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50+ Amazon Review Sites To Get Free Or Cheap Amazon Products

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What Are Amazon Review Sites?

Third-party sellers need a way to promote their product and improve their rankings on Amazon. A great way to do that is to get more buys and also more reviews. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, they still help keep the seller informed on different ways in which they can improve their product.

Amazon Review Sites solve this problem by connecting sellers who want to improve their rankings with buyers who want Amazon products for free or at a discount. When you agree to purchase an item on an Amazon Review Site, the seller sends you a promotion code that can be used at checkout, often giving you anywhere from 50% – 100% off the purchase price.

After you get a chance to test out the product, you have a certain amount of time to leave your honest review. The amount of time you have to leave a review varies per review site, but on average it’s usually around 7 days.

How Does The Process Work?

Here’s a quick summary of how the process works for (most) Amazon Review Sites:

  1. Browse through their list of products and find one that you like. Most of the time you can snag only 1 or 2 at a time, while some allow up to 20. Sites like VIP Power Club send you email notifications each time a new promotion is available.
  2. “Snag” the product. When this happens, you’ll be given a promotion code. If you change your mind, contact the site’s support team so they can give back your snag.
  3. Purchase the product using the promotion code and wait for its arrival.
  4. Use the product and test it out.
  5. Once you get a feel for how the product works, leave your honest review.
  6. Tell the review site that you’ve left a review. After the detect it (usually within 24 hours), you’re free to repeat the process and snag a new product.

How Do I Leave Reviews?

Even though you’re getting a great deal going through a review site, you’re still encouraged to leave an honest review. This usually entails that you give your personal opinion of the product, what you might do to improve and whether you’d recommend it to a friend or not.

Above all, one of the most important things you must do is leave a sentence along the lines of the following:

“I reviewed this product at a discount/for free in exchange for my honest review.”

Failure to do so may result in Amazon seeing your review as biased, and therefore will not get published. When this happens, the review sites won’t be able to detect your review and you’ll no longer be able to snag new products at discounts. Furthermore, Amazon may ban you from leaving new reviews all together.

What About Shipping Costs?

Most of the items that you encounter on Amazon Review Sites are going to eligible for Prime shipping. When you sign-up, you get free two-day shipping on all products fulfilled by Amazon. If the product isn’t fulfilled by Amazon, there’s usually shipping price of $4.49. Remember to keep this in mind when calculating your total savings.

An Amazon Prime membership does cost $99 annually, but you have the option of going for a monthly option at $10 per month. Still don’t want to put up the money? You can try it free for 30 days through a free-trial.

The Top 10 Review Sites

We’re going to start off listing the top 10 Amazon Review Sites. Since there’s so many on our list, it’s important to list which ones are going to be the most necessary. It can be quite tiring browsing through all 50, especially when you’re just searching for one product. You can register for all of the sites completely free.

At the end we throw in a quick bonus tutorial of how to save up to an additional 10% on Amazon products.

1. JumpSend

JumpSend takes the cake when it comes to review sites. They have probably the widest variety of deals along with some of the best discounts. It’s not uncommon to find products for 90% off or more.

For the time being, you can request an unlimited amount of deals with JumpSend. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to snag all of the deals that you want. Sellers will be able to tell if you’ve been leaving reviews or not by looking at your reviewer profile.

In short, if you want to keep getting great deals with JumpSend, it’s best you snag a deal and leave a review – although not required.

2. AmzRC

AmzRC (Amazon Review Club) is one of the better review sites. Since their services to sellers are much cheaper than other review sites, they have a wide selection of products.

Their site isn’t the best designed and they don’t have many free deals, but AmzRC definitely deserves to be on the list due their great discounts.

What I particularly like about their site is the great deals I can find and the quality of deals. They also send email updates so you never have to log-in to check for new offers.

3. Vipon

Vupon has almost as long of a history as Snagshout, and they have a much larger product selection. In fact, you can even claim up to 20 items at a time, and they have some good options for sorting products. Why isn’t this site ranked first?

The only downside is that you need approval for each product. When you request to review a product, a seller has to agree for you to review the product and then they’ll give you a discount.

While most of the time sellers will agree within a short time, sometimes you’ll find that they take weeks, and other times you’ll be rejected for testing a product.

You have about 2 weeks to leave a product review, and reviews are usually approved within 24 hours. Once this happens, you’re free to snag a new product.

4. Snagshout

Snagshout is one of the oldest and most popular Amazon Review Sites around. Their easy-to-use interface makes it easy to view products. Not only that, but they have excellent sorting options, helping you find products from the highest percentage off, the lowest price or the most popular.

When you first register, Snagshout allows for you to snag one item at a time. Once you leave your first review, you can snag 2 items at a time. After you leave another review, you can get up to 3 items at a time, which is the maximum amount of snags. You don’t have to wait for seller approval.

You have up to 2 weeks to leave your honest review. After you leave your review tell Snagshout and within 24 hours you’ll be able to review another product. They’re quite excellent at doing things on time, as Snagshout has one of the best customer support systems out there.

5. is a fairly new Amazon Review Site, but it’s already one of my favorites due to their easy-to-use interface. They’re always clear about what each promotion offers and the percentage off I’m getting.

They don’t have as many offers as you’d with other review sites, but they definitely don’t lack great deals. Some of the biggest discounts I find are with

The best part? A lot of their products are from multiple countries, and they specifically state which country their product is available in. This is one of the best Amazon review sites when it comes to gaining international traction.

6. Elite Deal Club

You won’t find many expensive products with Elite Deal Club, but they do have great discounts on products such as iPhone cables, phone cases, grip strengtheners and more. Most of the time these deals are free.

There’s no limit to the amount you can snag, however, you can only snag one product within a 5 – 6 hour timeframe. In fact, there’s no requirement to leave a review, although Elite Deal Club highly encourages it. This means you can essentially snag as many new products as you’d like without limit.

Keep in mind that once you snag a product, you can’t claim it again. You might run into this quite often since they tend to have the same deals for a long period of time, and there’s definitely not as wide of a selection as with other review sites. What’s really cool is that you can refer friends for a chance to win an Amazon gift card.

7. EtekCitizen

EtekCitizen works a little bit differently than most review sites, but the concept is basically the same. All of the products you see on their site are actually products sold by them. Instead of going through a list and choosing which products you want, in order to review a product you have to contact them directly.

From there they’ll send you an email back with a promotion code that you use on checkout. After you test it out, leave a review and email them back. Their requirements are a little bit more strict, so be sure to be more in-depth about what you write.

What makes EtekCitizen so great is their quality of products. Most of the time you’ll receive a high-class item at a 100% discount. This site is available to both citizens from the United States and Canada. They also have an affiliate program for bloggers.

8. iLoveToReview

iLoveToReview usually has new products almost on the daily, and they even send you email notifications when there’s a new one available. The only downside is that the products they offer don’t tend to be as high of quality.

You’ll find common things on there such as adapters, charging cables, and a lot of other items that normally cost under $10 on Amazon. There’s a limited amount of snags available for each product, so if you see something you like, be sure to act quickly before it runs out.

You can expect anywhere from 2 to 6 new offers per week. Keep in mind that you must have an active cell phone to sign-up, and they will send you a text message for verification purposes.

9. Product Elf

If you’re looking for deals that are always up-to-date, Product Elf does a great job at constantly refreshing their site. While I don’t find their interface as easy to use as the other sites on this list, they still have a great deals.

Most of the time the products aren’t on the higher-end, but if you’re looking for something generally inexpensive, it may be a good idea to look here. There’s also a lot of products that you can get for free or for under $1.

Sometimes you won’t get a promotion code the first time you apply for it. Their site has grown much quicker than anticipated, and there’s only a certain number of products available from each seller. Once you’re approved for a review, you’ll be sent a promotion code via email.

10. DealGoGoGo

DealGoGoGo is a newer Amazon review site, but they’ve quickly grown in popularity due to their wide selection of products (currently over 4,000). Not only that, but you can snag up to 10 items at a time without the need for seller approval.

Most review sites have a wide range when it comes to the percentage off you get per product. Sometimes this can be as low as ten or twenty percent off, not really making it worth your while. Not with DealGoGoGo. All of their products are 50% – 99% off, so you know you’re always getting a good deal.

The majority of their product selection falls into the categories of electronics, fashion, baby, mothers or home. The only reason we didn’t rank this review site as number one is because they’re still increasing in popularity and don’t have as great of a sorting option as Snagshout. This could soon change, however.

The Other 42 Amazon Review Sites

Here are the other 42 Amazon Review Sites. If you see something that’s not on our top 10 list, we recommend looking here next for a great deal. There’s no specific order for these. Keep in mind that we’re going to continually update this list for when new Amazon Review Sites come out.

11. Dollar Deal Reviews

Dollar Deal Reviews now has a wide product selection, but their site is a little bit confusing at first. What’s different about them from the other review sites is that you need to spend 100 deal tickets each time you wish to review something. You’re automatically awarded 200 deal tickets upon sign-up. You can refer friends to earn even more deal tickets so you can snag more items at a time.

12. Secrets Deal Club

Aside from the cool-sounding name, I love this site because they never seem to run out of deals. Every day at 10 AM PST there are new promotions delivered to my inbox. I’ve personally found that their products tend to be of higher quality with decent discounts.

13. iReviewHome

This site could also easily make its way into the top 10 group. The only reason it’s not is because it’s a lot newer than the other sites. It works on a similar premise as Amazon Review Trader is which you must get seller approval before getting a promotion – even the layouts are somewhat identical.

14. Product Testing Group

One of the newer review sites on the market. They don’t have a wide selection of products up for snagging, but the discounts are quite nice at 50% or higher. Most of their products fall under the categories of fashion, apparel or electronics. Most of the items tend to be on the lower-end of the price scale.

15. Dollar Review Club

You have to get approved by the seller before being able to review with Dollar Review Club. It’s nice how they organize their products by price, and they even have a section for $1 deals. Unfortunately, you can only snag one product at a time. Like most review sites, you won’t find very expensive products on here.

16. AMA Lovers Community

You might have some difficulty reading the site since it’s all in Italian, and that’s where the majority of their market lies. This site is very new, and from what I hear they are not using encryption for their log-in information. With that being said, be careful when you fill out the forms. It might be best saving this site for last.

17. Better Discounts

Better Discounts is a site that advertises discounts on specific products you can find in-store. Since they’re technically not an actual review site, why are they on this list? When you sign-up to receive email offers, they also send you Amazon promotion codes for specific products. Most of the time you’ll be getting promotions for supplements.

18. Loot Hoot

What’s cool about Loot Hoot is that they have weekly giveaways for vouchers to Amazon. The more social sharing you do, the more entries you get. This site wasn’t intended for US users, so keep in mind that dollar amounts may be in a different currency. Furthermore, often times products on this site include shipping charges, even if you are already a member of Amazon Prime.

19. Amazing Deal Groups

You start off with one deal coin. Each time you leave a review for a product, Amazing Deal Groups gives you another coin. Their Facebook page is often kept up-to-date which is a great sign. This means they probably are constantly trying to improve and expand on their product selection. There’s no user encryption, so be careful about what sign-up information you enter.

20. Review Launchpad

Enter in your name and email, and Review Launchpad will connect you with one of their sellers. Receive promotions via email on product discounts that you can get for quite cheap or for free. If you don’t wish to review a product, you can simply choose to ignore the email and wait for the next one.

21. TestZon

This review site is available in 12 different countries, most notably the US, Mexico, France, the UK, Canada and Germany. Their site just recently launched in July of 2016. From what I’ve seen they have quite a big product selection and are expanding quite rapidly. Be on the lookout for this one.

22. BestOne Review

BestOne Review requires seller approval before getting a product discount. You can find products on here for dirt cheap or for free. A lot of the products they have tend to be handbags or clothes, but once in a while they have some items outside of these two categories.

23. Sound Intone Reviewer Program

Based in China, this review site is supported for those living in the US, the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Japan. This is a program that sends you deals via emails.

They send you promotions, and if you want to review a product you respond to them. Wait for them to reply back with your promo code and leave a review.

24. Anker

I can’t give much information on Anker because they require a $30 subscription fee. It looks like this only applies to US users. From the looks of it, their products seem to be of only the best quality from powerful brands.

25. HDE Product Review Program

This is another email-only review program. Enter in your email and receive promotions. If you wish to review a product, respond and wait for their reply with a promotion code. For the time being, it seems as if HDE is very limited since they’re in the expansion phase.

26. AmzSpecial

This is an email-only program, and they specifically state that you aren’t required to leave reviews. This in turn makes the program sound a bit skeptical since sellers probably aren’t willing to sell a product on here without making a profit. Proceed with caution before you buy something.

27. Mengo Reviewer Program

This is another email-only program. They don’t have many deals available, but when they do they’re typically mobile accessories. They are very brand-specific, so don’t expect to see a wide variety in your product selection.

28. GMYLE Lab

They’re still in their beta version, so the amount of products here is going to be extremely limited. Last time I checked their site there were less than 10 products listed. The one benefit is that all of their products are free.

29. Arctic Product Testing

Similar to EtekCitizen, Artic only offers their own products available for review. This is actually a great thing since their products will tend to be of higher quality, and most of the time 100% free. They’re currently available for residents of the US, Spain, the UK, Germany, France and Italy.

30. Review Directory

Right now Review Directly is currently looking for reviewers from the UK, the US and France. They’re incredibly encouraging about leaving an honest review, and won’t mind at all if you leave just one star. This site is slowly becoming one of my favorites since they tend to keep a close relationship with sellers and reviewers. Right now they have over 1.5 million bloggers worldwide.

31. Blue Ribbons Review

Most of the products that I receive with Blue Ribbons Review range from about 75% – 95% off, and most of the time these products are sent to me via email. However, they also have a marketplace page in which you can get items that are typically 50% – 90% off. Their product selection is quite extensive, getting items such as sunglasses, cameras and more.

32. AMZOne Reviews

This site consists of an online marketplace in which you can pick from a wide variety of offers. One thing that is unique about them is that they rank your review based on word count. You can request to snag up to 30 products, but only 2 of them will get approved at a time.

33. The Review Effect

The Review Effect is also not encrypted, so be careful about what information you enter. They work pretty much like your typical review site, selecting from a list of products. You need to wait up to 3 weeks after applying to see if your application is approved.

34. Home Product Testing

Home Product Testing is one of the better sites on this list, and they almost made it into the top 10. Sometimes you won’t find the best discounts, but their product selection is quite extensive. A lot of their products are kitchen-based.

35. Brand Aware Club

Brand Aware Club sends you deals via email, and they also tell you the quantity that’s left up for snagging. The page isn’t very fancy, but their system tends to work extremely well. Within just a few hours I received my first deal.

36. Giveaway Nation

This review site is quickly becoming one of the more popular ones. Receive regular emails with promotions and discounts. Expect to get anywhere from 50% – 90% off their listed value. You may get annoyed at their large volume of emails, but their discounts make it totally worth it.

37. Trust Review Network

This site is not using encryption for log-in, so again be careful about what type of information you enter. They don’t have a wide product selection, but some of the items are really cool, such as a mini espresso machine for 96% off.

38. Reviews 4 Success

This actually isn’t a very good review site. In fact, it’s not really a review site at all, but rather a Facebook group that posts deals from Amazon sellers offering promotions. With this in mind, there’s no way to enforce buyers to leave reviews, meaning sellers aren’t as willing to give higher discounts. We recommend staying away from this one.

39. Jungle Launch

I’m not a huge fan of this review program. Jungle Launch is an email-only program that sends you promotions with email offers. The strange thing about their service is that when they send you promotional emails, there’s a link to claim an offer, but no description of what it is. If you find out more information, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

40. Deals For Reviews

The site is a little confusing to navigate at first, but once you get the hang of it you can find some great deals. Don’t expect to get discounts on high-quality items. Their product selection is quite limited, but I have found a few decent products.

41. HonestFew

HonestFew is a community of tight-knit sellers and buyers. After being with them for a couple of months, I find that a low of their deals tend to be from one brand. However, there have been occasions in which I’ve found discounts on products outside of their typical skincare niche.

42. Reviews For Free

They don’t have a very wide product selection, but most of the products they offer are 100% off. The site can also be a bit clunky and difficult to navigate. However, this is a good place to go if you’re looking for free products.

43. All Star Reviewers

All Star Reviews is another email list. We don’t have a lot of experience using this site, but we did get our first promotion within the first day of sign-up. Compared to other email list Amazon Review Sites, they tend to have the better discounts at 90% – 100% off.

44. Amazon Review Club

They don’t seem to be taking on any new reviewers, but it never hurts to check back. This is another email list, and if you’re interested it’s bet to put your name on their waiting list as early as possible.

45. KabelDirekt

This company is based in Germany, but US users are more than welcome to participate. Right now their company is heavily focused in research in development of cables. All of their products are completely free.

46. No Kidding Coupons

This site is great for those looking for extreme deals. They send you coupon codes for products via email, often getting you 99% off the listed price. You need to accumulate points in order to claim more coupons.

47. OZ Naturals

OZ Naturals only sells products under their brand that mostly consist of skincare products. I personally haven’t gotten any of their products, but based on experience this usually means that their products are free and of higher quality.

48. Product Review Club

This is yet another email sign-up review site. They’ll send you deals and you respond with whether you want to review them or not. I don’t have any experience with this program.

49. Review Kick

Most of the deals I find on Review Kick range anywhere from around 50% – 99% off. They’re quickly growing in size and currently have hundreds if not over a thousand different products up for grab. Most of the items you see won’t be anything too expensive.

50. VIP Power Club

This is a great site to sign-up for if you’re interested in getting deals through emails. I usually find that I receive a deal every few days, and most of the products tend to offer a large discount. They guarantee that all products are between 20% and 90% off.

51. Giveaway Service

Giveaway Service has come a long way in the review site industry. They now have a ton of products available for selection, and a lot of their products are of high quality at $50 or more.

This site works in a similar way to AMZ Review Trader. You need to ask to snag a product before you can get it at a discount. Most of the time the promotions will be anywhere from 90% – 100% off. Since these are high-quality products, if I’m looking for something more expensive this is usually the first place I turn.

You can apply for two promotions simultaneously, and you have 30 days from when your product is shipped to leave a review. Last time I checked they had around 1,000 items available for promotion.

52. Uber Zon Club

This site isn’t as popular as the other Amazon Review Sites, but they still have some great deals time to time.

You won’t find a selection of products by going to their site, but rather a landing page that’s only used for registering a new account. They are a bit more strict in their process for giving out discounts.

I received this Apple Watch stand for $1 on Uber Zon Club.

You must provide the shipping address to where you’re going to ship the product, and you must use your promotion code within 4 hours after activating it.

Despite all this, it’s usually pretty simple to keep getting deals as long you leave decent, honest reviews. I haven’t had a problem with them yet. Just be sure to snag deals quickly before they run out.

What Are My Favorite Products That I’ve Gotten?

Here’s a quick list of my 15 favorite products that I’ve gotten through Amazon Review Sites:

Bonus: How To Save Up To 10% Every Time On Amazon

In addition to using Amazon Review Sites to get a discount on products, there are plenty of other ways to help you save money on Amazon. One of the quickest and easiest ways is through cash back portals.

These online shopping portals are websites that partner with thousands of retailers across the web and put their affiliate links onto one page. When consumers click on a link to a particular retailer and buy a product, the portal receives a commission and gives it back to the buyer – you – in the form of cash back. The amount of cash back depends on the portal as well as the store you’re shopping at.

For Amazon, the portal that we recommend is TopCashBack. Registration is absolutely free and they even throw in a $10 sign-up bonus for new members. You can get anywhere from 6% – 10% off Amazon products depending on what you buy. Keep in mind that you can use this website for all retailers across the web. Doing so will help you reach the $10 in earned cash back minimum cash out.

The one downside is that this discount does not apply to all Amazon products, but only those of a certain category. For example, right now you can get 6% cash back on men’s clothing or 10% off with Amazon Home Services, but there’s nothing for cash back with electronics. Keep in mind that these categories frequently change, so be sure to check back often or check out other online portals – my second favorite portal is BeFrugal.

Final Thoughts

Amazon has some of the cheapest products on the web already. When you go through an Amazon Review Site, you can turn a great deal into a fantastic one.

If you plan on making a lot of purchases through these review sites or on Amazon in general, we highly recommend you get Amazon Prime. You’ll get your product a lot faster and within 2 days at no cost.

Be sure to leave as many reviews as you can even though it’s no longer required. It will only help your Amazon Profile Ranking, thus earning you more chances to earn reviews from sellers.

If you’re still looking for other ways to save some cash on Amazon, we highly recommend the following articles:

See a review site that’s not on the list, or have another way of saving money on Amazon? Let us know in the comments down below – we’d love to hear about it! Thanks for reading and happy Amazon shopping!

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