to Furnish Your


Money At All

Apartment with

 Little or No

This post will give you ideas on how to make things bearable for you and your bank account. Here are tips on how to furnish your apartment with little or no money at all.

Sign Up to The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network is a non-profit movement of people that strive to keep usable household equipment out of landfills.

Take a Walk In Your Neighborhood

If you live in a large neighborhood, take advantage of this. Set aside a day if you’re busy most of the time to walk around the hood and see what you can find.

Attend Yard Sales

Maximize your opportunity to attend sales by checking any local websites that post such information. Just google yard sales in your area and see what’s available.

Ask for Hand Me Downs from Your Loved Ones

There’s no shame in asking your friends and loved ones to give you furniture that they don’t need anymore.

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