can legally paint on the curb.

With a small investment of buying paint and stencils, you can do your own address for practice and marketing, and then print some flyers to hand out to neighborhoods.

Schedule them out for a Saturday and charge $20/address and you can be making $20+ dollars an hour depending on how fast you go. The best part is, the more you do, the faster you will get.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! We have handpicked these 21 side hustles for a wide variety of budgets, profit levels, and skill sets to give you a great selection to start with.

With hard work and perseverance, a lot of these can be grown from a weekend job to a large scale business that could provide you and your family with the the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

Have any other ways to make extra money now? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Tyler Rodriquez

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