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Taking Pictures Of

(Updated 2023)

ibotta review:

Your Receipts

Sometimes shopping can be expensive. Fortunately, Ibotta helps alleviate this problem by giving you cash back on over 2,000 different products.

What Is Ibotta?

The Ibotta app now pays you to shop online, scan receipts from any store and link your loyalty card.

How Does Scanning Receipts Work With Ibotta?

The main way you can make money using Ibotta is by taking pictures of your receipt from your smartphone.

How Do Loyalty Cards Work With Ibotta?

Linking a loyalty is just another method of receipt scanning through Ibotta.

How Do Mobile In-App Purchases Work With Ibotta?

When you shop through one of Ibotta’s partner retailers through the app, you’re given a certain percentage back from your total purchase price.

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