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Triaba Review: Is This Survey Site A Scam or Legit?

triaba review
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Want to Make Extra Money Now?

I for one am always looking for ways I can earn some extra cash. Extra cash is just fun to have and can be really helpful when it comes to covering bills or simply trying to catch a movie on the weekend.

There are several ways you can earn more money in addition to your day job. You could pick up a side hustle, use cashback or investment apps, or you can do what I consider the easiest of tasks, which is taking surveys.

Surveys require little effort and energy and can pretty much be done anywhere at any time. While there are several survey site options available, I’m here to tell about one in particular called Triaba.

What I like about Triaba is that they have high payouts on some of their surveys and don’t require you to have a maximum of $20 or $30 bucks to cash out.

Keep reading below for all the details.

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What Is Triaba

Triaba is a Norwegian company that is part of Cint Insights Exchange, offering paid online surveys. Cint Insights Exchange is a platform that uses technology that transforms and accelerates how insights regarding data are received and shared.

Companies use this platform to set up online groups of consumers, businesses and communities in order to perform market research.

Despite being a Norwegian company, Triaba is part of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and available in 47 different countries.

How Triaba Works

Triaba is a FREE platform that you can use to earn money by taking surveys. As soon as you provide an email and sign-up, you’ll be sent an email with your first survey.

When you pull up the Triaba website, the first thing you’ll notice is their bold disclaimer. They state that you can earn anywhere from $.50 to $5.50 for each survey you complete.

Surveys can take you 15 – 45 minutes to complete, and the longer the survey the more you can expect to earn from finishing it.

Getting Started With Triaba

The Triaba website is nicely set up and easy to use and navigate. Avid computer users and computer newbies will have no trouble working with Triaba.

One thing that is fortunate about Triaba is that you don’t even need to log into the site once you set up an account.

Triaba sends surveys directly to you via email once you complete the signup process, so you only really need to bother with surveys as they come to you.

Signing Up

To get started with Triaba, you will need to provide a little bit of information. They will ask for your gender, email, date of birth and zip code. You’ll also need to set up a password so you can logon to the site in the future.

Providing this data will help Triaba send you specific surveys targeted to your demographic, i.e. age, gender and location.

This means you will usually get surveys that are relevant to you or at least interesting enough to not feel like a waste of time.

Setting Up Your Profile

Once you sign-up, you’ll get an email to verify your account and from there you can compete your profile.

Under your profile there are questions to answer under the following categories: household, occupation, auto, electronics, health/lifestyle, ethnicity, education, food/beverage, hobbies/interests, computer/video game, media, travel, smoking/tobacco, healthcare, research, and mother/baby.

You are not required to fill out the full profile to start taking surveys, but doing so will help Triaba better tailor a company’s survey to you.

I’d suggest filling out your profile a little at a time, as some of the categories are longer than others and the process is very tedious.

Taking Surveys

After completing or not completing your profile, you can start taking surveys. There are two ways to do this.

The primary way to take surveys is to wait for the Triaba Panel to send you surveys directly to your email. This could happen immediately or take 2-3 weeks after signing up.

I received my first emailed survey about an hour after signing up. It was a very short survey and I earned $.25 for my efforts.

Another way to take surveys is directly from the Triaba website. On your homepage you’ll see a tab for surveys and a list of available surveys. I opted to try one of these first while I waited to receive my first email from the Triaba Panel.

Here you will see the amount you can earn for each different survey and approximately how long they will take. Some of my first surveys earned me a little over $1.00 for an 11 minute survey. The shortest survey was only 5 minutes and earned me $.50.

Keep in mind that you may not qualify for every survey listed. Sometimes just typing in your age will lock you out of a particular survey.

Don’t fret, there are plenty of surveys listed, so one of them is bound to stick and earn your something. And from what I’ve seen, they are all pretty straightforward.

The best part about completing a survey is that your reward shows up in your account right away.


If you want to take more surveys without needing to wait around for the Triaba Panel to send you a survey, they suggest downloading the OpinionApp.

The OpinionApp lets you take as many surveys as you want, assuming there are surveys available and that you qualify.

After signing up with Triaba, download the OpinionApp and you can start taking surveys immediately and there are no quarantine rules when you have completed a survey in the app.

OpinionApp is available in most countries.

If you don’t want to bother with the OpinionApp, you can just sign-in to your account on Triaba and see what surveys are listed there. Though this means you are limited to your computer in order to take a survey, versus the app which lets you take surveys while on the go.

Making Money With Triaba

Earning Money

The only way to make money with Triaba is by taking surveys. The more surveys you take, the faster you will earn and the more money you will make.

Surveys vary in length and reward price, and as noted above, you may not qualify for every survey. Surveys over 36 minutes will earn you $5 or more.

I’m fairly new to using Triaba so I cannot confirm the frequency of surveys you will receive in a given month. From reading comments from other users, you can expect to receive anywhere from 1-7 surveys a month.

Once you sign up, you are eligible to start taking surveys and earning real cash. All cash earned will show up in your panel account upon completion of the survey.

From there you can transfer your money to your PayPal account or choose to receive an Amazon gift card or a GCodes gift code.

Cashing Out

When you are ready to cash out, simply login to your account and click on “my earned points”. You can choose your payout option there.


To cash out with Paypal, you’ll need to earn a minimum of $12.50 in survey rewards. This means that by taking a few of the longer surveys, you could cash out in no time!

If you do not already have a PayPal account, PayPal will do this automatically for you if you choose this option as a cash out. PayPal will simply use your email as your account number.

Money is usually available in your PayPal account within 1 – 4 business days. Please note that PayPal charges a 2% handling fee for transfering money to your PayPal account.


Once you have reached 80 points, you can cash out with an Amazon gift card. Amazon gift card claim codes are sent directly to your email. This could take up to 4 weeks.

80 points is the equivalent of $10 in cash.


Just like Amazon gift cards, GCodes also require 80 points ($10) before you can cash out. This virtual gift code can be redeemed for thousands of rewards, like merchandise, gift cards, travel and even event tickets.

The GCode will be sent directly to your email address within 1-4 business days.

Pros and Cons of Triaba


  • Free to sign up
  • Easy sign-up process (the long profile is optional to complete)
  • Earn cash instantly once you complete a survey
  • Available in multiple countries
  • Several different payout options, including PayPal
  • Receive surveys via email that fit your demographic
  • Additional survey options available on the site or through the OpinionApp
  • Potential to earn up to $5 off of a single survey
  • Fairly low cash payout threshold of $12.50 (some may consider this high)
  • Website is easy to use and navigate


  • Only way to earn cash is by taking surveys
  • Could take some time to meet the minimum cash payout
  • Frequency of surveys sent will vary
  • May not always qualify for a survey, even if it was emailed to you
  • Filling out the full profile specs on Triaba takes some time
  • Points/cash earned becomes inactive if you do not take a survey for a year or longer (you’ll need to contact Triaba to get your points back)

Is Triaba Legit or a Scam?

Triaba is definitely a legitimate survey site. I’ve taken several surveys already and have seen proof of my earnings in my panel account, though I haven’t tried to cash out yet.

While the reviews for Triaba do vary, in general they are very positive. Most of the positive reviews focus on the quality of the surveys given, and how fast and easy they are to complete.

Is Triaba Worth Checking Out?

If you like taking surveys as a means of earning some extra money, then I highly encourage you to check out Triaba. One more survey site can’t hurt and will only help you get the cash you need that much faster.

The surveys I have taken with Triaba have been straightforward and easy, with the longest being 10 minutes so far. Plus, I liked that I didn’t have to wait several days or weeks to receive my first survey via email.

I also like that the money appears in your account right away, so you don’t need to wait around for any kind of verification. I also enjoy that you can take surveys directly on the Triaba website (if you qualify) while you wait to receive a direct email.

My only complaint is that the profile specs on Triaba take a long time to complete and the process is pretty boring. Plus you aren’t earning cash from completing the profile, unlike taking an actual survey, so it can feel like a waste of time.

But to be fair they do this so that they can better tailor surveys to you, so you won’t be sent anything that isn’t at least a little relevant to you.

It’d be great if in the future Triaba would offer a sign-up bonus to give you more of an incentive to complete the profile. Or maybe even decrease the number of categories…or even a bonus just for completing the full profile.

Despite this, I still like Triaba a lot and think it works great as an extra option to earn cash when I need it.

As long as you aren’t expecting to get rich from taking Triaba surveys, I think all users can enjoy the easy process of earning some cash by giving your opinion and sharing a little of your time.

Apps/Sites Similar to Triaba

Triaba isn’t the only survey site out there and to keep things fair, I wanted to list some survey options here that are similar to Triaba.

My personal favorite from the list below is Pinecone Research, which is why I listed it first.

  • Pinecone Research – One of the highest paying survey sites available. Guaranteed to earn a minimum of $3 per survey. Read the review here.
  • Vindale Research$1 sign-up bonus. Read the review here.
  • Survey Junkie – Several surveys available and a minimum payout of only $10! Read the review here.
  • Swagbucks$5 sign-up bonus, plus earn cash with other tasks beyond taking surveys. Read the review here.

Final Thoughts

As survey site, Triaba seems to have the potential to contend with some of the more popular survey sites that I’ve mentioned above.

I’ve found that the surveys sent to me have fit my particular demographic perfectly, so the surveys were interesting and I felt like I could give a legitimate opinion on the questions asked.

Other then the long profile to complete, I have zero complaints when it comes to using Triaba. Like many other survey sites I use, I treat Triaba as a fun way to earn extra cash and cash out when I’m able to.

I do not take surveys as a means of earning a full income. As long as you don’t do the same, you can’t be disappointed in trying Triaba out.

If you do plan on checking out Triaba or if you have experience with the platform, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

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