Can You cash 

A Ripped CHECK?

Ripped Checks

What To do with


In this post, we’ll deep dive into the biggest question and what you can do to get your money.

Make Sure Your Check Is Legit

The first step is making sure the person who sent you the check is legit and trustworthy.

Characteristics Of A Valid Check

Bank phone number

Verify the bank by looking it up

Check for any discoloration or smudges as this can point towards an altered check

Cash The Ripped Check With A Teller

Step 1: Find The Nearest Branch

Step 2: Proper Documents

Step 3: Give Them A Notice

Step 4: Check Your Bank’s Policy

4 Benefits Of Prepaid Cards

No Credit Check

No Overspending

Can Use Locally And Online

They Can Help Pay Your Bills

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