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Cocoon Review:

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Cocoon is one of a very few browser plug-ins that pays users to simply use it to surf the internet. Let’s see what the Cocoon Browser has to offer!

What is the Cocoon Browser Extension?

The Cocoon plugin for your browser creates a secure encrypted connection to the Internet so that no one can see your browsing history when you’re online.

Is Cocoon Safe to Use?

The Cocoon browser comes with an anti-virus and anti-malware program as well as many other protective services that standard browsers don’t, or even those offered by the AVG Anti-Virus program.

How to Sign Up on Cocoon

You need to go to the Cocoon website and create an account.

How do You Make Money with Cocoon?

You can make around $150 to $300 a year from browsing on Cocoon.

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