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10+ Best Paid Surveys In Australia | Earn $300+/Month

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Paid survey sites and apps are a popular and easy way to earn money.

Unfortunately, many options are only available for US residents.

It can be tough to find good opportunities in different countries, but they definitely exist.

Below you’ll find 10 websites and apps that Australians can use to earn money online.

Some international sites list their currency in USD, and others list theirs in AUD.

You can this currency converter tool if needed.

Want to skip the reviews and get straight to it? Here’s a legitimate list of the best paid surveys in Australia:

Not in Australia? Not a problem.

Most of these sites work in many English-speaking countries.

With that said, let’s get started with the reviews.

Table of Contents

1. Survey Junkie

Want to skip the text review? View our complete video review of Survey Junkie here:

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Survey Junkie currently claims over 3 million users, available in the US, the UK and Australia. Recently founded in 2013 in Los Angeles, California, Survey Junkie has quickly grown to become one of the most popular survey sites on the web.

Each survey you take will reward you with a specific amount of points. Each survey can take as little as 3 minutes to as long as 30 minutes, with payouts ranging anywhere between 5 points and 500 points. In short, they have a wide variety of payouts linked with each survey.

You’ll typically find a mix of both negative and positive reviews about this survey site. Many claim that it really depends on your demographics to determine whether you’ll be awarded good surveys or not.

Payment Methods

Survey Junkie currently allows you to cash out for either Target or Amazon gift cards or a direct deposit to your PayPal account. All of the payments to PayPal are in USD.

Payout Minimum

1 point is equivalent to 1 cent USD, making it quite easy to convert from points to actual cash. You need a minimum balance of $10 to cash out.


While Survey Junkie doesn’t have a referral program, they do award you a quick 25 points for signing-up and filling out your profile. It’s important to fill out this profile so that Survey Junkie can give you surveys related to your demographics.

2. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a very popular survey and small task site, and it’s available in Australia and four other countries. The U.S.-based company launched in 2008, and they’ve paid over $246,365,971 to users in cash and rewards.

Surveys and other tasks can be completed through their website or mobile app. Surveys are one of many ways you can earn money with Swagbucks. You can also watch videos, take polls, search the web, shop online, and more.

For every survey and task you complete, you earn a specific amount of points called SB. Since there are so many options, the payment per task varies a lot.

Payment Methods

The Swagbucks Rewards page features PayPal cash payments and gift card payment options. All of the prizes are listed in USD, so you’ll need to convert what you see to AUD.

Payout Minimum

To get cash via Paypal, you need 2500 SB for a $25 USD payment. You need less to start getting gift cards. For example, a Starbucks $5 USD gift card is available for 500 SB.


When you refer a friend, you’ll earn 10% of their points indefinitely. For example, you’d get 70 SB if your friend earned 700 SB. Swagbucks is currently offering a $10 USD sign up bonus. The signup bonus changes often, but there’s always one available.

3. Vindale Research

Want to skip the text review? View our complete video review of Vindale Research here:

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Founded in 2004, this survey site focuses on getting feedback for consumer brands. Instead of earning points for a specific survey, you’re given the actual cash value.

The main reason why people love Vindale Research compared to other survey sites is that you’re always told how much you’ll earn and how long a survey will take before you actually start it. Not only that, but some surveys can even be taken multiple times per day.

Expect to earn anywhere from $.75 cents to $5 per survey. Occasionally they’ll give you a $50 survey, but these usually take up to a few hours. You can expect to earn anywhere between $8 – $10 per hour depending on the surveys you take.

Payment Methods

Right now Vindale Research currently only allows you to cash out via PayPal.

Payout Minimum

You do need a minimum of $25 to cash out, but usually users don’t find this to be that difficult, especially due to the fact that there’s plenty of surveys available.


Vindale Research gives you a $2 bonus just for signing-up as a new user. Not only that, but you also get $5 for every friend that you refer that completes their first survey. This is one of the better referral programs on this list.

4. Toluna Australia


Toluna is a top paid survey site in many countries, and Australia is one of them. Toluna surveys focus on your opinions about the products and services you use. Companies use your unique feedback to make improvements.

Some brands that collect survey info through Toluna include Disney, Sony Music, Procter & Gamble, and CBS.

You can start earning points by filling out profile surveys. These demographic surveys pay 100 points each. The surveys you’ll take are pretty diverse, and they vary in length. The Toluna FAQ page says each survey usually pays between 15 and 50,000 points.

Payment Methods

PayPal payments and gift cards are the two payment options you can choose from. You can view all of the gift cards that are available to Australian residents here.

Payout Minimum

The payout minimum depends on the payment method you choose. To get $20 AUD via PayPal, you’ll need 60,000 points. Gift cards are available starting at a minimum of 15,000 points.


Toluna will give you 500 points per referral once the user fully registers. You’re limited to 10 referrals (5,000 bonus points) per month.

5. MySurvey Australia


MySurvey is available in over 30 countries worldwide, and Australia is among them. In 2016, MySurvey Australia awarded over 40 million AUD to members. In addition to getting paid per survey, the company uses a loyalty program. Active users are eligible for point bonuses and other perks.

Each survey you take will earn you a set amount of points. In general, surveys seem to pay 10 to 100 points each.

There’s a chance you may be screened out of surveys you don’t qualify for. Several MySurvey users say they’re entered into prize drawings or sweepstakes when they are disqualified from surveys.

Payment Methods

You can receive cash payments through PayPal, or you can choose from a selection of gift cards.

Payout Minimum

The payment minimum isn’t disclosed on the MySurvey Australia site. The most recent user reviews say that you can start receiving rewards once you have 1,250 points. User reviews also report that 110-120 points converts to $1 AUD depending on the reward you choose.


There are currently no bonuses mentioned on the MySurvey Australia site.

6. YouGov Australia


YouGov is featured in our best survey sites post, so I was happy to see they have an Australian site. YouGov surveys focus on topics such as news, politics, and current events.

Companies, governments, and other institutions use these surveys to collect useful data. Over 4 million people worldwide take paid surveys through YouGov.

When new surveys are available, you’ll receive e-mail notifications. Their Australian FAQ page says typical surveys last 5 to 7 minutes and consist of 20 to 30 questions.

There are occasionally long surveys, but they still take about 20 minutes or less. The FAQ page also says you can earn up to 400 points for every 10 to 15-minute survey.

Payment Methods

Cash via PayPal and Flexi eGift Cards are the two main payment options. You may also be able to cash out for AirAsia Big Points or mobile credits.

Payout Minimum

The payout minimum for YouGov Australia is 5,000 points. Their FAQ page states that 5,000 points convert to $25 Singapore Dollars (SD). $25 SD converts to about $23.87 AUD. Keep in mind you may be responsible for PayPal conversion fees.

If you choose a Flexi eGift Card, you need a minimum of 5,000 points. For this option, 5,000 points are worth $20 AUD.


YouGov doesn’t offer general sign up or referral bonuses. However, they do mention a 250 point bonus available exclusively for AirAsia members. You can read about this bonus and the requirements on the FAQ page linked above.

7. Opinion Bureau


Founded in 2011, Opinion Bureau is an India-based survey site that accepts users worldwide. They are a subsidiary of Internet Research Bureau, an international market research firm.

The surveys available reportedly cover a large selection of topics. Users can also earn money by taking polls.

You can find available surveys under the ‘Current Surveys’ section of your profile. You’ll also receive e-mail notifications for surveys. Opinion Bureau says that you can earn up to $10 USD per survey.

Several user reviews say that pay ranges between $2 to $2.50 for 10-minute surveys and $7 to $10 for 30-minute surveys. You may be screened out of surveys sometimes.

Payment Methods

You can cash out via PayPal or gift cards for Amazon and other online merchants. Gift card availability may vary by location.

Payout Minimum

The payout minimum is $10 USD.


This benefits page states that you earn a $5 USD bonus for signing up and a $2 bonus per referral.

8. Opinion World


Opinion World is a fairly popular Australian survey site. The site is part of Survey Sampling International, a research and data solutions company founded in 1977. Users take surveys through the user-friendly website. Opinion World uses a points system that you can redeem for rewards.

You’ll receive survey invitations via e-mail, and you can choose how frequently you’d like to receive these notifications. You can also log into the site to find surveys.

The ‘Take A Survey’ button will show you all available options. The FAQ page says that surveys usually take between 10 to 40 minutes to complete. The points per survey vary and aren’t disclosed on the website.

Payment Methods

You can redeem your points for cash PayPal payments or you can choose from a broad selection of gift cards.

Payout Minimum

To get paid through PayPal, you need a minimum of 500 points to get $10 AUD. The minimum amount needed for gift cards depends on what you choose. The cheapest option is a $5 Amazon gift card for 250 points. More info about gift card options and points can be found here.


Opinion World does not list any bonus opportunities on their website.

9. Pureprofile


Pureprofile is an Australian based survey website that’s pretty well-known. They’ve been positively reviewed by media outlets such as HuffPost, Mumbrella, and The Australian.

Testimonials featured on the Pureprofile site praise the survey company for transparency, consistency, and user-friendliness.

Surveys are the main Pureprofile tasks, but you can also make money by completing campaigns. Campaigns are various paid activities like watching videos or visiting websites.

If you are screened out of a survey or campaign, you are still paid a small amount for it. This is a nice incentive that many sites don’t offer.

Payment Methods

You can choose from PayPal cash payments, direct deposits, gift cards, or movie tickets. The FAQ says certain rewards vary depending on your location. Fortunately, PayPal and direct deposit are available for all survey takers.

Payout Minimum

The payout minimum for cash payments via PayPal is $25 AUD. The minimum for gift cards is $20 AUD.


Pureprofile offers a $2.00 AUD referral bonus. To qualify for the bonus, your referrals will need to complete two campaigns or surveys.

10. MyView


MyView is a paid survey site that’s backed by Ipsos, a major international market research company. Ipsos was founded in 1975, and several hundred thousand Australians use MyView. You can take surveys on the user-friendly website or through their mobile app.

According to MyView, members are eligible for an average of 4 surveys per month. Each survey typically pays between 100 to 300 points. If you get disqualified from a survey, you’re entered into a monthly cash prize drawing.

You also earn bonuses based on the number of surveys you take. These bonuses range between 150 to 5,000 points each.

Payment Methods

Payment is available through electronic or physical gift cards. The MyViewMoney page details their e-gift card program.

Payout Minimum

You need at least 2,000 points to start redeeming them for rewards. The link above explains that 2,000 points are equal to $20 in MyViewMoney. You can read a bit more about reward options here and at the link above.


You earn loyalty bonuses every time you take a certain number of surveys. When you complete your first 5 surveys, you’ll get 150 bonus points. This program goes all the way up to 50 surveys, which you’ll get 5,000 bonus points for. View the points program page for more info.

11. Global Test Market


Global Test Market is a US-based survey site that’s available in nearly 50 countries. Founded in 1999, Lightspeed Research is the market research company behind this paid survey site. Global Test Market states that they paid out over $30 million USD in 2016 alone.

You’ll receive e-mail notifications when new surveys are available. According to this page, each survey is about 15 minutes in length. The page also says the pay per survey averages $5 USD.

However,  many users report that surveys pay between $1 and $10 and average pay is around $1.50.

This FAQ page says you’ll be rewarded even if you get screened out of surveys. Most of the user reviews I’ve read say that the reward is 5 points. While this isn’t much, many survey sites don’t offer any payment when you’re screened out.

Payment Methods

You can get cash payment via PayPal, or you can redeem your points for gift cards. A list of gift card options isn’t publicly disclosed on the Global Test Market website.

Payout Minimum

The payout minimum is also not disclosed publicly. Some sources say the payout minimum for PayPal is $50 USD. Other reviews report the minimum for gift cards is $10 USD.


Global Test Market offers a 100 point bonus per referral. Once your referral redeems their points for the first time, you’ll be awarded your bonus points.

12. Octopus Group


Founded in 2016, Octopus Group quickly became a highly-rated survey panel in Australia. According to the company, they offer cash payments that are 80% to 400% more than all the other online survey panels in Australia.

Their mission is to revolutionize the way survey sites reward users. By offering higher payments, they give survey takers an incentive to provide high-quality results.

Users can take surveys through the mobile app or website platform. You’ll only be notified if your profile info matches qualifications for a survey. Payment for each survey depends on how long/detailed the survey is.

User feedback about payment is overall very positive. If you’re screened out of a survey for any reason, you’ll still receive a small cash reward.

Payment Methods

You can get paid via direct bank transfer if you want cash payments. You can also choose to get paid via Flexi eGift Card. With this instant delivery gift card option, you can split up the amount between different stores.

For example, you could split a $30 gift card between Amazon and Best Buy.

Payout Minimum

The cash payout minimum is $20 AUD, which can be earned fairly fast with this site. Any amount over $20 is paid out in increments of $5.

The Flexi eGift Card payout minimum is $19 AUD, but you get a gift card worth $20 from Octopus Group. They offer a 5% discount whenever you choose to get paid via gift card. This is a pretty good incentive for choosing this option.


Octopus Group offers up to $20 AUD per referral, which is very impressive. You get $1 for every person you refer that signs up. You can earn an additional $1 for every survey they complete. Their top earners have earned between $4,400 and $39,480 solely from referrals.  

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn more about your options, Frugal For Less has reviews for many of the paid survey sites listed above. Some of these posts reference US stats, but the general tips can help you make the most of them in Australia or other countries. Check out:

Overall, there are several paid survey sites in Australia worth trying. Each website offers unique benefits, and many of them have diverse tasks. And with so many payment methods, you’ll easily find a few Australian survey sites and apps that fit your needs.

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