How To Sell

Used Tires: The

(Updated 2023)

End-To-End Guide

Here are the best companies that will take your unused tires for cash. You can make anywhere from $1 or $40 for large truck tires. This could be the easiest way to make some cash and make some room in the garage!

Corporate Tire (East Coast)

This company has multiple locations on the East Coast. They are actively buying tires as well as growing the business.

Pomp’s Tire (Midwest)

Pomp’s Tire is a growing company that has multiple businesses in the Midwest. They are only accepting semi-truck tires.

Santa Ana Wheel

This company is only located in California. Santa Ana Wheel will only accept tires that are original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Tire Management, Inc. 

Located in Illinois, tire Management, Inc is one of the best companies to sell your tires to. They prefer large orders of tires at one time.

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