to Reuse  


Old Candles and 

Candle Jars

This post has 36 ideas that will inspire you to stop throwing your leftover candle wax away and, instead, turn it into something different!

Turn Leftover Wax into a Multi-Scented Candle

This works best for similar scents, like fresh linen and beachy scents or fruity candles, but you can always experiment with ones you think will go well together.

Make Tea Lights Out of Unusable Portions

Save your used tea light containers, buy some new wicks, and pour melted candle wax into the holders.

Use Leftover Pieces to Make Wax Melts

You can turn your leftover wax that the candle wick won’t reach into new wax melts to savor your favorite scents for a little longer.

Make Air Fresheners

Tie a knot on the top and you have a DIY air freshener that you can hang in a closet or place under a car seat for a fresh scent.

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