Review 2023:

Scam Or Legit


Dabbl App

To Make Money

The basic premise of the Dabbl app is to let you earn money by playing games, answering quizzes and watching videos.

What is Dabbl?

Dabbl was created by the AdJoy company which works in mobile advertising, loyalty marketing, digital advertising, and media delivery fields.

How to Get Started

Go to Google Play and download Dabbl

Open the app and you’ll see the Welcome screen and a mini tutorial

Once you’ve swiped through the tutorial, click “Get Started”

What’s Offered on This App?

Clicking on the points counter opens a new screen showing your earnings in the form of a growth wheel.

How Do You Earn Money?

In the From Dabbl section you’ll earn a number of points for watching short videos, answering short quizzes, and watching quick ad videos.

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