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10 Best Ways to Make Money Using PayPal: Earn Up to $1000 Per Day

10 Best Ways to Make Money Using PayPal: Earn Up to $1000 Per Day
Diana Star Aug 31, 2019
Want to Earn Some Extra Money?

ways to make money using paypalEstablished in December 1998 as Confinity by Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Peter Theil, and Max Levchin, PayPal is an online payment system that operates as a payment processor for auction sites, online vendors and other commercial users.

In March 2000,, an online banking company by Elon Musk, merged with the then Confinity and was rebranded as PayPal in 2001.

It wasn’t until 2002 that the company went public.

Considered as one of the easiest and safest ways to get paid for people working online, PayPal offers better services than many other online payment systems and is a sure way to earn money quickly.

Even if you don’t work online, you’ve probably heard of it.

Some of the perks of PayPal is you don’t need to have a large business to use it, it’s used in many countries worldwide and opening an account in it is pretty simple.

Many people earn via passive income methods and doing small online tasks.

If you’re not using it yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing.

Give it a shot and discover what all the fuss is about. It’s never too late.

Whether you want to improve your current income or want to clear your bills faster, going online and aiming for the big catch is what you should be doing right about now.

With all the ways to make money online, from downloading apps to filling surveys, your options are limitless.

Having a PayPal account gives you an advantage over the rest because you can make up to $1000 in a day and withdraw it after a few workdays; three days at the very least.

Sounds good?  Here are easy ways to make money using PayPal:

1. Becoming a Graphic Designer

If you’re good at coming up with attractive visual content, you’re in luck. Graphic design is one of those professions with so much potential that very few people venture into.

Graphic designers use pictures and typography to meet a client’s requirements. They also focus on the technique of displaying elements in interactive designs to enhance the viewing experience.

Apart from being a cool and well-paying job, being a graphic designer has loads of perks, some of them being:

Working From Anywhere

You don’t have to run your studio to enjoy this gig. You can work from the comfort of your home. This gives you peace of mind as well as stability.

It’s best to use this advantage to be a launchpad for your job as a designer. Otherwise, sticking to it for years or months can limit your creativity.

There’s No Limit to Creativity

There are no specific rules on how far your creativity should go. If you see something and an idea pops up into your head, you’re free to add it into your work as long as it will contribute to the beauty of your project.

The Client Base Is Unbelievable

Every business needs to market itself in one way or the other. Though most of them have a limited client base, the good thing is that new businesses are growing, and they all need a graphic designer’s services.

To earn more and catch more eyes, you need to up your game and offer unique ideas.

Different Mediums of Expression

Like fine arts, graphic design offers two mediums: web design and print. Working with web design and learn programming skills like PHP and HTML is a sure way to get more opportunities for yourself.

2. Being a Transcriptionist

Depending on your level of experience, transcription is a super way to earn cash. It’s basically listening to an audio file and typing out the message in it.

To become a successful transcriptionist, there are some things that you must have:

  • A great typing speed
  • An awesome sense of hearing
  • Patience-it can be challenging at times to understand some files and type them out
  • A stable (and fast) internet connection plus a computer
  • Excellent command of the language of the audio document you’re typing out
  • A headset to keep off any distractions around you
  • A foot pedal to allow you to stop, rewind, start and fast forward audio files with your feet
  • A text expander
  • A thesaurus or regular dictionary
  • Ergonomically designed chair and keyboard for maximum comfort

One of the things about transcription that appeals to many people is that most companies allow you to work from home.

What’s more, you don’t need to make or receive calls or use lots of effort to get the job done.

On average, and for beginners, the transcription salary is between $10 and $20 per hour. Several companies consider rookies and make things easy for them by offering them a pretty simple preliminary transcription test.

However, many companies are willing to pay $45-50 or more an audio hour if you can do more work within a short time.

Sites like TranscribeMe are a great place to land some transcription jobs. For more opportunities, request your clients to refer other clients to you.

3. Freelance Writing

From my experience working online, writing for clients online is just amazing. Sure it has its ups and downs but with all the benefits it’s got, it’s almost impossible not to be pulled into it.

If you aren’t one yet but would like to try your hand at it, a freelance writer is a writer who works for someone or a company on a project or contractual basis.

Although most contractual positions don’t have a legal foundation, you should insist on it for your own good as a writer.

Most new writers don’t bother about this. When they get their first client, they are so over the moon that they focus more on making money than ensuring that they will get that money.

The client has agreed to their project or hourly rate and has provided a deadline, so why should they put the agreement in writing?

Sure, some projects pull through without a written agreement, but drafting a contract allows you the benefit of documenting your agreement.

Some of the advantages of having a written contract in place are:

  • When your client signs the contract, you know that they’re serious about paying you
  • Signing the contract by a client shows that they respect and trust you
  • You get to prevent an issue such as the client changing their requirements for the project or refusing to pay you
  • A well-detailed contract keeps you safe from legal liability and other similar problems
  • They protect you from the “scope creep” situation, where a client adds more work and details to their original request

4. Selling Physical Products or Services

Most people prefer selling their stuff to people through stores. As much as this technique sounds easy, think of the drawbacks. First of all, you don’t keep all the money from the sale of the items. The store owner needs their cut for helping you out.

What’s more, there’s no guarantee that the store owner you’re working with is trustworthy. They may not give you the correct amount of cash for your products.

That goes for selling services as well, whether it’s teaching international students or creating an online course.

You’re more likely to reap more profit by taking the online alternative.

Here are some useful pointers to selling your products online:

  • Do some research to find out what your competition has to offer
  • Improve the condition of your products if necessary
  • Create a business plan
  • Register your biz if you plan on getting serious with it
  • Make use of social media. Sites such as Instagram and Facebook are perfect for seeking lots of audience in one place
  • Figure out your options on formatting your business. You could use your e-commerce site with a little help from websites like Weebly and Shopify. Another option is using an established online marketplace like Amazon or Etsy. Designing your website can work too if you’re aware of CSS and HTML.
  • Take quality pictures of your products
  • If they’re past repair but in sellable condition, make this known to potential customers
  • Make your services stand out from the rest

5. Increase Traffic to Your Website

If you’re a business owner or marketer, setting up a website isn’t all it takes to attract customers. You need to increase traffic to your site. The more traffic you have on your website, the more potential customers you have.

Increasing traffic if you’re a blogger might not need specialized training, but it needs lots of effort on your part. Some of the ways to make this possible are:

Write Captivating Headlines

Your content may be great, but most internet users browse through content on the internet without reading through them carefully. Headlines have the power to attract or repel potential customers. Before hitting that ‘publish’ button, give your headline a good thought.

Advertise Yourself

For people to know that your website exists, you need to put it out there. Paid search and social media advertising are some great ways to win more customers. You may want to go through the pluses and minuses of each channel before settling for one.

Post Your Content on LinkedIn

Before, LinkedIn was a top place of finding a job. Through the years, this professional social network has opened the door to new ideas, including publishing your content in it. This not only increases your profile visibility within your industry but boosts traffic to your site as well.

Invite People in Your Niche to Guest Blog on Your Website

Partnering with bloggers in your niche is beneficial to your website. When they guest blog on it, they could share and link to their guest article. This brings new readers to your site. Be sure to post original and high-quality content without spammy links to avoid trouble with Google.

6. Affiliate Marketing

You may have heard of it before, but you know very little about it. Affiliate marketing is quite simple.

It’s among the oldest forms of digital marketing where you refer someone to an online product. When they purchase that product because of your recommendation, you get a commission.

The amount of commission earned can be as low as $1 or as high as $10,000, depending on the product that you’re promoting.

Here’s a summary of how affiliate marketing works:

  • You join an affiliate program like Rakuten, Commission Junction or Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Choose the product that you want to promote. Each product has a specific affiliate link
  • Share the link via the form of your choice. The most effective choices are Facebook ads, blogs, and YouTube videos
  • Expect your green when someone makes a purchase

There are four key players in the affiliate marketing domain:

The Advertiser

This is the business that sells a service or product online.

The Affiliate

These are the owners of the website. This website contains reviews or details about a product sold on the advertiser’s site.  Additionally, it links to the page of an advertiser’s product page through a link called an affiliate link.

The Affiliate Network

These guys pay you after a successful sale. They also drop a tracking cookie into the browser of a buyer when they visit an advertiser’s website.

As an affiliate marketer, you should:

  • Go for an advertiser who offers a more extended cookie period
  • Stick to one website for a start
  • Be willing to wait
  • Not take shortcuts when marketing
  • Have high-quality and relevant generic content

7. Making YouTube Gaming Videos

If you’re on YouTube most of the time, you’ve probably seen a video that shows you how to play a particular video game. That’s creativity right there.

In its early years, YouTube was all about watching videos. In mid-2015, however, it released YouTube Gaming.

YouTube Gaming was introduced to contain gaming content, that’s becoming more prevalent on YouTube.

YouTube gaming channels have a wide array of methods to pass their message across to viewers and subscribers.

Some of the categories that gaming channels can fit into are:

Commentary Channels

Here, there’s narration in the background as the chosen game is played.

Trivia/Informational Channels

These channels provide information on video game consoles and their development. They also focus on facts about video games.

Show-like Channels

Game videos in these channels are presented as part of a series. In most cases, many series exist on a similar channel.

Out-of-Game Comedy Channels

Most channels choose to use comedic skits about games without making use of the games.

In-Game Comedy Channels

Channels create comedic skits within the constraints of the game plus its tools.

To make a cool YouTube Gaming Channel:

  • Have an alluring banner and avatar that fit your content. The graphics should be on point too
  • Produce content regularly
  • Include intros and outros in your videos
  • Play with a friend or co-host in your videos
  • Listen to feedback from your viewers
  • Gain access to an MCN (Multi-Channel Network)

8. Posting Your Stock Photos

Do you have lots of quality photos on your hard drive? Maybe you’ve got mad skills in photography. Either way, you can use your assets to your advantage.

With stock photography, you can make lots of cash within a short time.

You only need to realize that it is a skill that you have to learn.

To begin with, stock photography is a term that refers to generic imagery which buyers use for visual content in all areas from websites to news stories.

Save the cash that you would spend on hiring a photographer by posting your excellent photographs in platforms that keep a huge library of similar images like Shutterstock and Gettyimages.

Stock photography exists in two primary forms:

  • Microstock that sells images on a royalty-free basis and at a smaller price, around 20 cents to 10 cents
  • Traditional stock photography or Macro stock photography that sells exclusive and expensive images

Getting into stock photography is hard. No doubt about that. Here are some reasons why you should have a shot at it:

  • After posting several high-quality images on top microstock agencies, you can ride on the success from them for a while
  • As long as you have excellent pics, you can be a part of it
  • You’re the boss of how much time you want to dedicate to it
  • You can use the portfolio you come up with from making stock photos to secure traditional freelance jobs later on
  • You don’t need any specialized training to do it

To maximize your earning chances from this lucrative gig, upload pics regularly, use the right keywords for your photography and strive to have content that end users can use.

9. Making E-books

There’s so much hassle involved in promoting your stories that many people with a gift in writing stories have given up on their dream.

You don’t have to be a statistic. Thanks to eBooks, you can share your stories with the world and earn a living from it.

An E-book, or electronic book, is a book publication that’s made available to the public in digital format, comprising of images, text or both. It’s readable on the flat panel display of electronic devices such as computers.

Here are steps on making an eBook:

Choose a Writing Software that Works for You

There’s a variety of software available. Some of them are Microsoft Word, Evernote, Freedom, and Open Office. You could do some research if you’re not sure.

Get Down to Writing Your Book

For starters, consider keeping your book short so readers won’t have a hard time reading it. A brief book is easy to download, as well.

Determine Who You’re Writing About

Others like “How” and “When” will fall into place later. When writing, strive to make your story flow. One way to do this is by avoiding cramming lots of information in at once.

Have a Writing Goal

Plan your time wisely. Have a minimum each day on how much you intend to write. Whether you prefer a chapter or page, go for a goal that you won’t have any trouble sticking to.

Complete Your Book

Upon completing the first draft, take a break to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes when you revise it again.

If you’re confident with your work, convert it into PDF so both MAC and PC users can read it.

10.  Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Working from home as a virtual assistant was impossible some years back. But, with the advancement in the Internet and technology, you can make your dreams come true if you have always wanted to pursue this job from home.

The main requirement you should have is some accounting, administrative, and technical experience.

You’ll be performing tasks that are done by a secretary or administrative assistant. The best part is that you’ll get to work remotely for clients anywhere in the world and earn a handsome amount while you’re at it.

As the name suggests, virtual assistance is done online.

Most people believe that virtual assistants do tasks like typing and answering emails. The truth of the matter is there is so much to the job than what meets the eye.

Some of the other services offered by VAs are:

  • Transcription
  • Graphic design
  • Project Management
  • Data Entry
  • Customer service
  • Advertising, marketing, and promotion
  • Copywriting
  • Editing

Here are some tips you can follow if you want to become a virtual assistant:

  • Decide if you wish to be employed or work as an independent assistant
  • Create a blog or website
  • Promote your services via social media
  • Decide on a price for your services
  • Collaborate with other VAs in your field
  • Always learn something new

Make More and Wait Less With PayPal

From this post, it’s clear that ways to make online are countless. You only need to do some research and identify the one that is in line with your hobbies or talents.

As for a reliable way to receive your hard-earned cash, you deserve the best and that is precisely what PayPal offers. As mentioned earlier, Paypal offers a unique and efficient user experience by simplifying the cash withdrawal process.

With its excellent customer services and convenient app that you can use on your Android, the only thing standing between you and a cash withdrawal experience is making use of it.

Diana Star

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