Review 2023:

Scam Or Legit

Box Company?



We’re going to be reviewing Cratejoy, an online marketplace and e-commerce platform that makes it simple and easy for budding entrepreneurs to launch their own subscription box business.

What Is Cratejoy?

The Cratejoy marketplace is kind of like the eBay of subscription boxes. Customers can browse hundreds of subscription boxes listed on the marketplace and subscribe to any that they like.

How Cratejoy Works

Head to the Cratejoy website

Pick a category of subscription box that you might be interested in (such as books, beauty, art, novelty, etc)

How Much Does Cratejoy Cost?

The all-in-one e-commerce platform subscription service that allows you to design and launch your own website costs $39 per month.

Benefits of Selling Through Cratejoy

Advanced Analytics

It’s Great for Beginners

Easy Traffic

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