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15+ Ways to Save on Amazon You May Not Know About

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Amazon, the great savings, and delivery shopping site we all know (and love). If we’re shopping and we see something we like, we usually check on Amazon and see if we can get it cheaper right?

But did you know there are some more ways you can save on Amazon that you might not know about? Here’s more than 15 of them:

1. Use ShopTracker

This app will track all your Amazon purchases and you can make $3 a month as a Visa e-gift card by email. So, every time you shop on Amazon, ShopTracker logs it and you earn another $3.

So, about $36 dollars a year for doing your regular shopping online. That’s a good way to earn without needing to think about it.

2. Sign up for “Subscribe & Save”

Did you know Amazon has a “Subscribe & Save” option? You can save up to 15% and get free shipping on orders over $25. You sign up on the subscription page, select your products and a time frame (monthly to every six months), and your order will deliver on schedule and you save money and time.

This is great if you regularly buy large quantities such as diapers, formula, baby food, vitamins, groceries, and much more. The 15% off applies when you buy 5 or more of a product in a month. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you save 20%!

Let’s do some math – At Walmart, a pack of 88 Diapers cost $25, you’ll need 5 boxes which comes to $125 and if you’re lucky, you’ll save a little bit on their PriceCatcher App.

On Amazon a pack of 88 Newborn Diapers is $23, times 5 packages are $135 minus the 20% savings is $108. Thus, not only you save $17 a month, there is no hassle of having to pack up the baby (and kids) to head to the store as well.

3. Use CoinStar

Grab all your loose change (and bills) and head to a Coinstar kiosk. These kiosks can be found inside many Walmart and Grocery stores. There’s an 11.9% service fee for getting cash back.

Run all your change and bills through the machine and then choose the e-Gift option, there’s no fee for this. Choose Amazon and voila! You now have an Amazon Gift card to shop online with! The minimum is only $5!

4. “No Rush” Shipping

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you’re familiar with the free 2-day shipping they usually offer. But did you know that if you choose the “no rush” shipping you’ll get free promotional offers?

Rewards such as free music, eBooks, movies, and even food at the Amazon Pantry. I’ve received $5 towards a game, a free eBook, and 5% off my next purchase.

5. The Amazon Trade-In Program

We’ve seen those ads on television and social media to mail in your old electronics, but some of the “value” is very poor. Just use Amazon’s Trade-In program to turn in your old electronics as well as your old video games, books and movies for a gift card.

Eligible items include cell phones, Kindle e-readers, video games and gaming units, textbooks, and tablets. Let’s check out an example trade in – An Apple iPhone 6, working, unlocked, unscratched and no longer on your carrier –  $95.05.

6. Use Ibotta

We’ve all heard of Ibotta and probably use it for our grocery and retail shopping. Amazon purchases are now available on the App. You already know you can save money by using Amazon Prime, but if you buy Prime through Ibotta you can get an instant $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Most Amazon purchases through Ibotta earn you 3% cash back, ordering home services gets you 5% cash back.

7. Get Amazon Prime Rewards Visa

I know I already mentioned this before in other posts, but you can get savings on this Amazon credit card.  But how much savings can you get?

  • 3% cash back on all Amazon purchases
  • 2% cash back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • Get $50 upon approval

Again, it’s a credit card so please be aware of the hidden charges like I mentioned in this post [insert post link “12 Secrets your Bank or Credit Card….”].

8. Coupons

Did you know Amazon has a coupon page? I’ve been shopping on Amazon for well over ten years and did not know this!

Now with Amazon’s already great prices, you can add their coupons for even more savings. Here are a few samples – $2 off Tide detergent, 20% off Gerber baby food, $1 off Kleenex – coupons for things we actually use.

9. Price Matching

Amazon will match any prices on purchases you have made on their site. Whether it’s their own offered prices, or whether you call with a competitor’s price. But, this needs to be done within 30 days of the purchase.

The price difference is given as a gift card on your account. Keep an eye out on advertiser prices after you’ve made purchases. This really helps on the large purchases like appliances and electronics.

10. Use Ebates

Download Ebates and get savings back from Amazon. Not only will you get a free $10 just for signing up, but you can get about 3% to 7% cash back on your Amazon purchases.

11. Amazon Outlet Store

Here’s another Amazon site I did not know about – their Outlet store. You may have heard of those Outlet Malls where they sell surplus merchandise at discount prices. Well, Amazon has one for their warehouses.

Again, more great savings can be found on another hidden Amazon site. For example, a stainless steel cordless kettle that retails for $35 can be grabbed up for only $14, a $21 savings! How about an adjustable tablet stand that retails for $70 can be bought for only $15? That’s almost 80% off!

12. “Add-on” Options

You may notice while shopping on Amazon that underneath the product photos there’s a feature called “add-on items” and these items are often much cheaper than if bought separately.

This is included on orders over $25 though, which on most chopping trips, is an easy total to attain. For example, add on a 200-piece First Aid Kit for only $16 instead of the full price of $49.

13. An Age Advantage

If you’re 55 or older and you have an AARP membership, you qualify for savings on Amazon. AARP members can get several types of discounts from Amazon. These include:

  • 10% off Kindle e-Readers
  • 50% off some eBooks
  • 10% off print and audio books

Now, if you’re not yet 55, but your partner is, you still get AARP membership benefits under them.

14. Low-Income Discounts

Now we’d all would love to get Amazon Prime and all its benefits, but the price of $99 a year may seem a lot to chip out for.

Not to worry, Amazon has discounts for those on Medicaid, Food Stamps and other government assistance programs can pay for Amazon Prime monthly at $5.99 (instead of the regular $12.99 a month price).

15. Share the Account

Did you know you can share Amazon Prime with the rest of your household? Set up Amazon Household with six other household members to your prime account and share digital content and other Prime benefits.

If you have roommates, take advantage of this and give them Prime benefits for a percentage of the yearly fee. Four roommates pay $25 each, a pretty good “hidden” savings if you ask me.

16. Textbook Rentals

I stumbled across this while looking for textbooks for my son’s University classes. You can save up to 90% off textbooks here! This is a real lifesaver, especially on a limited income.

Here’s how much I saved on one textbook – $802! There was a textbook required for his English class, he must have the newest released version $850, we rented it on Amazon Rentals for one semester – $48 dollars!

You keep the box it came in and then just repack the book and affix the return sticker on it and ship it back for free!

17. Use Perk

There is a website and App called Perk where you can earn points for either watching videos, checking out offers, watching TV or playing games. The different Apps under this company include:

  • Perk – earn points for “checking in” places around town (easy points on your regular errands).
  • Perk TV – earn points for watching a variety of videos
  • Perk TV Live – earn points just for watching your regular TV programming, just “check in” and watch away.
  • Perk Scratch & Win – chance to win different gift cards (including Amazon)
  • Perk Pop Quiz – Play trivia quiz questions and earn points.

I’ve used Perk Video (a trick I use is to run it all night while I sleep), and other Apps and in 1 year I’ve earned $40 that I redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards. Free gift cards for doing stuff you already do in your spare time, or while running around town.

18. Android Apps

If you use an Android phone, Amazon offers a free App of the Day. Only available for 24 hours before returning to its regular price.

The Amazon AppStore also has a feature called Amazon Coins which is a digital currency and you can buy or earn coins towards apps, games, and in-game features. Some apps and games allow you to earn coins just for playing them (and most are free too).

Then you can turn around and buy with those coins with even more gaming savings.

19. Amazon Smile

Lastly, do your regular shopping through Amazon Smile Charity program. On your eligible purchases you make, Amazon will donate 0.5% of it to a charity of your choosing.

You don’t really make any extra “savings” here, but that’s money going to a worthy cause that you believe in that you didn’t have to give yourself.

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