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15 Legit Online Jobs For Teens

online jobs for teens
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

If you’ve got an ambitious teen who wants to find a job where they can make money on their own without having to take time away from school, there are many jobs available.

Making extra cash in ways that incorporate the internet has become a way for many to make money on the side, and teens can cash in on this too.

Although it isn’t out of the ordinary for teens to pick up skills related to being financially independent, using the internet may not have always been on the list.

Well, today that has changed with the ever-growing online job market and the ability to make money on the side with the internet during available free time.

If you’re one of the many people looking for ways to help your teenager make money by being a self starter, this guide can help you help them find employment.

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15 Online Jobs for Teens

Whether it’s making taking surveys, using creative skills, micro-freelancing or doing traditional jobs like babysitting, there are plenty of online jobs for teens.

If you’ve got a teen looking to be financially independent, take a look at some of these ideas to help your teen make a side hustle out of their abilities and interests.

1. U-Haul

When it comes to this big name company, you might find that online jobs for teens in the online world are available through U-Haul.

This company is known for being a big moving company, but the jobs available range through out the company.

U-Haul has a vast array of positions available, but one particular position that any teen within the ages of sixteen or older can apply for.

If you’ve got an independent teen who is capable of answering phones and responding to the needs of customers, then they can apply to be a customer service representative.

This position ins fairly straightforward, and can be done from the comfort of their home.

Customer service representatives have a few responsibilities when it comes to working with this company, but the job requirements aren’t too taxing.

For a teen that is still in school but wants to make extra money on the weekends or when they’re done with their school day, this is a perfect job.

Your teen won’t have to worry about going to an actual job and having the pressure of having someone over their head constantly overseeing them.

This is truly a job for a self starter, and there are no prerequisite skills needed to be hired outside of being able to answer questions and schedule rentals.

If your teen can handle the responsibilities of working as a customer service representative, this can be lucrative work for them.

There are a few tools your teen will need to get this work done.

If your teen can be equipped with a computer, they have access to a functional high speed internet connection, and can acquire a headset, they will be in line for this job.

Being a customer service representative for U-Haul is a great beginning job opportunity for a teen with no work history.

This position can be a great starting position for those interested in moving into more competitive fields in the future, and a responsible teen is perfect for the job.

Most companies with online representatives do not have positions available for high-school age teens, but U-Haul recognizes that independent teens are useful employees.

Albeit there are plenty of openings for online reps with other companies, they tend to lean towards hiring older teens starting at age eighteen.

This can mean that finding a job with a legit paycheck that a high-school age teen can work from home can be difficult.

If you believe that you’re teen is able to complete the tasks necessary for the job and help themselves become financially independent, they should apply for this position!

2. Survey Junkie

When it comes to making money online, there are a ton of different ways to go about this, especially if you’re of legal working age in the US.

That being said, a lot of different jobs out there are only available to those who are at or over the age of eighteen or older, which makes it hard for teens to find legit work.

There is a wonderful solution for teens that are serious about looking for money making opportunities.

Even though it isn’t necessarily a job in the traditional sense, teens are able to make substantial amounts of money online by taking surveys.

Fortunately, many survey websites do not require your teen to be at least 18 years old, and this means that they can participate with these companies and make some money.

Survey Junkie is one such website.

This site lets teens take some time out of their day to share their opinions on various topics and get paid for their time and thoughtful answers.

The best part about using this site is that your teenager can be as old as thirteen and sign up for this lucrative survey site!

You can easily sign up for this website for free as a teenager and then fill out a surveyor’s profile with the necessary details to get started.

Your teen will be asked basic questions about their interests, hobbies and habits related to things like shopping and other day to day experiences.

It may be difficult for someone as young as thirteen to find a job in an establishment that gives them flexibility around their school schedule.

With survey websites like Survey Junkie, this road block is eliminated because all of the available surveys can be taken during their free time.

These surveys will come from companies that are matched to your teens profile through the Survey Junkie platform.

They will all be age appropriate and allow your teen to experience using their own opinions to help them make some extra money.

Taking surveys is a lucrative side hustle for people of any age, and this extra source of income can be a constant throughout your teens life if they so wish.

Being young and full of opinions, teens can find taking surveys to be a great outlet for expressing their honest opinions about things that they like.

The best part is that these opportunities are left and can help companies grow their brands without excluding any age groups.

Once your teen has made it through their initial profile creation stage and begin to take surveys, they can see the money come in with every completed survey.

Teens and adults alike get paid in the same way through these survey sites.

They can choose to be paid through PayPal and earn actual cash, or they can choose to receive gift cards to their favorite stores and online shopping websites.

This is lucrative for parents and teens alike because it can help cut the costs of taking care of your teen’s needs for new clothes, entertainment and hobbies.

These surveys can be completed at any time as well, which means that if your teen gets home from school and has a few extra hours, they can take these surveys right from home!

Having a smart device is the best way to complete these surveys, or your teen can complete them online.

Instead of your teen sitting at home playing video games or watching TV, they can make extra money when they have some down time.

3. Swagbucks

When it comes to Swagbucks, you may already be familiar with this platform.

This website is famous for its interesting ways to help teens make money in their spare time doing things they do online anyways.

You can easily earn some extra cash using Swagbucks by doing activities such as watching online videos, playing online games, taking surveys, and searching online.

This means that your teen probable already has the skills necessary to be skillful in the ways of making money on Swagbucks.

If your teen is in search of a way to help them buy the items they’d like and get paid for doing things they already do, then Swagbucks is a great option.

Its also easy to sign up for Swagbucks, as they are a free platform that only requires a quick sign up to use.

As with any points based website, your teen won’t be able to cash out on their points until they’ve reached a certain amount, but getting to a cash out point isn’t hard.

If your teen uses Swagbucks every day or in their spare time, they will quickly see their points add up over time.

With these points they earn, they can cash them in and get their hands on gift cards for their favorite online shopping websites or straight up cash!

On Swagbucks, you can make a dollar for every one hundred points.

Every single completed task adds to your points, and once you reach the minimum cash to of 500 points, you can earn a gift card of $5 for sites like Amazon.

This may not seem like much at first, but with the amount of time and money that your teen spends on Amazon, this can help lower out of pocket costs for coveted items.

If your teen is particularly patient, they can expect to cash out for actual cash through PayPal Ince they’ve reached the 2500 point minimum.

What this means is your teen can get $25 in cold hard cash just for doing the things they already do online.

That being said, these aren’t the only two ways that you can cash out using Swagbucks.

This website has many different gift card options for individuals who use their services which means that your teen can choose to cash out for a store they love.

Thanks to sites like Swagbucks, your teen can earn real money by spending their free time taking online surveys, playing games and watching videos.

Along with Swagbucks, there are a few other similar websites available that will let your teen make money for doing these same tasks.

Don’t fall into the trap of using a site that makes it hard for you to cash out, though!

There are sites that present themselves in the same way, but its hard to earn money because their point system is a lot lower.

There are also sites that are legitimately scams, so keep an eye out for those and only work with companies that are known for actually paying out their users.

4. Bookscouter

When it comes to flipping items to make money, this can be easily done if you’re a wise teen who is open to taking things like books and selling them.

Websites like BookScouter can help you turn your book collection back into cash, or help you turn a visit to the thrift store into a profitable side gig.

Using a site like this can be beneficial in making the most out of your items because they take the item you have and compare the buyback options across many sites.

BookScouter in particular uses at least thirty five different online book buyback vendors to help figure out what the best price for your novels and textbooks are.

This particular site is also great because you can compare these things in one fell swoop, meaning you don’t have to spend time going to sites individually.

Whether you’re thirteen or eighteen, you may have textbooks lying around your house from previous classes you’ve taken in school.

After completing your courses, you won’t need them any more, or may be wondering how to get rid of them without losing any money you may have spent on them.

To make the process of getting rid of your unneeded books easily, you can turn to BookScouter for the best places to sell them for the most money.

Taking the time to go to a garage sale or hit up a thrift store for their spare cheap books can be a great way to invest small sums of money and make back large sums.

If you happen to be a teen in a college town, you can buy textbooks from older students that paid more for their learning materials and turn flip them for more money!

The secret to making the most money is to check out how much the textbook goes for before you buy it and only purchasing it from another individual if you’ll make a profit.

With all the different book buyback websites located in one place, you can easily search for the highest selling price and get the most bang for your book.

To get started in the search process for how much the copies of your books cost, you’ll want to make sure that the book has an ISBN number.

This number is what will help BookScouter locate the correct copy that you have to sell and accurately tell you what it’s worth.

Once you’ve discovered what your ISBN number is, all you’ll have to do is type the number into the BookScouter search bar and get the results back.

These results are also dependent on the condition of your book and whether or not there are markings, missing parts, or other damages or issues.

It is best to consider selling books that are free of any damages.

This will help you to avoid getting a lower price or no money for items that are inaccurately described to the buyback vendors.

You can resell books to the different buyers on BookScouter for a price range of around $1 or $2 per book, or more!

If you don’t need the books anymore and their collecting dust, this can mean that you are turning unnecessary items into useful money.

Another added benefit of using BookScouter to find a buyback vendor is that most vendors won’t have you pay for shipping to get the items to them.

They’ll provide you with a shipping label and all you have to do is pack the books up and send them out.

Once you’ve sent your books out, the buyer will take some time to assess the condition that your book is in.

This is where being honest about the condition is important, because if it meets the standards they seek, they’ll deposit money into a PayPal account.

If it isn’t in the asking or expected condition, you may find that they do not pay you what you originally saw when you searched the ISBN.

You’ll be able to see ahead of selling back your books what the ratings for each vendor are, which will help you decide on who the most reliable buyback vendor is for you.

If you’re able to acquire a lot of books for cheap prices at places like used bookstores, thrift stores and local garage sales, you may be able to turn them into real money!

If you want to make figuring out what your books might sell for even faster or when you’re at the store or at a garage sale, you can download the BookScouter app.

This will let you scan barcodes as you make your way around your neighborhood and town, letting you know what books are the best options for purchasing and flipping.


If you’re the kind of teen who likes to make some extra money on the side caring for others, then is the perfect place to do that!

This website is a perfect place to find online jobs for teens who want to take on babysitting jobs to find lucrative gigs in their area.

To get started with all you have to do is create a free profile detailing who you are, where you’re from and what services you offer.

You’ll have to upload a recent photo, but that should be easy if you’re a selfie addict.

If you have previous babysitting experience, you can share this history on your profile and make it so that parents can see how well you’ll be able to care for their kids.

Caring for neighborhood kids is a big deal, and it’s a big responsibility, so sharing everything about your previous experiences is a great way to get your foot in the door.

In this area, you can include taking care of your own siblings, those of family friends, or other kids in the neighborhood.

You can also express any experience you may have had in volunteering with caring for kids in your neighborhood or at community focused centers like your local church.

As long as you’ve gone down the route of taking care of kids, especially young children, and can back it up with some references, you should be able to find gigs.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much you’d like to get paid!

Having more experience means you can make more money, but you want to make sure to keep your prices competitive with other people interested in doing the same.

Check out the profiles of other babysitters in your area to get an idea as to how much you should charge.

If your prices are too high, you won’t get jobs, and if your prices are too low, you will find it harder to make money.

Find a happy medium to help keep you working while making it worth your while!

Keep in mind that your price range is negotiable, and you should charge for your services according to what each parent needs, not just have a base price.

If is a website that parents in your area use, you’ll be seen by them and be able to get jobs by letting them know you’re available!

You can also use social media and other methods to get more parents to help you build your business, and the more parents who hire you, the more experience you’ll gain.

This will help you get even more parents to ask you to babysit your kids, and you’ll be able to make more money to support your hobbies and buy the things you need.

7. Fiverr

When it comes to make a few quick dollars, there are awesome micro-freelancing websites like Fiverr.

These websites are great because you can find quick gigs around your neighborhood that pay you $5 to do, but most of the jobs pay even more.

It’s super quick and easy to get started with Fiverr because creating a profile is 100% free.

Once you’ve set up your profile, you can use it to share what your skills and talents are, making it so that people who want your services can hire you.

As a teenager, there are many ways you can make yourself useful and make a few extra bucks every week.

The best way to do this is by focusing on the tings you know you’re good at.

This can be anything, from helping teach kids how to play chess or using your artistic skills to make things for people that are unique.

It all depends on your interests and if you’re willing to put yourself out there to be useful for others.

If you like to write or read, you can use these skills to help people with homework, edit projects they’re working on, or teach others how to use the same skills.

Fiverr is excellent because the choice is up to you!

You’ll be able to name a price for yourself and expect the people who are interested in using your services to pay you for doing what you do best.

If you’re wondering how you can go about charging for your services at a reasonable price, you’ll want to start by comparing your skills to different factors.

How long it will take you to complete a task, whether or not your services are unique, and if you’ll be available to help sooner rather than later are all things to consider.

It’s also important to consider what other people are charging so you’re not asking for too much and end up getting looked over because someone is asking for less!

Depending on how intricate your service is, you can expect to charge accordingly.

Doing a task that takes twenty minutes shouldn’t be priced too high, and doing a job that takes a few hours shouldn’t be priced too low.

Finding the sweet spot for your particular service will help you find people that are interested in hiring you.

Once you’ve started to get clients and get reviews, it’ll be easier to help your side hustle grow.

It’s also important to know that Fiverr takes a commission for every completed job, which is 20%.

This may seem like a lot, but when you think about how much money you’ll make in comparison to your exposure, it’s not such a bad deal!

Another thing to note is that you won’t have to deal with customers who don’t want to pay up in the end.

Fiverr will pay you directly and make sure that whomever you’re matched with to work has the necessary funds to do so.

When it comes to what you can do on Fiverr, the possibilities are vast.

You can offer as many services as you want and this can help you get more clients in the long run.

You can write poems for people, write songs, draw pictures, make tiny art pieces or intricate portraits, sew together items, teach someone something new, anything!

8. Etsy

Etsy is a particularly fantastic site for the creative individual, and this includes teens!

This online marketplace is a collective for the hand crafters of the world.

When it comes to what you want to sell, the possibilities are almost endless.

Etsy really is a website for those who make things by hand, so don’t expect to find a thrift store item and sell it on this platform.

Instead, if you’re a person who likes to knit, sew, draw, paint, crochet, or anything of the sort, you can make one of a kind items and sell them here.

Taking the time to discover what you’re good at and what you like making can be the first step in building a successful Etsy store.

There is a lot of competition on this website, but if you’re able to stand out because your creative style is unique, then you can make a lot of money on here!

Any crafty skill is good on this platform, including making items like jewelry, woodworking, metal smithing, and more.

If you’re great at calligraphy, you can make custom wedding or birthday party invitations.

If you’re great at knitting, you can make scarves, hats, gloves or more to sell.

Doing some research on what items really sell can help you decide on what the best craft to start making will be.

If you have any of these talents, or any other talent you can think of, then you can make any items and sell them on Etsy.

If you have an interested customer, they’ll buy it from you directly from the site, and once it reaches the customer, you’ll get paid via PayPal!

It’s almost like making money out of thin air.

You can also work around having to sell items and ship them out by creating digital items that can be bought and delivered in the same day.

You’ll be able to deliver the items via email or a download link, and your customers will be able to use them right away.

You won’t have to worry about shipping labels, running to the post office, or meeting a deadline for sending out your items.

You can also use this website to create a service for people who want customized items.

This means you can set up a general template for something and build composites of images, invitations, or items that can be sold repeatedly with a few minor differences.

The great thing about Etsy is that it’s been around for a while now, and its a reliable place to sell your skills without having to search heavily for customers.

The added benefit of providing customers with one of a kind items can be rewarding for you as well, and being able to challenge yourself to try new things is good too.

Etsy is a perfect place to start a part-time business selling things you love to make!

This website is so major, the customer base reaches around the world, bringing people you’d never be able to meet into your life to help you earn money and be creative!

9. Become a Freelance Writer

When it comes to making money from home, there are many freelancers websites like UpWork that connects people who are looking to make money from home with jobs!

This is a great way to provide your skills to others and be your own boss.

It’s easy to get started by becoming a freelance writer, and if you are a teen who has a knack for the English language, you can find small or big jobs to showcase your skills.

This is also a great way to find gigs that will work around your schedule because you’re able to set your own hours and work around your regular school days and activities.

Being a freelance writer can be fun and challenging in ways that make you better at what you do.

You’ll be able to also find jobs on this website doing different things, it’s not just limited to freelance writing.

The only major thing to note about using Upwork is that your teen must be at least eighteen to be able to work on this platform.

You’ll be required to sign a legally binding contract to take on any of the available jobs on Upwork, which means you have to be able to legally agree to be hired.

This is a serious business platform that helps people from around the world find jobs, and it is easy to get started, but you must meet these requirements.

Older teens who want to work from home over the summer, or want to save up some extra cash before they head off to college can utilize this website to their benefit.

The kinds of writing you can do can vary as well, and you can choose to take on clients and gigs that will help you grow as an individual business.

It’s also a great way to get familiar with article writing, which is something you can utilize if you want to become a blogger.

You’ll have the ability to build a portfolio to showcase your talents and get more jobs, and you don’t have to have experience to start!

10. Become a Freelance Virtual Assistant

When it comes to working from home, there are a lot of great jobs that you can do using freelancing websites.

In this respect, you’ll be working for yourself and you’ll be able to control how you make your money based off of your time needs and financial expectations.

You won’t be stuck to doing the same thing every day if you don’t want to either, and that can mean a challenging and fun work experience.

Using a freelancing website means that you’ll have to be at least eighteen, but if this is something you’d like to explore, you can do so easily.

Being a virtual assistant can mean having a job that doesn’t require you to do crazy tasks, but can still be interesting and fun. 

Depending on who you decide to work with, you’ll be able to make the major decisions surrounding the type of work that you do.

Your clients may need you to do simple things like answer emails, run virtual errands, do data entry work or research.

Based on who your clients are, your work can be simple and easy to execute, or more involved and challenging.

The more challenging the work, the more valuable of an asset you will be to other clients in the future, so consider breaking out of your comfort zone.

If you like to book travel reservations, schedule appointments, or do other small administrative tasks, being a virtual assistant can be great for you.

You won’t be surprised by left-wing tasks because when you submit a proposal you’ll be able to negotiate what you want to do, for how long, and for what price.

Finding a freelance virtual assistant job that works around your needs is completely doable.

It is important to stay on top of what a reasonable price for this position is, especially if you’re working hourly instead of getting paid for each individual task.

Freelance websites can be competitive, so over pricing yourself can mean less work.

To get started, you can join freelance websites like,, or to find clients.

You’ll have to create a profile that showcases your skills and highlights any experiences you may have as well as upload legal paperwork that says you can work online.

There are thousands upon thousands of freelance jobs available, and all you need to get started is have a computer and the internet.

Controlling what is most appealing to you can be simple with smart search filters that help you narrow down all of the available options.

You’ll be able to submit proposals to potential clients and discuss what the work will be and how much you will get paid before legally agreeing to take on the job.

Make sure to find out what the tools you’ll need to complete the job will be before you accept any contracts.

You may need office equipment that is specific to your clients needs, and if that means out of pocket costs it may not be worth it.

Regardless, being a virtual assistant means you can make your own schedule, work around your course load for school, and even maintain a real world part time job.

11. eBay

When it comes to making money selling things, eBay, is a great way to resell items that you may have lying around the house.

This website is different than sites like Etsy because these items can be manufactured instead of handmade.

In fact, these items can be almost anything, including clothes, collectible items, jewelry, cars, books, music equipment, art, or anything else you can think of that is legal.

If you live in a place that has a lot of garage sales, you can take items off of other peoples hands for cheap and then flip them for a profit.

You can even sell things like kids toys and academic textbooks, vinyl records, novelty items like bobbleheads or other knick knacks you find along the way.

If you’re an avid gamer, you can resell your gaming items, including consoles, controllers, headsets, TVs, monitors, or items like gaming chairs and desks.

Items that are in any condition can be sold on eBay, but if you want to be really successful as an eBay seller, you’ll want to sell items in good shape for the most money.

You have the option of choosing to sell your items auction style, or you can pick a price point and sell your item at a price that is set.

When you auction items on eBay, you can choose to start as low or as high as you want and sell items under a time limit as short as one day to seven days.

If you start your item as an auction, you’ll be more likely to attract people who are trying to get a bargain for something they really want.

This is also a potential danger, because your item may sell for much less than you desire, so there is some risk involved with listing your item as an auction item.

Being aware of the value of your item can help you decide how to sell it on eBay.

Taking into consideration that shipping costs are important as well can help you navigate what is best for your item in terms of the starting selling price.

Free shipping is the most appealing way to sell items to individuals who search for products on eBay.

If your item is heavy or is shipped internationally, it can cost you more than you’d like and cut into your profit.

You will be able to see before you list your item what the estimated shipping costs can be, which can help you decide if offering free shipping is worth it.

When it comes down to actually selling your item, you have a lot of tools put in place that can help protect you from fraud and other issues when it comes to payment.

eBay has buyer protection put in place as well, but as long as you are honest about the items that you’re listing and their condition, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

When it comes down to receiving payment, there is really one true way to get paid without having any issues, and that is to use PayPal.

If you manage to sell one of your items, then you can expect to get paid via PayPal after the item has reached the customer.

If you’re new to selling on eBay, you’ll experience holds for the first two transactions with your payout, but this shouldn’t happen for more then the first one or two items.

After you’ve become an established seller on eBay, you’ll begin to incur reviews from your buyers, which will attract more buyers to purchase items from you.

The best way to keep a high rating on eBay is to ship your items quickly, and to make sure that when you list them you are as honest about the item condition as possible.

When it comes to posting your items on eBay, you can expect to have some involved fees, but these are comparatively minimal to your overall profits.

Sometimes eBay offers promotions where these listing fees are lowered or completely waved to help attract sellers to pay more.

Once your item is sold, a small percentage of the total cost of your items selling price minus the shipping fee is paid to eBay for using their platform to list your item.

To help you avoid losing more money than not, it’s important to keep these fees in mind to help you make the most out of your sold items.

If you decide to create a part-time job for yourself on eBay, you’ll be able to sell almost anything you can think of and make a considerable profit over time.

12. Tutoring

When it comes to finding online jobs for teens, there are a lot of different ways you can use your smarts to help you create money making opportunities for yourself.

One such way is becoming a tutor!

There is always the ability to become a tutor the traditional way and market yourself within your own school or via social media, but there are websites that can help too.

Using a website that is specifically geared towards helping potential students match with tutors can help you pinpoint ways to maximize your workload.

If you know you’re skilled in a particular school subject and you like to help other people learn the things that you enjoy learning, tutoring may be for you.

Many companies exist for online tutors, but not all of them are catered to teens.

There are some that are available only to students and teens over the age of eighteen years old to help them with sharing their skills with others.

Some websites, however, allow their tutors to help others while still being in high school.

What this means is that there are tutoring work opportunities for teens that are aged around fifteen or sixteen years old.

Granted, these tutors won’t make as much money as they would on platforms that are for people aged eighteen or older, but they do pay enough to make it worthwhile.

Websites like SameSpeak hires teens that are at least  16 years and older.

This means you can find work as a tutor while you’re still in high school, and you can work around your school schedule and homework to help other students learn.

To work with SameSpeak, you’ll need to be fluent in English.

The reason for this is your job on SameSpeak will be to help individuals who speak other languages learn how to speak natural English.

This is a big responsibility and can be very helpful for individuals who desire to learn how to speak better English by practicing but may not have the option at home.

SameSpeak is an excellent way to connect with people around the world, and the benefits of helping others are just as rewarding as getting paid!

When it comes to tutoring with SameSpeak, you can expect to make $10 for every half hour of work.

This means you can easily earn $20 an hour, and even more if you do multiple sessions in a day.

You won’t have to worry about creating the materials for the people who you tutor to learn with as SameSpeak will provide them with conversations to practice.

This is good to know going in because some of the students who are using SameSpeak  have no knowledge of the English language.

Having SameSpeak  provide the necessary materials means that you will be able to communicate with foreign language speakers without stress.

Other students you may have will be focused on trying to improve their use of the English language, which can be fun for everyone involved!

You’ll be given the coaching materials necessary to help you maintain and correct conversations as you go along.

There won’t be any bizarre surprises or confusing situations where you won’t be able to help because everything will be provided to you.

They’ll give you all the necessary tools to help give the best instruction and how to go through a lesson without a hassle.

It is rewarding work, and you can do it even if you’re a teen still in school!

13. Humanatic

If you’re a teenager looking to do interesting work that is a little off of the beaten path, then you can consider working for Humanatic!

This company is a worldwide organization that reviews voice messages that are recorded by a company.

Whenever you make a call to a major company and hear the age old “This call may be recorded for quality purposes”, Humanatic hires people to review them.

To work with this company you must be at least seventeen years old.

Humanatic isn’t the only company that does it, but it is the only one that hires teens under the age of eighteen to do so.

The reason why Humanatic hires individuals to review these calls is to help these companies improve how their calls are executed.

Humanatic pays people to complete reviews of these calls and give feedback on how they went.

For every call you review fully, Humanatic pays you through PayPal!

The best part about working for Humanatic is that you can choose your work hours, but they do prefer individuals to work when they have their busiest times of the day.

You will be able to sign in and out of their system as you please, but if you want to make the most money, you’ll want to work between the hours of 8AM and 7PM

The best part about working for Humanatic is that the work is relatively fun.

It can be calming to sit and listen to these phone calls and then make decisions about the things you’d enjoy hearing.

When it comes to the reviewing work, you won’t have to take a lot of notes, which means you can do this work passively and compile an overall review.

The best part about Humanatic is that they pay weekly, and they do so on Monday with PayPal.

To get paid, you’ll have to have at least $10 accredited to your account as payment for completed work, so it is important to consistently work with them to get paid on time.

When it comes to learning how to review these calls, there is minimal training involved, which means that you can pick up the necessary skills quickly and not stress being inexperienced.

There are no elaborate skills to learn or have before you begin working with them, all you have to do is listen intently and determine what information is important.

When you begin working with Humanatic, you’ll be given some training calls to help you figure out the process.

These calls are pretty straightforward and will be very informative.

Another upside to working with Humanatic is that it is flexible work.

Being able to work on your own schedule will be beneficial to maintaining other aspects of your life!

You will also be able to make occasional bonuses, which can help you reach your payout faster.

The biggest downside to working for Humanatic is that the pay isn’t particularly exceptional.

If you’re just looking for some extra cash in your spare time, though, it may not matter too much.

14. Slice the Pie

When it comes to getting paid for reviewing things you like, you may find that working with Slice the Pie to be a great way to make extra income as a teen.

This company pays teens to share their opinions.

This is a great way to make some cash because you get paid for each review, and most of them take just a minute or two to complete.

Although the pay isn’t crazy high, it still adds up pretty quickly.

If you manage to review different things with Slice the Pie, you’ll find that a few cents a minute adds up to a couple dollars an hour.

You’ll be able to log in as often as you want and review as much as you want in your spare time, and the rewards are worth it!

Sharing your thoughts on music and giving feedback on different brands, clothing, and other similar things helps to improve the companies that sponsor this site.

It’s pretty straightforward work.

Slice the Pie will offer you a song to listen to, a clothing item to check out, or some such other brand based item or information.

You’ll leave a quick review about what you think you like or dislike about this information they share with you, and then you’ll get paid by Slice the Pie!

On average, you can expect to earn about five to twenty cents per each review.

If you use Slice the Pie for at least an hour a day, you can make a few extra bucks each week.

The more you review, the more you get paid!

To get paid by Slice the Pie, you’ll have to meet the minimum payout amount of $10 to be able to deposit your money.

The way that Slice the Pie pays its reviewers is through PayPal.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys review items, music and more for cash, then this may be the perfect place to start a small side hustle as a teen!

15. Selling Photos

The creatives of the world have a lot of different ways to share their projects with the world, but not all of them pay!

Instead of posting your photos to instagram for the likes, you can instead choose to take your beautiful pictures and sell them online.

You may be surprised to know that even amateur photographers are included in this mix!

You don’t have to have professional equipment or know the ins and outs of photoshop to be able to sell your photos.

It may help to bring about a lot of money as a photographer if you do have these tools, but you can still make some money for just being a photography buff online.

If you’re wondering what the best websites to do this on are, there are a few options for anyone to check out.

Foap is one particular app that anyone can use, including adults, teens and kids alike!

This app is great because you can use your phone camera and upload your photos to their platform and sell them for other people to use!

This means that you can use your (obviously very nice) iPhone or Android camera to take pictures of all the things that interest you, and share them for some cash.

You can also take on brand challenges and create themed photos for the different missions that they upload to the platform.

Winners of these missions are rewarded prize money for creating original and unique content for these brands, making it easy for you to get a cash boost for being creative!

There are some other websites available that can be used to sell photos to stock websites.

These websites pay the people who upload them money for every download, and can be a lucrative way to make passive income as a teen.

If you’re interested in knowing more about these sites, here is a quick breakdown of where to start looking to sell your photos!

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is one of the biggest names in stock photos in the world.

These stock photos are used by millions of people around the world, and being a part of the Adobe photographers community can give you a lot of exposure.

As with other stock photo sites, you must submit your photos to be reviewed for use by the site.

You must be 18 years of age to use this website as a contributor, and all of the images must be originals and owned by you.

You won’t be able to use photos that have recognizable persons or private property in your uploads without a signed release.

To avoid having your images rejected, make sure to have anyone in your images or anyone who owns property that is privately owned sign one before submitting.

Adobe Stock doesn’t just accept photographs either.

You can submit video, vectors, illustrations, and other visual content to be used by people across the world.

The way you make money using Adobe Stock is cut and dry.

For every image downloaded by users, you will make a 33% commission per purchase.

You will be able to cash out your earnings via PayPal or Skrill once you’ve reached a total of $25 in sales.

This means that the more content you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn some income from selling your photography.

As long as you own all the rights to your images and they are accepted by Adobe Stock, you’ll be able to start making money with your photos!


For this particular company, teens will have to be at least 18 years old to participate.

iStockPhoto is run by Getty Images, the biggest name in photography that gets sold and used around the world.

The images that get used from iStockPhoto are used in various ways, but many of them are used for major publications, TV, advertisements and more.

To begin with iStockPhoto, you have to be accepted into their program.

This means you must produce quality content and be prepared to continue trying to meet their standards before, during, and after acceptance.

The application process is easy, and you’ll be able to continue trying to become a part of their company if your images do not get accepted the first time.

To begin, you’ll need to download their Contributor by Getty Images app.

From here, you’ll create an account and submit anywhere from three to six of your best photos or videos.

These images will be reviewed by Getty Images, and you will be informed as to whether or not these images are accepted by the company.

You will be able to continuously upload images, but to be successful with iStockPhoto, it is important to know what type of content their users like to use.

This will make it easier for you to be accepted and to make money!

Although it may not be simple to get started with this company, it is worth the effort to continue trying to make quality work they will like!

Once your images are accepted to this platform, you’ll be able to be seen by millions of Getty Image users worldwide.

The way you make money using iStockPhoto is pretty straightforward.

When a person purchases a license to use the photo, they include what way they plan to use the image.

The image may be downloaded for personal or commercial use.

Images used for commercial use make more money than images downloaded for personal use.

The images download will be set at a certain price depending on which kind of license they are bought under.

The person who uploaded the original image will be paid a percentage of the price of the license, otherwise known as a royalty.

This will be a one time payment per download, but the percentage is rather substantial compared to other sites.

The more images you have on iStockPhoto, the more chances you have of being noticed and getting paid for uploading your photos!

This is an excellent site to use if you’re trying to become a serious photographer, and the quality of your work will improve as you learn what they like the most.


Selling images to Shutterstock is fairly simple.

This website in particular looks for quality stock photos to be uploaded to their site.

This is because the company focuses on creating content that can be used across the internet for important things like websites and blogs.

These photos are available for any Shutterstock customer to download, and they are often used on major websites who are looking to avoid paying high fees to use them.

Shutterstock also focuses on helping their contributors to succeed by giving them pointers on what they want to see the most of on their website.

This helps individuals looking to make money off of their photos succeed at doing so by following their guidelines for success. 

Shutterstock is a company that is used worldwide, and their photos are available for download across the world.

This means that the likelihood your photo will get downloaded is high, especially considering that the images on their platform are beautiful and easy to access.

The beautiful thing about Shutterstock is that every time your photo gets downloaded, you can expect to get paid.

Once your images have been uploaded and accepted, all you have to do is sit back and wait.

Its a great way to generate passive income for creating beautiful images that other people want to use.

You also have the opportunity to earn more money through bonuses by referring people to use Shutterstock as a place to upload their images.

Shutterstock is a genuine community of photographers from around the world, and their content isn’t limited to just still images.

You can also upload videos and make profit from people who like them enough to download them.

To get started with Shutterstock is pretty simple.

All you have to do is sign up for one of their free accounts!

Shutterstock has millions of customers around the world, which means that your images will get noticed.

There are plenty of categories to choose from to develop images for this website.

If you’re into still life photography, portraiture, or landscape photography, there will always be a place for your images.

The market for the images from Shutterstock is vast.

If the right people notice your work, it could end up in TV ads, billboards, or other large platforms that will give you even more exposure.

Budding photographers who want feedback on their images can expect to receive it from the giant community at Shutterstock as well.

Uploading images is simple and quick, and there are plenty of tools put in place to help solidify the quality of your images.

Another upside to using Shutterstock is that they have a mobile app which you can use to upload your photos.

This means you can upload your images on the go and continuously grow your portfolio.

You’ll also be able to share your portfolio with friends and family or whomever you wish, allowing you to expand your exposure and bring more people closer to buying.

There are also different levels of work that you can create for others.

With the Shutterstock Custom Contributor’s Community, you can create branded content for specific brands and make money developing images for companies.

This is a great way to begin developing a professional portfolio that can help you expand your followers.

If you’re looking to become a professional photographer, or heavily dabble in photography, this is a great way to become a part of a photographers community.

Plus you’ll be able to make some money from selling your photos to those who love them!

Shutterstock boasts paying out over one billion dollars to its community of photographers last year.

Why wouldn’t you want to get a slice of that pie?

Final Thoughts

If you’re a money savvy teen in search of a side hustle, or a proud parent who wants to encourage their teen to create some cashflow, there are lots of ways to do that!

Having some insight as to where to begin and what tools you may need to begin working from home can be a great way to make these dreams come true.

As a parent, having a teen who wants to buy the newest games, newest clothes, or newest gadget can be expensive.

Having your teen take the power into their own hands and create some income for themselves can help lessen the load of having to fulfill these desires on your own.

There are tons of ways to make income on the side as an adult or as a teen, and this guide is a great place to start.

Some of these jobs aren’t available for younger teens, but many of them are available to teenagers over the age of fifteen.

With all the available options, it’ll be hard for your teen to turn their back on making some money for themselves.

They’ll be able to buy anything they want, hang out with their friends without having to ask for money, and help them learn how to be independent and financially sound.

What more could you ask for?

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