On How To


dollars Or Less

invest With $500

Whether you only want to invest $500 at a time or that’s all you have to invest, you might be surprised by the variety of options you will see in this post.

Real Estate

There are ways to buy buy rental real estate with no money down, which fits our “$500 or less” criterion.

Precious Metals

Your $500 won’t go very far buying gold, since the price is currently over $1,200 per ounce. But if it’s gold you want, you can still buy 1/10 ounce bars.

Crypto currencies

Fortune magazine says $100 invested in Bitcoin in July of 2010 (at 6 cents) would be worth over $28 million by of December 2017 (but only $12 million at today’s price).

High Yield Savings and Checking Accounts

The One American Bank Kasasa Cash checking account pays 3.5% interest on balances up to $10,000.

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