on How To Rent



An Apartment 

With Little To No

There are a couple of things you can do to find yourself a cost-effective lease, no matter where you go apartment-hunting. Here are ten ways to get an apartment with little money.

Don’t Waste Time (and Money) on Expensive Neighborhoods

If you’re in a position to switch locations, you can potentially accelerate the rate of your savings while boosting your purchasing power all at once.

Get Yourself a Guarantor

Rent guarantors act as apartment co-signers who can vouch for applicants and be held legally responsible for any issue about the apartment.

Leave a Good First Impression to Your Apartment Manager or Landlord

The first impression should start with the phone call you make to set up the appointment. Speak clearly and maintain a polite tone.

Negotiate the Rent

As you negotiate, be sure to do it personally and not by proxy. Face to face negotiations usually yield the best results.

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