10 Apps & Websites That Give You A $10+ Sign-Up Bonus


Even though you may not be bent on using rewards apps or websites, sometimes it’s worth registering them just for the sign-up bonus. Here are 10 different apps and websites that give you $10 or more just for registering as a new user. If you don’t want to keep using the service, cash out once and don’t come back.

1. Ibotta

  • Registration Bonus: $10 with promo code qFTVA
  • Join Ibotta

ibotta step 1

Ibotta is a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices that pays you to scan grocery receipts. Each time you scan an itemized receipt that has a specific product listed, you can earn anywhere from $0.25 to $5 in cash back.

Recently they’ve expanded to other categories such as electronics, clothing, restaurants and more.

However, you’re going to find most of the offers for food and beverages. They have over thousands of different grocery products listed on the app, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting cash back at least for a few items. Some common ones are milk, yogurt and bananas.

Now you can even get cash back by using their mobile shopping program if you want to use other apps. For example, they give you 8% back on all purchases made through the Groupon app. The only requirement to earn the cash back is to go through the Ibotta app first.

When you sign-up for Ibotta using the referral code qFTVA, you earn a $10 bonus after scanning your first receipt. Just make sure to do this within your first two weeks of opening an account.

Keep in mind that you need a minimum of $20 to cash out, so you will need to scan a few more receipts. You can withdraw for gift cards or direct deposits to PayPal or Venmo.

If you want to learn more about receipt scanning apps, here are 11 other apps just like Ibotta.

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2. TopCashback


TopCashback is an online shopping portal that gives you cash back for shopping online. They’ve partnered with thousands of online retailers across the web and have placed their affiliate links onto one website.

When you click on one of these links and make a purchase, they earn a commission and give it back to you in the form of cash back.

You can earn cash back at popular retailers such as Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and more. They’re currently linked with over 1,000 stores across the web, so it doesn’t hurt to check here first before shopping online.

When you register as a new user, you’re automatically granted $10 in cash back. However, you need a minimum of $10 in earned cash back before you can cash out.

You can cash out for gift cards or PayPal. However, we recommend cashing out for Amazon or American Express gift cards since you get a 3% bonus for doing so.

If you’re curious to learn more about online shopping portals, you can read our portal guide or check out the top 10 online shopping portals for cash back.

3. MyPoints


MyPoints is a popular rewards site that pays you for completing simple tasks online such as reading your email and shop online. You can earn a $10 bonus when you complete the following steps.

  1. Register for a new account by clicking this link here.
  2. Make your first purchase of $20 or more at any of the retailers listed on their site.
  3. Earn cash back from the site and a $10 gift card for free as long as the purchase is made within 30 days of opening your account.

MyPoints works in a very similar manner to TopCashback and BeFrugal. Each time you click on one of their links to another retailer, you earn a certain amount of cash back. The amount depends on the store that you’re shopping at.

The difference between MyPoints and other portals is that they have some of the best promotional offers on the web. I log-in every once in a while to see if they have special deals, such as a $5 bonus for spending $20 or more on Walmart baby formula.

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4. BeFrugal


BeFrugal is another online shopping portal, very similar to TopCashback. When you purchase at a retailer using one of their links first, they earn a commission and give it back to you in cash back.

BeFrugal and TopCashback are definitely the top 2 portals on the web. Due to their long-standing reputation, they have some of the best cash back rates on the web. They estimate that if you do all of your shopping online through their portal, you’ll save an average of 7% across all online purchases.

Sign-up using the referral link above and earn a $10 bonus upon registration. However, you need a minimum of $25 to cash out either for gift cards or PayPal withdrawals. Again, we suggest cashing out for Amazon Gift Cards to get a 3% bonus upon withdrawal.

5. Efurb


Efurb is an online shopping site that only sells refurbished products. We’ve found that on average, most of the prices are cheaper than what you would find on Amazon. We even did a comparison of the two here.

Not only that, but you get free shipping and free returns. They have excellent customer service, so you shouldn’t have any problem receiving your product.

Although the products are all refurbished, we actually trust the quality of these products more. This is because refurbished products are sent back to the company and go through rigorous testing before they’re put back on the market again.

When you sign-up as a new user, you get $10 in free credit toward your first purchase. Even though this probably isn’t enough to buy your first item (since they usually sell more expensive products), it’s a great way to get a discount on your first purchase.

6. Motif Investing

motif investing sign-up bonus

Motif Investing is an online brokerage that’s absolutely free to sign-up for. They’re unique in the sense that instead of choosing individual stocks, they usually pick them in groups.

When you sign-up as a new user and deposit your first $1,000, make your first trade and earn a bonus of $100. Since each trade costs a commission fee of $9.95, you’ll be making a profit of $90.05. Even if you don’t want to keep your investment, sell it and take away the profit.

7. Digital Reflection Panel


The Digital Reflection Panel is a great way to earn some passive income. Once you get your account setup, absolutely no work is required on your part. All you have to do is cash out the checks they send you.

By installing an internet meter on your wireless router, you get $10 per month for allowing them to track your internet usage. You also get a bonus for every 3 consecutive months leaving the meter installed.

Your first month you get a $25 bonus when you install the meter and another $25 for registering your first device for a total of $50. This means you’re getting a minimum of $170 your first year, and this is before calculating in the 3-month bonuses.

Digital Reflection Panel has a great support team that will walk you through every step in installing their internet meter. They track things such as your search terms and the type of browser you use. All data is submitted anonymously, and you can stop the program at any time.

8. Groupon


Groupon is one of the most popular shopping sites on the web. They partner with local retailers and restaurants to bring you special deals when shopping in your area or dining out.

Most of the deals you find on here include getting 2 for the price of 1. Before I go out to eat with a friend, I always check for special deals to see if I can save some extra money. It’s not uncommon to get deals for up to 70% off.

When you register as a new user, you get $10 toward your first Groupon. Not only that, but for each friend you refer that uses your referral link to sign-up, they get $10 and you get another $10 when they make their first purchase.

9. Ebates


Ebates is the last shopping portal on our list. Use their links when shopping online and earn cash back for your purchases. Although Ebates doesn’t typically have some of the best rates such as TopCashback and BeFrugal, every once in a while they have some great promotional deals that far surpass them. This usually happens around the holidays.

Sign-up as a new user and get a free $10 gift card to a retailer of your choosing. Not only that, but you have a chance to earn a bonus of $75 when referring friends. Refer your first friend and get $5. Your second friend gets you $20, and your third friend gets you $50 for a total of $75. Keep in mind that this has to happen within a 3-month period.

Ebates automatically sends you a check every 3 months for the amount of cash back in your account, or you can opt to receive payments via PayPal. All you have to do is type in your email address and shop online.

10. NetSpend


NetSpend is a free debit card program. You get a $20 bonus when you register as a new user and make use the referral code 3608148481. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Open a new NetSpend account for free by clicking this link here.
  2. Activate your NetSpend card once you receive it in the mail.
  3. Add $40 to your card through a bank transfer, direct deposit, or cash via an ATM.
  4. Wait a week to receive your bonus of $20.

Although there’s absolutely no fee for maintaining an account, there is a small fee when you make a purchase. For this reason, we suggest trying to use your card only once to use up your entire $20 bonus in one go. If you use the card twice, you’ll be charged the fee twice.

One of the great things about the NetSpend Visa Debit Card Program is that you can tell your friends about this deal and earn some extra cash. For each friend you refer that uses your link, you and your friend earn $20.

What Are Sites That With A $5 Sign-Up Bonus?

Want to earn even more free cash? As an added bonus, we’ve thrown in a 5 more rewards programs that give you $5 or more for registering as a new user.

1. PointClub


PointClub is a free online survey site. When you register as a new user and complete your profile information, you’re automatically given a $5 bonus. However, you need to complete a few surveys to reach the minimum cash out bonus of $25.

By leveling up, you can earn anywhere from around $12 – $14 per hour. PointClub is great in the fact that they tell you how long each survey takes and how much they pay before you actually start it.

When you log-in for 2 consecutive days in a row, you get a a 10% bonus on all earnings. From there on out, for every 5 consecutive days you log-in, you increase your earnings by another 10% until you get to a maximum of 100%. However, be careful. If you forget to log-in one day you go back to level 0. If you don’t level up at all, expect to only earn around $6 – $7 per hour.

2. Cross Media Panel

cross media panel what is

Cross Media Panel is another great online passive income earner. Install a browser extension and allow them to track data such as your browser information and search engine terms. All of the data they collect is submitted completely anonymously.

Each time you register a new device, you get $2, and you can register a maximum of 3 devices for a total of $6. You can register once on your PC, tablet and mobile device.

For each device you have installed, you get $1 per week for a maximum of $12 per month with 3 devices. When you earn a minimum of $10 in cash, you can withdraw it for the gift card of your choosing.

Want even more ways to earn a passive income? Check out our top 10 passive income earners.

3. CardPool


Cardpool is an online gift card reseller. They buy discounted gift cards that you don’t want at a cheap price, and then resell them. You can typically find gift cards anywhere from 5% to 35% off.

When you register as a new user, you get $5 off toward your first gift card purchase. If you combine Cardpool with the TopCashback portal mentioned above, you can even get an additional 2% bonus in cash back.

Cardpool has a strict policy that promises that the gift card you receive will have the amount of money on it that they tell you. If you ever receive a gift card that doesn’t have the right amount on it, contact their support team and they’ll refund you immedaitely.

Electronic gift cards can take up to 24 hours to arrive in your inbox, but the majority of the time they arrive within 5 minutes. Refer a friend and get a bonus of $5 when they buy their first gift card.

4. HelloFresh

hellofresh select box

HelloFresh is a food delivery service that gives you $40 off of your first meal. They send you ingredients along with a recipe. All you have to do is stay at home and cook it. This is great for those who want a cheap activity to do at home without having to go out to eat.

You get to choose from many of their prepared meals. The reason we didn’t list this one above (since the registration bonus is well over $10) is because you have to subscribe for a membership in order to get the $40 bonus.

We suggest that after you use up your free $40 to cancel their service immediately. By using this promo code and only doing their service for one month, you can get around 8 meals for $5 each. After that, cancel so you don’t have to keep paying.

HelloFresh also gives you bonuses to send free boxes to your friends. The more you use their service, the more likely you are to receive these bonuses.

5. Raise


Raise is another gift card reseller. Buy gift cards at a discount instead of buying them at their full retail price. Sometimes you can even find discounts of up to 40% off. Again, you can also first go through TopCashback by saving an extra 2% on almost all Raise purchases.

When you sign-up as a new user, you get $5 free in credit. Keep in mind that their rates constantly change, so it might be a good idea to check back often for better rates or to compare with Cardpool mentioned above.

For each friend you refer, you also get a $5 bonus. Use the promo code TAKE5 and get an additional 5% discount on weekends with Raise.

Final Thoughts

Sites that give you sign-up credit are great for getting some free cash off of your next purchase. Even if you don’t like the service, you can use it once just to receive the bonus.

Do you know of any other sites that also give you great sign-up bonuses but aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and happy frugaling!

Get Paid To Take Pictures Of Your Receipt: The Ibotta app is a mobile app that pays you to scan your receipts. Earn cash back at restaurants, grocery stores and even online purchases. Not only that, but you even get a $10 bonus when you scan your first receipt within your first week and use promo code qFTVA. The best part? It's 100% FREE.


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