Ways to

Build Credit


HIGH School

Before and 

AFTER Graduating 

The sooner you get started learning about credit reports and scores and how to boost them, the easier it will be to get your finances in order when you’re ready to venture off on your own.

Why is it Important to Start Building Credit Early?

Your future self will need a decent credit score and stable credit history for everything from landing a dream job to purchasing a new car or home.

Ways to Build Credit While You’re Still in High School

Get Your Own Checking and Savings Accounts

Start Working

Become an Authorized User on a Parent’s Credit Card

Best Ways to Continue Building Credit After You Graduate

Ask Someone to Co-Sign Private Student Loans

Borrow the Absolute Minimum

Pay Student Loan Interest While in School

Get More Credit Cards

Student Credit Cards

Retail and Gas Credit Cards

Reward Credit Cards

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