Trying Out Apps

Earn Free Cash

Downloading And

We’re introducing another one called FeaturePoints. By using these three apps simultaneously, you could add an extra $75 to your monthly income for little work.

What Is FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints is a mobile app that pays you to download and try out new apps.

open up the browser

From your Android or iPhone, open up the browser that came with your phone. For iPhone users, you must use Safari. From there you can go to www.featurepoints.com.

download the FeaturePoints app to your phone

You will be automatically redirected to download the FeaturePoints app to your phone. Click on the Install FeaturePoints button.

browse through the App Offers

Off to the right side of the app will be listed the amount of points you receive for each app you download.

How Much Can I Earn With FeaturePoints?

Compared with Appdown or FreeMyApps, your earnings potential is a lot more with FeaturePoints.

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