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Swag IQ is a live trivia game like other trivia apps that help you make extra cash from your mobile device.

What is Swag IQ (now called Swagbucks Live)?

Swag IQ is a live trivia app that has new games throughout the week for members to play for a chance to win money.

How to Play Swag IQ (Swagbucks Live)

Answering Questions

Rejoining the Game

Sweetening the Prize Pot

How Much Can You Make from Swag IQ (Swagbucks Live)?

Game 1: Grand prize of $1155 (115,500 SBs)

Game 2: Grand prize of $500 (50,000 SBs)

Game 3: Grand prize of $1000 (100,000 SBs)

How to Sign Up for Swag IQ (Swagbucks Live)

You can do this by heading to and registering or by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play.

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