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OhmConnect Review: Save Energy And Earn Free Cash

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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

We have found a cool opportunity to help you get paid to save energy in California.

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s legit!

In this OhmConnect review, we teach you how to earn around $350/year or more (with the help of smart devices) and help the environment at the same time!

Meet Ohmconnect, the free service that helps you use energy when it’s cleanest and rewards you to save!

Keep reading to learn exactly how OhmConnect works and how you can cash in on using less energy.

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Meet OhmConnect

how ohmconnect works

OhmConnect is a company that seeks to improve the lives of people and help the health of the planet by changing the way people use energy.

They are a team of environmentalists, engineers, scientists and community leaders working hard to help the world transition to a clean energy future.

How it Works?

You get rewarded for saving energy.

Did you know that there are peak windows of time when energy demand is high?

Like on weekday nights, for example.

ohmconnect dashboard

This makes sense, if you think about it.

Most people are home from work or school and because they’re home, their energy use soars.

So, utility companies would actually rather pay customers to reduce their collective usage than starting up a power plant.

If you are a customer of  PG&E, SCE or SDG&E in California, you are eligible to use this service.

1. First, you get notified.

OhmConnect measures times of high electricity demand (when a lot of people are using electricity) and notifies its users when these times are happening. They send an email or SMS one day ahead, so everyone knows when to save energy. This happens about once a week for only one hour.

2. Next, you get the opportunity to reduce your energy consumption.

You can do this in a variety of ways that go way beyond turning off your lights.

This can include:

  •     Giving your thermostat a break
  •     Avoiding use of electronics
  •     Not running your appliances (like dishwashers, etc.)
  •     Avoiding using other energy vampires like washer, dryer, etc.

3. Lastly, you’ll get rewarded.

If you’ve used less energy than you were forecasted to, you get rewarded with cash payments and/or an entry into a bi-weekly prize draw during non-peak times.

ohmconnect earn points

Plus, during the summer they give away prizes and pay you to save energy at the same time!

You see, it actually pays to turn off the lights and unplug!

What happens during peak energy times?

As mentioned above, there are times when energy consumption is at an all time high.

When that happens, the energy company has to turn on it’s peak (fast acting) power plant to balance the system.

These fast acting power plants are not good for the earth, inefficiently using fossil fuels at 2X to 3X the carbon emissions of a typical plant.

amount of hours of energy saved

Plus, they are expensive to operate.

So, your participation with OhmConnect means in addition to getting paid to save energy, you are also supporting the environment!

And, the energy companies would prefer paying you over turning on that fast acting power plant so it’s kind of a win-win for everyone.

Make sense?

You Can Personalize your Experience With OhmConnect?

If you are worried about not being able to save energy when OhmConnect tells you to, it is not a problem. You can personalize your experience very easily:

  • OhmConnect can automatically switch off your smart devices too, though this isn’t a requirement.
  • You’ll be able to set the hours you prefer to receive #OhmHours and you will be reminded right before it starts.
  • You can also opt out of any #OhmHour up to 15 minutes into the hour.
  • If you have connected your utility account, your savings are measured based on your historical use supplied by your smart meter. So, your forecast is based on your usage rather than an average from you and your neighbors, which makes sure that you can achieve your energy saving goals.

How to Make Money with OhmConnect?

Whenever you beat your energy forecast during a Points #OhmHour, you’ll earn points.

The points are what get you paid.

They are worth money, with each point being worth $0.01.

For example, 8801 points = $88.01.

Once you’ve accumulated 1,000 points, you can cash out!

5‍ Ways to Cash Out with OhmConnect

You can choose one of these ways to cash out your points balance.

  •     PayPal
  •     Amazon or Target gift card
  •     OhmConnect store credit
  •     Send points to other OhmConnect users (Coming soon)
  •     Donate your points to a charity (Coming soon)

ohmconnect payment proof

Understanding Your Energy Forecast

You accumulate OhmConnect points by using less energy than you’re forecasted to, during the #OhmHour.

My utility company sends me usage reports every single week.

This tells me how much energy I used this week compared to the week prior, along with trends showing the times of day and times of year I use the most energy, and more.

This works kind of similarly to OhmConnect.

You have an energy forecast.

If you use less energy than what’s forecasted, you’re rewarded with points!

So, at a basic level, your energy forecast is an average, showing how much electricity you are expected to use during an #OhmHour and is calculated using your historical smart meter data.

How to Maximize Your Points?

Wondering how to make more money with OhmConnect?

The best way to earn more points (which translates to more rewards) is by beating your forecast during regular #OhmHours.

How you can score the most #OhmHour points?

The real money comes from the multipliers you can add to each #OhmHour.

That’s where Status and Streaks come into the picture.

What are Status Levels?

Every OhmConnect user has a Status Level.

The status levels range from Carbon to Diamond.

Here’s what each Status means:

  • CARBON: This Status is where everyone starts and it means you’ve signed up for OhmConnect but haven’t fully enrolled. You’re not participating in #OhmHours yet.
  • BRONZE:  At this status, you have begun participating in #OhmHours. You’ll earn tokens for every #OhmHour you opt into. Tokens can be redeemed for prizes and PowerUp cards. Note: you can’t earn cash for saving energy when you’re Bronze.
  • SILVER: In Silver status, you’ve fully enrolled, meaning you have connected your utility and signed our enrollment form) and are able to earn cash for participating in #OhmHours every week. You’ll earn points for reducing energy, which you can cash out through PayPal.
  • GOLD: We look back at your previous 20 #OhmHours over the last year, and calculate the average energy you reduced. If your average reduction is more than 15% of what we expected you to use, you’ll up-level to Gold Status and we’ll give you 1.5x points for your #OhmHours when you beat your forecast.
  • Bonus: if you’re new, they have started calculating your average reduction after just 10 OhmHours (instead of 20) and bump you to Gold if you’ve reduced 15% already!
  • Heads up: if you’re Gold and you do not beat your forecast, they will dock you at your new 1.5x rate.
  • PLATINUM: They look back at your previous 20 #OhmHours over the last year, and calculate the average energy you reduced. If your average reduction is more than 40% of what we expected you to use, you’ll up-level to Platinum Status and we’ll give you 2x points for your #OhmHours when you beat your forecast.
  • Bonus: if you’re new, they’ll start calculating your average reduction after just 10 OhmHours and bump you to Platinum if you’ve reduced 40% already!
  • Heads up: if you’re Platinum and you do not beat your forecast, they will dock you at your new 2x rate.
  • DIAMOND: This is the top, folks. We look back at your previous 20 #OhmHours over the last year, and calculate the average energy you reduced. If your average reduction is more than 80% of what OhmConnect expected you to use, you’ll up-level to Diamond status and you get 2.5x points for your #OhmHours when you beat your forecast.
  • Bonus: if you’re new, you get your average calculated after just 10 OhmHours and bump you to Diamond if you’ve reduced 80% already!
  • Heads up: if you’re Diamond and you do not beat your forecast, you will dock you at your new 2.5x rate.

Your Status is determined by how much you reduce during #OhmHours and how many #OhmHours you participate in.

You want to try to reach the highest level, which gives you the most chances to earn points and prizes.

What are Streaks?

Streaks are multipliers that add an extra 5% to each #OhmHour you complete in a row without opting out or going over your forecast.

The increased streak bonus gets applied to each consecutive #OhmHour… so you will receive a 5% bonus on your second #OhmHour once your streak is 2, 10% when it reaches 3, etc. up to 20 #OhmHours.

At and beyond a 20 #OhmHour streak, you’ll earn a 100% bonus on your base points. Wowza!

If you break your streak above 20, you’ll start over at 10 instead of back at 0.

Worried about breaking your streak?

Once you have good number of tokens, you can purchase a Streak Shield card in the Token Marketplace which will allow you to maintain your streak if it is broken.

You can read more about streaks and how they work here.

In short….

  1. Always reduce below your forecast
  2. Avoid opting-out, as it breaks your streak
  3. Aim for getting a higher Status and earning more points by reducing as much below your forecast as possible
  4. Pay extra attention to Prize and MEGA #OhmHours for the potential to earn big prizes

Be sure to check out our full video review:

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn money passively while bettering the environment, OhmConnect is totally for you.

  • Make money conserving energy
  • Save money on your energy use
  • Get a chance to make it a “family thing” encouraging family members to join in, plus the opportunity to hang out with family during your #OhmHour
  • Help the environment

If this sounds interesting to you, click here to learn more about OhmConnect.

See anything that we’ve left out of this OhmConnect review? Please let us know in the comments below.

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