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50 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Pawn For Quick Cash

things you didn't know you could pawn
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

Selling your unused household items is one of the easiest ways to make some extra cash.

In fact, you might have some things you didn’t know you could pawn for some quick, easy cash.

It requires zero upfront money and with the internet, your options are almost limitless when it comes to selling your household items.

I like to declutter my life and sell unused items at least once a year using the internet and in-person options like thrift stores, garage sales, and my friends.

We often get asked, “What can I sell?”.

That’s why we decided to compile a list of 50 things you can sell to make money this week.

You’ll also discover the best place to sell each item for quick cash or a bit more profit.

Let’s get into it:

Table of Contents

Clothing & Accessories

1. Casual Clothing

Let’s face it.

We own more clothes than we actually wear or know what to do with. What ends up happening is we rotate between only a few of our favorite options.

Many towns have a thrift shop like Plato’s Closet where you can bring in your clothes and they’ll let you know which ones they’ll purchase from you.

If you’d rather go with the online option, we recommend eBay, Poshmark, & ThredUp.

Imagine how much cleaner your living space could be if you got rid of all those clothes you don’t wear?

2. Dress Clothes

Dress clothes are in high demand since they tend to run on the pricey side nowadays.

If you have high quality, lightly used dress clothes that don’t fit your body or style anymore, don’t let them hang around.

We recommend the same apps as above or a local thrift shop.

3. Shoes

Shoes can really pile up in our closet.

Before you bin those smelly or unwanted shoes, consider tossing them up on eBay, Poshmark, & ThredUp.

4. Unused Gift Cards

Did you know you can turn your unused gift cards into cash instead of letting them sit around and go to waste? 

We’ve all received a gift card from a company or retailer we don’t plan on using.

You can get rid of your unused gift cards on sites like Raise & GiftCardGranny.

Let those Starbucks and Target gift cards fall into the hands of someone who actually will use them before they expire.

5. Jewelry

If you need a little extra cash, dipping into your jewelry box may be a good idea. While you may not be able to sell your jewelry for its original purchase price, you can still get a good amount of money for it.

Almost every town has a local jeweler or pawnbroker who buys and sells jewelry. Or you can go the online route on sites like eBay.

6. Watches

Just like jewelry, local jewelers and pawnbrokers buy and sell watches. 

There are also websites like Crown And Caliber where watch aficionados go to buy and sell watches online.

7. Engagement Rings

Yes, it is possible to sell your engagement ring discreetly and for cash.

We recommend going to a reputable independent jeweler who can safely remove the diamond and give you an appraisal.

They’ll usually take a 10% commission.

8. Unused Makeup Collections

Recommerce has taken over the fashion industry now that everyone wants access to similar beauty products.

Unused makeup collections can be sold on Poshmark, eBay, and Glambot.


9. Laptops

We recommend posting on social media and letting all of your friends, family, and acquaintances know you’re looking to sell your laptop.

Sometimes people want a simple laptop to connect to the internet without busting the bank for a new Macbook Pro.

Next, look to sell it on eBay.

If you want to sell it fast, you’ll want to provide solid proof that it still works by recording a video.

10. Cell Phones

Growing up, I was sniffing around in my parent’s room and opened a drawer in their closet.

I was surprised to find about 10 cell phones that my parents and sisters used to use. Back then, there wasn’t much else to do with old phones but let them sit around and hope you can gift them to someone less fortunate.

Nowadays, you have many more options to sell your old cell phones instead of letting it sit around in a drawer.

You can get the most money if it’s in good condition, less than 2 years old, and sold directly to a buyer like on Craigslist.

11. Phone Accessories

Like your phone, you can also sell your phone accessories.

Many people don’t want to pay full price for a charger or phone case when they can get a working one for half the price.

12. Cameras

That high-quality HD camera you bought just isn’t getting the same use you intended. Maybe you bought it for a wedding or a vacation but don’t have a need for it now.

If you have camera gear you inherited or want to get rid of old gear you’ve since upgraded away from, the first place you want to go to is a local camera store.

The most reputable online options are KEH and B & H.

These options will likely yield less money compared to selling your unused gear directly to a consumer on eBay or Craigslist.

13. TVs

You can sell an unused or broken TV online or at a local pawnshop.

If you go the local route keep a few things in mind:

  • Pawnshops are looking for reputable brand names
  • They want TV’s in good condition
  • Make sure you have all of the accessories like remotes and manuals if possible.

Like selling your old laptops, check with your friends and family first.

14. Gaming Consoles

If you want to get rid of an old gaming console, your easiest option is GameStop. However, we all know how pitifully low their offered prices always are.

Instead, sell your gaming consoles to a friend or on eBay.

Another little talked about option is Facebook Marketplace. There, you can sell electronics to people in your local area so you don’t have to worry about shipping items.

15. Video Games

Just like gaming consoles, you can also get rid of old video games.

Before you sell them, make sure you check to see how in-demand your old games are. For all you know, you may be the owner of a rare video game many people want to get ahold of.

Sometimes, your video games will sell faster if you bundle them with a compatible console.

16. DVD’s & Movies

With Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV taking over the majority of our screen time, DVD’s are a thing of the past.

If your DVD’s are collecting dust, you can sell them to someone who wants them on sites like Decluttr or eBay.

17. CD’s, Records, Tapes

Now that all new cars come fitted with AUX, BlueTooth, and USB connections, CD’s and tapes are a thing of the past for most people.

Records are timeless items that many people still hold in high value.

Craigslist is a great place to sell these items directly to people who want them if you can’t sell them on eBay.

Offline Entertainment

18. Books

Some books are treasures you’ll want to keep forever and pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Other books… Not so much.

For those books, we recommend a garage sale, your local indie bookstore, or an online option like BookScouter.

19. Comics And Magazines

The best place to look is your local comic book store or indie shop.

A Quick Note: If you’re selling someone else’s comics because you’re assuming they don’t want them, always ask before doing so.

20. Vintage Toys

Local retailers and garage sales are the best places to sell vintage toys.

However, if you think they’re worth a pretty penny, consider hiring an appraiser. They’ll charge an upfront fee, but can help you get the best price.

21. Sporting Goods

Any ex-athlete can relate to the stock of old gear sitting around in their garage.

Bats, gloves, helmets, protective gear. You name it.

Garage sales and craigslist are a great place to start since many people like to see the sporting gear they’re buying before opening their wallets.

Second-hand stores like Play It Again Sports can also give you a decent deal if you want to get rid of your gear quickly.

22. Instruments

Musical instruments are always in need. Many people would prefer to buy a well-made older instrument over a new instrument that might be of lower quality.

If you want to get rid of your instrument quickly, your local music store is your best option.

If you want to control the sale, then sell it on Craigslist or eBay.

23. Vinyl Records

The fastest way to turn vinyl records into cash is at a record/music store.

If you think they’re worth more money (and effort to sell), then go with Craigslist or a garage sale.

24. Board Games

Board games sell surprisingly well on eBay.

25. Typewriters

You may not have any use for a typewriter, but you never know who will. Writers and collectors often go to antique stores looking specifically for these items.

26. Workout Equipment

Many people would rather buy a used treadmill instead of dropping a few grand on a brand new Peloton.

Who can blame them?

Children & Baby Items

27. Toys

Toys sell great on eBay.

If you think they’re worth more money, control the sale by holding a garage sale or selling them on Craigslist.

28. Car Seats

Under current law, it is legal to sell old car seats. It is illegal to sell recalled baby seats so be careful.

Like in the clothing section, you can sell old infant baby items on OfferUp, ThredUp, & Mercari.

29. Children Clothes

Kids grow up fast and outgrow their clothes even faster. You may want to keep their first pair of shoes or t-shirt, but it’s impossible to hold on to every item throughout their childhood.

Like in the clothing section, you can sell your outgrown children’s clothes on OfferUp, ThredUp, & Mercari.

Domestic Items

30. Cookware

This may be the most difficult item on the list to get rid of. Because of eBays fees, you may not make the greatest profit.

We suggest listing them on Facebook Marketplace and letting friends and family know they’re available at a great price.

31. Furniture

Before you sell your furniture, you’ll want to follow a few steps.

First, determine the value of your items. Once you know their value, price them accordingly. The next and most difficult part is figuring out where to sell them.

Craigslist is always a great option since it’s local and you don’t have to deal with shipping large furniture.

Antique stores, consignment stores, and furniture stores are also great local options.

32. Kitchenware

Kitchenware like forks, knives, and plates are always in need of families and individuals moving into new areas.

These items sell best together vs. being sold individually. 

33. Antiques

We could turn selling your antiques into its own article.

We’ll leave you with this.

If you have antiques you believe have low to medium value, list them on Craigslist or take them to your local antique store.

If they hold significantly more value, we recommend hiring an appraiser to let you know how much they’re worth.

From there, you can try and sell the item on your own, or let them handle it for a fee that’s usually around 10%.

34. Household Appliances

It seems every year vacuums get more and more expensive. Many people just need simple household appliances like vacuums that do simple jobs.

You can sell unused household appliances on Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace.

35. Artwork

Selling artwork is a bit of a tricky subject. Depending on the worth of your artwork, it may take more than a week to get rid of it.

You can take it to an antique shop and get rid of it quickly, but if you think it’s worth a lot of money, then this becomes a full-on project.

You’ll have to answer a lot of questions like is it an original or a print? Is there any damage? Who was the artist?

If you think it holds value, take it to a local auction house to get it appraised by a professional.

36. Home Decor

Everybody thinks about selling their TV and furniture when its time to move, but we often forget about 

Don’t forget about your lamps, tables, pillows, and dressers.

Your best option for these items will be Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace.

Outdoor Items

37. Yard Equipment & Tools

Old yard equipment can be a bit tricky to sell. 

We recommend selling them locally at your garage sale or on Craigslist.

Many times, these items will need to be fixed so you should explicitly state this in the product description.

If it’s the middle of the winter, it may take you a bit longer than a week to get rid of your lawnmower.

38. Holiday Decorations

Not interested in decorating for the holidays again this year?

Here’s a great idea for ya.

Hold a fall garage sale to get rid of your unwanted holiday decorations right before the holiday season kicks off.

39. Camping Gear

Like sporting goods, camping gear can pile up in your garage and shed. If you want to declutter your house while earning some extra cash, don’t forget about your camping gear. 

Here are a few tips if you decide to do that:

  • Get an accurate price for your items by researching what similar items are selling for.
  • Clean out your gear and remove any bad smells
  • Repair any problems
  • Take appealing photos of your items to make them stand out on Google.

Other than the usual suspects like Craigslist, eBay, or a garage sale, you can sell your outdoor gear at consignment shops like Play It Again Sports.

Miscellaneous Items

40. Wine Bottles & Corks

Most states allow you to exchange your glass bottles at recycling centers for as much as 15 cents. 

We all know that, but something most people don’t know is that you can sell your old wine bottles and corks too.

Yep, on eBay people will actually pay money for them.

41. Instructional Manuals

Here’s another item you may not have thought about when we mentioned it.

Although less valuable than their companion item, instructional manuals are still in need. If someone decides to buy a used item like a car, tv, or phone, it may not come with an instructional manual.

This is where a site like Repair Manual comes in.

42. Handmade Items

There’s just something about knowing something you’re buying was made by the loving hands of an actual person.

If you’re the owner of such an item, it can be sold on a site like Etsy.

43. Recyclable Materials

If you’ve read this far, you know that you can turn your glass bottles, wine bottles, and corks into cash.

For example in the state of Maine, you can get as much as 15 cents per glass bottle.

But are there any other recyclable items you can turn into cash?

The answer is, “yes.”

You can also make money recycling old car batteries, old books, scrap metal, ink cartridges, and of course electronics.

44. Collectibles

Collectibles are sought after items by certain people.

From our research, the best place to sell collectibles online is Neat Stuff Collectibles

Of course, local pawn shops are a great option.

45. Memorabilia

You can get top dollar for your memorabilia. Unlike items like cell phones and TV’s, memorabilia can actually increase in value the longer it sits around.

Look to get a free appraisal from an auctioneer online.

If it’s not worth their time, then look for reputable auction houses and dealers near you.

If the stories are true of people like Gary Vaynerchuk making shoeboxes full of money from selling baseball cards, then you can make some good money too.

46. Pet Supplies

Has your furry friend outgrown some of his old gear?

People will look for pet supplies on sites like Craigslist and eBay

47. Cars

Cars are a lot bigger than everything else on the list, but they still fall under the category of “household items”.

The best online options to sell your car are, Kelley Blue Book, & AutoTrader

If you want to make a bit more money off the sale, then post your car on Craigslist.

48. Bicycles

Used bikes can be sold on just about any of the sites we’ve mentioned like Craigslist or eBay.

Locally, you can see how much your local thrift shop or consignment shop will give you for it.

49. Schools Supplies

There’s a nifty little site called Hoot Of Loot where you can buy and sell used school supplies. There’s no point in holding on to unused school supplies once you’ve already graduated or your kids have left the nest.

50. Textbooks

Textbooks are known to be the bane of college students’ existence. I know when I finished school, I wanted nothing to do with my textbooks.

Because of this, I stuffed all of my school stuff away and immediately tried to move on with my life.

I definitely regret not researching options to sell my textbooks before they became unusable for current students.

From our research, the best places to sell old textbooks are Textbook Rush, Chegg, & Decluttr.

Final Thoughts

That’s quite the list, isn’t it?

I can bet you didn’t think of selling at least half of the items on this list. 

But know you know!

Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve learned:

  • You can sell your household items online or face-to-face locally.
  • Selling your items locally can earn you more money, but takes more time & effort.
  • Always do your research before listing an item. Too expensive and nobody will bite, but too cheap and you could be losing out on a lot of money.

If you want more inspiration check out the sites/places listed below and see what’s selling.

Here they are:

Whether you need a few bucks for dinner or a couple hundred for a mini-vacation or bills, you have plenty of options to earn some quick cash by selling household items.

Can you think of any more household items you’ve sold online or in-person?

Feel free to list them down below.

Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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