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Make $300/Hour

 Foraging For Wild

Foraging isn’t only a way to make money and a killer meal. It’s also good for the ecosystem because it adds value to our society. And when something has value, you fight your butt off to protect it.


Up to this day, indigenous everywhere harvest wild plants for food and medicine. And in pioneer America, our forebears went out looking for berries, nuts, and seeds for their meals.

World Class Restaurants

These in-demand purveyors of plants growing in field and stream can make upwards of $,1000 per haul.

Essential Tools For The Journey

Wear long pants, boots, and socks, and apply ample amounts of bug spray to keep ticks and mosquitoes away. A solar-powered fridge will keep your plants fresh in your car until you get home.

Learning The Art

The number of wild plants you can use for culinary purposes is almost endless. There’s so much variety. That’s what makes foraging so rewarding.

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