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The Cash app used to be called Square Cash from the Square Inc. company and it’s a mobile payment service where users can send and receive cash quickly. Today, we're going to compare Cash App & PayPal.

Getting Started with Cash App

Download and install the Cash App

Open the Cash App and enter your phone number or email

You’ll receive either a text or email with a confirmation code, enter this in the prompt window

Getting Started with PayPal

Either download the PayPal app or go to the website

Enter your email and create a password

Fill out your personal information – name, address, and phone number

Sending Money cash app

Open the App

Type in the dollar amount on the keypad on the main page

Tap the Pay button at the bottom

Sending Money paypal

Log onto your Account (or open the app)

Click Send Money

Enter the recipient’s email (or cell number) and the money amount

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