Is This Internet-

Based Dieting

Community Worth It?

DietBet Review:

DietBet is an Internet-based dieting community that helps people meet weight loss goals via competitions with monetary awards.

What Is DietBet?

DietBet aims to change the way people lose weight. Users join competitions called games, and each game has a different goal.

How To Join A DietBet Game

Join a game

Create a free DietBet account

Add your monetary bet to the pot

How Do DietBet Games Work?

Games are created by hosts, and you can host your own game whenever you want. Hosts can create Private (invitation only) and Open-Access (public) games.

How Much Will You Earn With DietBet?

The number of winners for a game.

The bet amount for a game.

The bet amount versus the payout amount.

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