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10 Best Websites to Learn Spanish for Free

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websites to learn Spanish for freeLanguage is one of the most lucrative skills you can learn for free.

We earlier talking about how to be fluent in French without going abroad and today we’ll talk about how to learn Spanish for free.

With over 400 million speakers, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages of the world.

It is the official language of 20 countries which also makes it the world’s second-most spoken language after Mandarin Chinese. 

This is why a large number of people want to learn the language.

It can help you move ahead in your career or settle in a new country.

A form of early Vulgar Latin, it hails from the Iberian Peninsula, which includes present day Spain and Portugal; mixed with the Arabic dialect spoken by the Moors of that time, it is an exotic language which had by the 13th century established its roots.

After English and French, Spanish is the third most studied language in the world.

Over 12 million people speak Spanish as a second language in the US alone. This makes the US the second largest Spanish speaking country after Mexico. 

Needless to say to learn Spanish is becoming more and more relevant today than ever before. Whether it is for travel or for work or even just to connect with your next door neighbors, learning Spanish as a second language will take you places.

Plus, it is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to pick up!

The easiest way to organize your learning lessons is online. A number of websites, apps are available today which will make it effortless for you to pick up Spanish and make it a part of your everyday life. 

Whether you want to learn Spanish to excel in your career or to sound cool, going online is one of the best options. Plus, you can even find some ‘free’ courses. 

To make your job easier, we have found and picked ten of the most reliable websites to learn Spanish for free. If you want to learn more than just the language, check out these free online universities.

Let’s get started:

1. Babbel – Best for Experts

Considered to be a premium web resource for online learning, Babbel makes it easier for you to combine your schedule with online sessions which cost less than your morning coffee. 


  • It lists top notch language experts who guarantee quick learning. 
  • Taking a step by step approach the website covers all aspects of a practical learning course including reading, writing, speaking and listening. 
  • With full on interactive sessions, it also includes a speech recognition feature that also allows you to improve on your pronunciation. 
  • You can integrate your sessions via their mobile app available on Android and iOS. With more and more people now using mobile devices, this feature can be quite a highlight. 


  • Babbel is meant to be used by people who have a novice understanding of the language and are looking for more expert level guidance. 
  • The structure of learning allows you only limited access to materials for free before signing up for a paid membership.
  • It does not allow for deferred payments.

Babbel offers a 20 day trial period with a money back guarantee; it also creates a review manager for your material which you can continue to use even after you decide not to continue with a paid subscription. 

You are able to choose from a variety of packages:

  • A monthly package ($ 12.95)
  • A quarterly ($ 8.95)
  • A half-yearly ($ 7.45) 
  • An annual package ($ 6.95) 

All payments are processed online securely over an SSL encrypted connection. 


2. TakeLessons Live – Best for Social Learners


To have fun and learn a lot in a group setting consider TakeLessons Live. All instructors here are either native speakers or trained as language instructors. 


  • Their course plans not only include interactive lessons to be taken online but also exclusive sessions that allow you to hone your skills based on your choice of medium.
  • Whether you’d like to learn the basics, improve on your vocabulary or would like a tutorial on developing conversational skills, you can join a session via your phone or laptop. 
  • The website also offers instant feedback on tested skills. This is a great feature for students as they will be able to see their progress over a period of time. 
  • You are also able to interact with other students online from all over the world. This can be good if you enjoy socializing.


  • Users often feel they progress too far too quickly and are not allowed to move at their own pace
  • Each lesson is a choice between a given medium, you cannot combine all of them.

Registration is free but the free membership comes with limitations. You will have to upgrade to a premium membership to enjoy unlimited live access to classes the website offers.

Available packages include:

  • A monthly subscription at $ 19.95 – billed monthly or an annual subscription at $ 9.98 – billed annually.

3. Study Spanish – Best for Students

Study Spanish approaches e-learning in a different way. It’s an advanced platform with a growing number of students.


  • Allows you to progress at your own level and pace by dividing courses into bite-sized learning units.
  • Its massive library offers a range of 28 verbal drills, 55 vocabulary lessons, 50 pronunciation exercises, and 104 grammar lessons. 
  • The interface is very easy to use.


  • The mediums offered are limited.
  • Study Spanish is more structured, hence not very flexible.

You can opt for a free student membership with limited access to materials to start off with and upgrade later on to a monthly premium subscription at $ 9.99 a month or a 6 months premium membership at $ 44.99.


4. SpanishPod 101 – The One That Is Truly Free


SpanishPod 101 targets all kinds of learners including beginners, intermediates, and experts. It is one of the most popular online Spanish learning platforms and has been featured on the likes of BBC and The New York Times.


  • Offering a free lifetime membership to its subscribers, SpanishPod 101 applies traditional learning methods and combines them with modern technology. 
  • Its lessons are interactive and broken down to four essential skill levels. Each stage offers a variety of learning tools including live sessions with instructors. Moreover, it also allows you to learn in other different ways including pictography and culturally relevant podcasts. 
  • The website features thousands of free audio and visual aids that help you through the stages as you pick your words and sentences. This makes learning Spanish fun and easy either on the go or from the comfort of your home.
  • Each recording is around 15 minutes long and helps you progress through each stage as you advance forward. 


  • Learning is not structured and does not include tests or quizzes, hence it can be difficult to gauge your skills.
  • May only be suitable for beginners.

SpanishPod 101 can be a great option if you’re really looking for a free way to learn Spanish. It has a lot of valuable material, however, the platform appears to lack complex courses.

5. Conjuguemos – Best for Teachers

This platform is popular for offering multiple languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latine, Korean, and Portuguese. You can get starting without signing up.


  • It teaches Spanish through fun activities and games. Conjuguemos is recommended for early and school going learners as an additional aid. 
  • Apart from catering to individual learners and students, Conjuguemos also offers courses and learning plans to schools and other language learning centers. 
  • The website offers thousands of interactive activities and study guides that are flash-card based.
  • It gauges your skill level at each stage via a set activity timer as you progress through each bite sized unit of activity.
  • The platform offers pop quizzes and tests to help you grade your skills.


  • It is primarily meant for institutional users; individual users might feel lost and find that the choice of courses does not match their needs.
  • The courses on offer are usually for groups or early learners.

Conjuguemos is free for students, their price plans are divided into three types: 


  • Individual Students – Free
  • Individual Teachers – Free Plan & Premium Plan at $ 45 per year
  • Institutional Account – Per Campus $ 45 per month + $ 5  per teacher





6. Todo-Claro – Best for Exercises

If you’re looking for a free online tool then look no further. This website features a number of resources including gap-fill sheets. However, you might just find it a bit outdated compared to the rest of the online tools available. 


  • Offers a wide variety of online resources designed for all kinds of students including beginners, intermediates, and advanced.
  • You get to practice vocabulary and word conjugation.
  • Gives you great insight into the language, including its history.


  • There is a lack of updated materials on the website.
  • The learning tools offered only specify exercises and do not give explanations or guidance

Todo-Claro does not look very impressive due to an outdated design but that should not deter you. It is free to use and can be a good pick for users who are interested in testing their skills.

7. Lengalia – Best for Certificates

Positioning itself as the best of the best – lists numerous ways in which you can learn Spanish online. It also offers a certificate at the end of the course to celebrate your achievement. 

With a variety of courses offered online ranging from A0 to C2, the platform is perfect for a variety of users. 


  • Offers a diverse range of topics for you to choose from.
  • Has a unique Voice Recorder feature that you can use to compare your pronunciation to native speakers.
  • Offers a wide range of delivery mediums including podcasts, virtual teachers, online translation, etc.


  • Lengalia can be an expensive option if you want to study short term, however it offers good value for money for long term courses.
  • Lengalia is technically not a free platform but it does offer a small free trial to help you understand how effective it can be.

You can select from two courses:

  • The All-in course is offered at EUD 4.99 per/month.
  • Basic courses are priced at EUD 29.99 per month or at EUD 19.99 per month on a 3 months basis.

The platform can help with placement tests and gives you direct access to teachers making it a good option for people who are serious about learning Spanish.


8. Fluencia – Best for Cloud Learning


Offering a cloud based learning program, Fluencia differentiates itself from the rest in the crowd. This means you are able to access your material and courses from your phone or desktop easily. A downside, however, is that it isn’t available as an app for your smartphone. 

It offers a variety of mediums, including learning with pictures, audio files, and translations. 

You can register and also get the first 15 lessons for free.


  • Offers an adaptive learning technology which allows you a review after several lessons.
  • Gives feedback and highlights mistakes and corrections.
  • Is goal oriented; the user can set up reminders in order to stay on track.


  • You will need to practice more in order to improve your oral skills.
  • The website does not offer podcasts.

Fluencia offers a fixed monthly package at $ 14.95 per month to all its users. You can register for a paid package if you like the free lessons.


9. Instituto Cervantes – Best for Professionals (Paid)


We know the list is supposed to contain free options but Cervantes deserves to be on the list since it’s cheap and offers a lot more than usual.

If you are serious about learning the language then opt for this option. keen on learning the language It is a quality website designed to help you in learning Spanish the right way. Each course is laid out in the form of topics and takes around 10 hours to complete before you can move on to the next one. 

It will prepare you for DELE examination. The syllabus covers a wide range of topics and encourages students to choose their expertise level accordingly. 

Unlike other platforms, this one isn’t decked out with fancy tools but each class is informative and gives you what you need exactly to progress ahead. 


  • Prepares you for upcoming exams.
  • Offers a traditional learning style.
  • Special training for teachers.
  • Tutored courses are also available.


  • Not as fun or modern as the other online platforms on this list.
  • If you are a complete beginner this probably isn’t for you.

Each course at the Instituto Cervantes is priced at EUD 20 per 10 hours of learning time. However, the rates for exams and training courses differ. At this time, it is not offering free courses though.


10. Mosalingua


Mosalingua holds a high ranking amongst Spanish Language teaching websites and apps. There is something for everyone. Plus, the courses are very neatly structured.

If we were to point to a specific specialty or the one thing that makes this website stand out then it would be the Spaced Repetition System.  It’s a special system designed to allow you to keep on track while also enhancing your long term memory.


  • Offers dialogues, and allows you to track your progress.
  • You are able to explore various topics freely.
  • Flashcard learning, easy and efficient.
  • Works flawlessly on mobile devices.


  • You might have to stick to a schedule. 
  • The process is a bit slow.

You can get access on iOS for $4.99 and $ 5.99 on Google Play. There is a 15 day free trial after which you will have to pay $ 59.99 a year on your desktop

How Long Will It Take Me To Learn Spanish

Spanish is one of the easiest languages out there but there can be no one word answer to this question.

You’re limited by your own capabilities. If you’re a fast learner, you will learn the basics in as little as two weeks. Most platforms, however, offer monthly courses.

We suggest that you choose a platform according to your needs. For example, if you want to learn Spanish to move ahead in your career then it is best to go for an option that offers a course so you can mention it in your resume.

Similarly, if you want to learn it just for fun, then stick to a platform that is free and entertaining.

All in all, it can take two to three months to learn a language well enough to have a basic conversation.


Waste no time and start learning the language today. Start with the basics and slowly move ahead. The platforms discussed above are great if you want to learn Spanish for free. Pick one that suits you the best.

Good luck or Buena Suerte!!

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