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10 Ways To Save Money Shopping For Clothes

10 Ways To Save Money Shopping For Clothes
Justin Stewart Oct 23, 2019
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Having your own sense of style is important if you want to express your individuality based on the things that you like the most, and clothing is one of the best ways to show who you are and what makes you happy.

Being able to shop online at the drop of a hat is something that is great about the internet in our world today, but this can often mean that you are impulse buying all sorts of things whenever the feeling strikes you.

In a world full of designer wear and ever changing fashion standards, looking for ways to save on things like clothing can really help you find your sense of style while keeping the bank unbroken.

There are lots of ways to go about saving money on clothing without having to sacrifice quality for a good price, which means that you’ll be able to stay on trend even if you’re not always staying on brand.

Developing good shopping habits for your clothing that revolve around slashing the price tag while keeping up with your personal tastes can help you look great and feel great about the prices you pay for your outfits.

Top 10 Ways to Save on Clothes

Finding ways to save on the purchases you make in your every day life can be easy if you know some secrets on where and how to look for markdowns and deals on everything you’d like to buy, including clothes.

If you’re looking for some ways to save money on the awesome attire that you find online or in stores, you can take a look at this list of ten different ways to save on everything from basics to trendy picks from your favorite clothing lines.

1. Shop at Local Secondhand and Thrift Stores

If you like to have cool clothes but don’t want to spend your entire paycheck on a new outfit, one of the best places to look for clothing is at a thrift store.

You can pick from a range of different kinds of secondhand stores, especially if you’re in an urban or suburban area with major thrift store chains that will carry good quality items for a low price.

Not all thrift stores are created equal, and depending on what type of thrift store you choose to shop in, you’ll be limited to what they have to offer in terms of price and attire.

If you like the idea of buying seasonal clothing that is hip but doesn’t cost you full price, check out places like Buffalo Exchange or Beacon’s Closet if you have one in your area.

A lot of the clothing in these stores are used but most of their items are in like-new condition and they usually carry a more fashion-forward assortment.

There will be plenty of clothing options to sift through, so you should expect to go on a good hunt for a decently priced item that fits you and is priced well.

These stores will usually only have one of an item, so if you love love it, then you should get it before someone else snatches it up.

These clothing stores tend to carry everything from low end brands to designer wear, so you’ll want to pay attention to what the price tags say before you take them to the register.

Even still, if you prefer to wear designer clothing, these stores will have the high end items marked down considerably.

Another great thing about these stores in particular is that you can sell your lightly used or unwanted clothing without a hitch.

They won’t accept items that are not for the season that they’re looking to see in the near future and they definitely won’t accept clothes that have seen excessive use.

If you’ve got items that you haven’t used in a while and would like to see some return on them, you can take them to these secondhand stores.

Another option that you have for shopping secondhand is going to well known thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army.

These stores are nationwide, and you can easily find garments that are secondhand but in great condition.

You’ll have to do some digging in these stores as well because their secondhand items are not always going to blow your socks off, but the time will be well spent if you find the type of clothing item you’re looking for at a great price.

These stores are also places for you to donate unwanted clothing, and they are more flexible with their acceptance of your donation.

You won’t make money back for your donation outright, but you can get rid of clothing that is taking up ample closet space yet doesn’t qualify for buyback programs.

It’ll be easy to find everything that you’ll need in terms of clothing from a secondhand store in your area.

There most likely are other small secondhand stores in your hometown that you can easily locate by searching online.

If you’re interested in saving on clothing while not sacrificing quality, try visiting your local secondhand stores before you head over to larger retailers.

You’ll be surprised at the things you’ll be able to find, and you’ll feel great about looking great at a low cost!

2. Treat Your Clothes Shopping Like Grocery Shopping

If you’re interested in updating your wardrobe but aren’t sure where to start, it’s a good idea to plan ahead before you take a trip to your favorite clothing store.

Trying to purchase clothing in a store without a plan can often lead you to overspending on items that you want but don’t necessarily need.

If you plan ahead for what you plan to purchase at the clothing store, you can also help to successfully budget yourself by keeping in mind how much you’re willing to spend for a single clothing item.

A huge principal of successfully grocery shopping with frugality in mind is to properly develop a grocery shopping list before you head out to the store to avoid overspending and unnecessary purchases.

You can do the same thing with clothing items simply by creating a list of what you need and what you’ll shell out for a single item before you get to the store, making shopping for clothing a simple task that can be done quickly and efficiently.

With a list covering everything from underwear to winter coats, you can choose to buy only what you need and thank yourself later for not splurging on that dress jacket that you’ll only wear twice a year.

3. Avoid the “Pink Tax” on Women’s Clothing

You may have heard of the pink tax before, but you may not know that this principal can apply to clothing as well as other women-related products.

If you don’t know what the pink tax is, it is the markup of prices based on the fact that they are intended solely for women.

Generally, these items are marketed to women directly as a slightly different version of a gender-neutral product, creating gender based price discrimination.

This is not a literal tax, but it is somewhat of an implied tax based on the recognition that items geared specifically towards women usually cost more.

Women’s clothing also has this implied tax.

When you’re at a clothing store shopping for basic items or clothing that is worn by both men and women, make a point to look through the men’s section for the same item, and you may find that it’s cheaper there.

Things like hoodies, socks and t-shirts can easily be found in the mens section in unisex designs and colors.

This will help you shave off a few extra dollars per shopping trip while keeping your needs met with the items that you desire at a lower price.

Although the pink tax is an unfortunate phenomenon imposed by companies looking to profit off of women’s perceived femininity and desire for representation in a male-dominated world, it can easily be skirted (pun intended) by simply shopping in the men’s section for basic items.

Another way to avoid the pink tax is to shop in the kids or teen section of the store.

If you have a petite frame wear a particularly small shoe, you’re likely to find clothing and shoes in the kids section.

You’ll be able to find stylish accessories, attire and footwear for much cheaper than you would in the adult sections, and you’ll be able to try out fun and youthful clothing.

It’s a great way to save money on clothing and you’ll be able to stay in style with new attire!

4. Buy Your Basics On The Cheap

If you’ve been shopping for new clothing at any of the major retailers around the nation or in boutique stores, you may find that basic every day clothing items are costly in there as well.

The best way to avoid spending exorbitant amounts of money on simple things like plain tank tops or loungewear is to buy your items in bulk and for as cheaply as possible.

Purchasing generic brand basics can save you a lot of money in the long run, and if the clothes get worn to tatters you won’t feel bad chucking them and going out to get more as you need them.

These items are simple, usually in solid colors and a general size that is unisex and fit most adults.

The principal here is that basic wear does not require high-end design or production to be worn, so you won’t need to spend $70 on a white t-shirt that will probably last as long as Hanes or Fruit of the Loom.

If you’re trying to cut costs and still have all your basics stocked up, head over to your nearest Target or Walmart and get your hands on multi-packs of the standard items in your wardrobe.

Spending extra money on simple items like socks and underwear is a frivolous waste.

There is no real need to purchase $20 socks, even if the design is out of this world.

There’s a great chance that even the most trendy versions of basics like underwear and socks have their knock-off versions available online that are much cheaper and of equal quality.

Believe it or not, Amazon has great deals on clothing and you can find some really special items for much cheaper than you can at your local retailer, but the best part is you can save on basics by simply ordering them online.

5. Shop at Discount Clothing Stores

If you like wearing clothing that looks good and feels good with designer tags and a little pizazz, you’ll do well for yourself at major discount clothing stores.

These stores tend to house everything from household items to decor and clothing.

They’re very popular amongst shoppers because of the potentially deep discounts that can be found within these stores.

Most of the time, these retailers have clearance sections with clothing that they are trying to get rid of as soon as possible to fill their inventory with new items.

These clearance items can be marked off as much as eighty to ninety percent off depending on what the clothing item is, making a decent find in the clearance section astonishingly cheap.

These stores carry everything from basics to formal wear and the prices are always marked down from what they would be in major retailers like JC Penney or Macy’s.

Most of the discount clothing stores also carry major brands like Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, which makes the available clothing items trendy, of good quality, and bargain priced.

Although you can find these major discounts on designer items, you’re bound to spend more money buying similar clothing items in these stores that are not designer.

The other brands carried within these major discount clothing stores may not carry the same weight in the fashion world as names like Ralph Lauren or Betsy Johnson, but they definitely hold up in terms of quality.

Some major discount clothing stores to consider are Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls and T-J Maxx.

All of these stores are nationwide and can be easily found in major urban and suburban areas.

If there isn’t a major discount clothing store near you, you can easily shop for new clothes, shoes and accessories on their respective websites.

You’ll be able to shop for your future favorites from the comfort of your home while saving time and money without a hassle!

6. Keep an Eye on Online Clearance Sales

If you like to bargain shop, then you should definitely know about clearance sales and how useful they are for purchasing new attire without emptying your bank account.

There are many retailers that you can visit IRL to purchase items at clearance prices, but another useful thing to know is that you can save time and money by monitoring clearance sales online.

A lot of major retailers and discount clothing stores have online websites that you can visit easily to purchase clearance items from.

You won’t have to get dressed and jump in your car to run over and see what’s available, you’ll be able to purchase clothing at great prices from the comfort of your home.

The best price about online clearance sales is that they change slightly over time, so new items become available for purchase every week.

You’ll be able to compare and contrast items of similar styles and colors and choose what you prefer at a deeply discounted price that will leave you feeling guilt free.

The only downside to potentially sticking only to online clearance sales is that you may find that your favorite item doesn’t come in your size because they’re sold out.

To avoid missing out on clothing items that suit your personal taste at a deep discount, check back in to the websites periodically to see what they have available.

You can double down on your clearance sale price options by monitoring more than one retailer and signing up for any available rewards programs to tack on a little extra savings at the end of your shopping spree.

There is no better way to save on clothing than to purchase brand new items at clearance sale prices, and once you start you may never go back to purchasing items at full price again!

7. Do a Double Back for Clothing You Love at First Sight

A good idea to keep in mind when you’re shopping for new clothes is the double back.

When you find an item in the store that might be slightly more than you’d like to pay or you can’t stop thinking about how much you love the cut or color, then you should take a day to consider the purchase.

If you manage to forget about the item or conclude that you don’t need it or want it as badly as you originally thought, then you can move on and wait for the next find that piques your interests.

If you can’t stop thinking about how much you love that dress or pair of slacks, then you should consider making the purchase only if you know you’ll wear the item more than a few times a year.

Expensive clothing items can be enticing because of how they’re made or who designed them, but if you’re a frugal shopper then you may be hard pressed to make a purchase with such a large price tag.

If you decide that you can’t live without the item and are going to wear it often, then it’ll be worth the price point.

It’s not an ideal method to consider for every single purchase, but if you know that you’ll be as obsessed with the item in a year as you are when you’re eyeing it at the store, then it will be well worth it.

Take time to heavily consider if you can find a similar item for a lesser price, and do your best to be reasonable with the purchase.

You’ll save money in the long run because you won’t purchase multiple items to fill the void of not having the one that originally caught your eye.

8. Quality Clothing Will Reduce the Quantity of Clothing

If you like to wear clothes that turn heads and get compliments, you should indulge yourself in some quality garments that will last you a long time and help you avoid making multiple purchases for the same style of item within a year or two.

Purchasing clothing items that are durable and well made will keep you from having to get garments repaired or replaced shortly after purchasing them.

If you buy clothing that is made of quality material, you’ll be able to trust that the item will last you potentially for years to come.

Avoid purchasing items that are dry-clean only because this item will cost you money every single time you go to get the garment cleaned, and over time that will bring the price of your clothing item to a far higher threshold.

If you purchase wash-only clothing, you won’t have to worry about having your garment ready in time for an event or how often you’ll have to take your single item to the cleaners so you can wear it again.

It’ll be much easier to maintain your wardrobe if you purchase items that are made well and easy to clean weekly or bi-weekly and you’ll be happy to conserve the extra cash that you would’ve spent to clean a dress or suit a single time.

9. Know What You Love and Buy What You Love

If you know that you have certain style sensibilities, avoid purchasing clothing items that are out of character for your personal taste because these items will likely go unworn and end up being a waste of your hard earned capital.

If you spend money on a novelty clothing item or something that is not exactly “you” then the likelihood of your wearing that item as time goes on is going to diminish massively.

Save yourself time and money by only buying clothing that you know you’re going to wear multiple times throughout the year without worrying about whether you’ll be happy with it later.

Purchasing an item in a wild color or print that doesn’t suit your style will ultimately result in your making a wasteful purchase so it is better to stick to colors and designs that you know will mesh well with your other clothes.

Unless you are absolutely certain that your purchase is going to fit in well with your other wardrobe items, don’t waste your money on it.

At best, you’ll end up returning the item or selling it, at worst it will just end up in a trash bag or a as a donation that you’ll get no return on.

Save yourself the trouble and buy things that you know you like and will continue to love for as long as you have them.

10. Buy Muli-Seasonal and Layering Items

A great way to stay on top of keeping your wardrobe limited and only purchasing what you need so as to conserve your financial resources, buy clothing items that are useable for more than one season out of the year.

Obviously, summer purchases like shorts are going to be useful for that season, but buying ten pairs is not conducive to your financial health.

Instead of focusing on items that are meant for specific weather or a specific season outside of what is absolutely necessary, focus on buying items that are multi-seasonal and can be used for layering.

It may not seem like an important balancing point for your wardrobe, but having attire that you can build an outfit out of and add layers for warmth or intrigue can be beneficial to your wallet.

Take the time to catalogue what you have in your wardrobe and purchase items that can be worn over the top of your basics that you use year round.

This will help you save money by easily making these clothing items viable options throughout the entire year.

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