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Why Raise Is Almost Always The Best Place To Buy Gift Cards To Maximize Savings

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Before going to a restaurant or doing any sort of shopping whether it be online or off, it’s usually best to buy a gift card if you want to maximize your savings. The reason for this is because we can buy these gift cards at a discount, sometimes giving you up to 15% off of your total purchase price.

If you’ve read some of my previous articles, such as How to Guarantee Up To 20% Off At Your Favorite Restaurant, you know that Gift Card Granny is one of the best sites to find these discounts on gift cards. However, sometimes there’s more to it than catches the eye if you want to maximize your savings.


Gift Card Granny does a great job at displaying which websites give the best discounts from highest to lowest. If you take a look in the picture above, you’ll notice that ABC Gift Cards comes in first, Ebay in second and Raise in third. From this information, it would be almost obvious to go with the first place choice, ABC Gift Cards. (Never go with Ebay because those listings are still under auction).

The only problem is that by choosing the first one off of the bat, you aren’t going to get the most savings possible. There’s an extra little trick (or two) that you can use to save an extra 5% – 10% off of your gift card purchase price by using Raise. More times than not, this will bump Raise up to first place on the Gift Card Granny list.

First Of All, Why Raise?


Raise has to be one of the most reliable gift card websites out there. Some gift card resellers have a really bad rap for sending you a gift card with the wrong amount of money or a gift card with no money on it all.

First of all, Raise has a buyer-guarantee policy, meaning that they will refund you for receiving a value other than what was shown during the point of sale. If that isn’t enough, Raise has been promoted by Business Inside, USA Today, Time and Forbes Magazine.

Raise Press

Secondly, when you order a gift card from Raise, 99% of the time you’re going to be emailed the gift card. This is great because the email is going to display your gift card code along with the value of the card. This makes it very easy to dispute any charges. If your gift card has a different value than what was stated, send them the email and your receipt and you’ll be sure to get your refund.


Since gift cards are sent via email, you don’t have to wait 3-5 days like you normally would with regular postage. There have been times where I have decided on a restaurant last minute and wanted to use a gift card in order to minimize spending.

With Raise I’m able to by the gift card online and receive it in my email usually within the next few minutes. The longest I’ve ever had to wait was an hour.

How Can I Save More Money With Raise?

Now we’ve come to the most important reason on why you should use Raise to purchase that majority of your gift cards.

If I’ve taught you anything, it’s that you should always use cash back portals before making any online purchase. This will always save you the extra dollar. When buying gift cards, it’s no different.

If you don’t know about shopping portals, you can read my article How to Always Get the Most Cash Back For Online Shopping – Top Shopping Portals.

By using the CashBackMonitor website we can quickly filter which portal will give us the best discount on a website. I’ve done the legwork for you and pasted percentages below of the maximum cash back value for each gift card reseller.

Gyft Cash Back

Gift Card Mall Cash Back

Cardpool Cash Back

Raise Cash Back

By looking at the photos above, we see that Raise gives the best cash back at TopCashback. Take note that although on Cardpool it says “Up to 4%,” this is not accurate. It gives you 4% back for selling your gift card, but only 2% when buying one. This means that you’re saving an extra 3% as compared to other cash back websites.

If we look at Gift Card Granny again, it seems like ABC Gift Cards is the best place to go for Olive Garden gift cards.


Now we know this isn’t true. We can add an extra 5% off of our purchase from Raise, making our 11.22% savings into 16.22%, beating ABC Gift Cards by nearly 2%.

How Do I Get The Extra 5% With TopCashback?

Here we’ve broken it down into 3 simple steps on how to sign-up with TopCashback and get an extra 5% back on your gift card purchases.

1. Go to TopCashback and sign-up for a new account. The only information that is required is your name and email. If you want to support Frugal For Less, please use our affiliate link here and also get a free $5 in your account to start off with.


2. Type “Raise” in the search bar above and press enter. You’ll see that you can get 5% cash back on most purchases through TopCashback. Click on the Get 5% Cash Back button, and then click on the Get Cashback Now button and you’ll be redirected to the Raise website.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 3.28.38 PM3. Once you’re on the Raise website, go through and make a purchase like you normally would. Cash back will be deposited into your TopCashback account.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 3.32.34 PM

Once you reach a minimum of $20 you’ll be able to withdraw money into your PayPal or bank account.

I’ve Saved 5%, But Can I Save More?

One of the other great things about Raise is that there are frequent promotions going on that give you an extra 5% discount by entering a special promo code upon checkout. By signing-up for their email, you’ll know when these specials are going on, but you don’t have to in order to receive the extra bonus since the promo code is always the same.

Before making a checkout, just be sure to enter in the code “TAKE5” to see if you qualify for an extra 5% off your purchase. If the code has expired, they will notify you that the promotion has ended. If not, congrats on just getting an extra 5% off your purchase.

enter take5

Exceptions To Getting 5% Cash Back

Like all good things out there, exceptions do occur. While TopCashback will give you 5% back on most cards purchased through Raise, there are a few that only give you 1%. These are the current stores that will only get you 1% back:

  • Target
  • Sears
  • Starbucks
  • Walmart
  • Lowe’s Instore
  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom
  • Bestbuy
  • Bloomindale
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Macys
  • eBay
  • iTunes
  • Xbox prepaid

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 3.40.55 PM

That’s why it’s always important to calculate how much cash back you will be getting before you make your purchase. 1% is better than nothing, but if the gift card you want to buy is on this list, it wouldn’t hurt to look at other gift card websites first.

Another exception is the TAKE5 promotion code. This one is even stricter, as it only allows you to receive 5% cash back on a few specific stores depending on the time of promotion. These categories frequently rotate, so it’s best to check back often. The image below will what stores are currently acceptable for the promotion.

take 5 exceptions

One of my favorite restaurants that I can use this TAKE5 code on is Red Robin. Using this code along with TopCashback I can get an extra 10% off on top of the savings I’m already getting with a gift card. Not bad.


What you’ve read may seem like a lot of work. I promise that once you setup your Raise and TopCashback accounts and get in the habit of going through these steps, you’ll be able to do it all under 5 minutes each time. This is a small amount of time for saving an extra 10% on your purchase.

Even though Raise can give you extra cash back, it’s always important to calculate the max you can get before a purchase. If the discount your receiving is way below what other gift card resellers offer, it might be best to go with them instead.

A final note is to remember the exceptions on TopCashback. Specific gift cards purchased will only get you 1% instead of 5%, so make sure to check when going through the purchasing process.

If there are any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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