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Paid To Be active,

Walk & Stay Fit


One of the hardest things about exercising and getting in shape is finding the motivation to do so. Wouldn’t it be great, then, if someone offered to pay you for it?

What Is StepBet?

It’s a smartphone app that allows you to bet on whether or not you’ll reach your step goals against other people. If you win the bet, you win money.

How Does StepBet Work?

Select a game and receive your personalized step goals

Reach your goals each week for six weeks

Split the pot with the other players in your game who also met their step goals

How Do You Win?

The game runs for six weeks, and to win you need to meet your step goals every single week except for week one.

How Much Money Can You Make With StepBet?

Presuming you meet your step goals, you’ll probably win about $10-$25 per game with StepBet, plus your initial bet back.

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